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How Covid-19 lockdowns boosted demand for new car leasing

With customers locked down and car dealers closed, there has been growing consumer interest in new car leasing.

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The Covid-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the automotive industry and has fundamentally changed the way consumers are searching for their next car.

National lockdowns and restrictions forced local dealerships to close their doors as the world transitioned into an online bubble. With customers only able to do their car searches from home, there has been a noticeable rise in consumer confidence when leasing their new cars online.

As the industry adjusts to this ‘new normal’, customers have benefitted from a simplified approach to leasing their cars through an online business. Carparison’s best car lease deals give customers the flexibility to search and compare millions of lease deals and have the very latest models delivered straight to their door.

Andy Tomlinson, transaction manager at Carparison, says he has seen a noticeable change in consumer habits since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic: “With traditional dealerships shutting their doors during lockdown, customers love the ability to have a new car delivered to their homes without having to go anywhere – it’s a much simpler process.

“We’re noticing that customers are adapting to a new way of life. So many of us are no longer commuting into the office every day. We’re driving less and people are realising they can choose lower mileage terms or even manage with a smaller car.

“Buying a car online used to be something of a taboo, but we provide the same level of expertise and service as our dealership counterparts. One of the biggest changes we’ve noticed is that people are no longer scared of buying online and the consumer attitude is very much about getting the best price.”

The best sites for leasing a new car

Spending time at home has also given drivers the chance to reflect on exactly what they drive, with more and more motorists becoming environmentally aware. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, there has been an increasing number of customers taking out an electric car lease deal.

When lockdown first hit the United Kingdom, businesses were forced to quickly adapt and become Covid-compliant. To do so, many industries required their workforces to work from home to continue operating.

For many, the ability to work from home has been a resounding success and it is a practice we expect to see continue for the foreseeable future. For the consumer, this means fewer daily miles with the everyday commute into the office no longer a necessity.

With the flexibility to choose lower mileage lease terms or even downsize their car completely, customers can create a more cost-effective monthly payment. Finding the right car lease deal at the best price has never been more important after such a turbulent period.

As more business is being carried out online, there has never been a more important time to really trust the people you’re leasing from.

Recent reviews and testimonials from fellow customers are a fantastic way to get a greater understanding of the service you’re about to receive.

If you’re looking to lease your next car, contact Carparison’s leasing experts at www.carparisonleasing.co.uk.

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Carparison aims to provide an industry-leading vehicle leasing service: combining personal, impartial advice with the tools to source the very best available leasing offers in the current marketplace.