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How to keep your alloy wheels properly maintained

When it comes to top quality car wheels, alloy wheels rank high on the charts. Since these wheels are made of aluminium, they are much stronger, and provide better acceleration and braking than regular steel wheels.

In addition, alloy wheels improve the appearance of your car, giving it a classy look. However, in order to keep those wheels shining like new, you would need to put some effort into the maintenance.

When it comes to car maintenance, we often forget about the wheels, focusing more on the body of the vehicle. Regular cleaning and maintenance are as important for the wheels as it is for the car’s body. Aluminium alloy wheels, in particular, require more maintenance than others. Properly maintained alloy wheels will add to the appearance and overall value of your car.

The good news is proper care of alloy wheels does not require a lot of hard work. Periodic cleaning and polishing can preserve their shine. If you want to keep your car wheels looking like new, consider the following points:

Things you will need

BMW M3 coupe with aftermarket aluminium alloy wheels (The Car Expert)

Aluminium wheels need regular cleaning and maintenance. For cleaning the wheels, you would need water and hose, soft rags or washing mitt, a wheel cleaning brush, and some large cotton swabs.

These large cotton swabs will be used for cleaning the hard-to-reach spots. You would also need to buy a mild wheel cleaner and a polish. However, make sure the polish and the cleaner both suit the wheel’s finish.

Wheels and other aluminium automotive parts are often waxed or coated with clear coats or paints. That is why the polish and the cleaner must go with the coating of the wheel. If the finish of the aluminium wheels are anodised, you should use petroleum jelly.

Cleaning alloy wheels

A warm day is ideal to clean your wheels, however try to avoid doing it in direct sunlight. Start by cleaning the wheels with water. Using a hose will help you reach inside the spokes. You can arch the hose just a bit to get dirt and grime out of the tricky corners of the wheel.

It is important that you rinse off dirt and grime as cleanly as possible. This will help avoid scratching the surface of the wheel while cleaning.

Once you are done hosing the wheels, soak the rag or mitt into soapy water and give the wheel a gentle scrub. After scrubbing the entire wheel thoroughly, rinse off the soapy solution with plain water.

Clean inside the spokes using the wheel brush and rinse thoroughly once you are done. The large cotton swabs will help you wipe the remaining dirt off. After cleaning the wheels thoroughly, dry them with a clean cloth or towel.

Waxing and polishing

While some wheels need polish, others require wax. The type of wax or polish you use will depend on the wheel’s finish. If the wheel has a chrome finish, you would need to use a chrome polish. If the aluminium wheels are polished, go for aluminium polish. For painted or coated wheels, choose to use a good quality automotive wax for protecting the finish.

Apply the wax or polish using a clean rag and buff till it becomes shiny. Polishing is not necessary for anodised wheels. In that case, applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly would do.

Nice and shiny aluminium wheels can significantly enhance the appearance of your car, while adding to its overall performance. Use these tips to bring back the lustre in your car’s wheels.

Audi Q7 wearing custom aluminium alloy wheels and bodykit (The Car Expert)
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