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Lightweight Caterham Seven 170 goes on sale in the UK

Caterham has announced its lightest car ever, the Seven 170, which is set to replace the outgoing Super Seven 1600

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British manufacturer Caterham has released the Seven 170, the lightest production car it has ever produced.

Available either as a complete kit or as a factory build, Caterham Seven 170 weighs just 440kg, 50kg lighter than its predecessor the Seven 160. Caterham has shed this weight so that the new Seven complies with Japanese Kei car regulations.

This weight reduction, coupled with the Seven 170’s 86hp turbocharged Suzuki engine, means that Caterham’s new model churns out an impressive 0-60mph time of seven seconds, and a top-speed of 105mph. Less weight also means less pollution; with a CO2 figure of 109g/km, the Caterham Seven 170 is greener than some hybrid vehicles.

The 2013 Seven 160 vs The 2021 Seven 170

Caterham customers are able to choose from two different trim options for the Seven 170. The entry-level S trim package, which is designed for the road, comes with their road suspension pack and black leather seats.

For customers looking for a Caterham built for the track, the Seven 170 R trim package comes with a sports suspension pack, a four-point race harness, composite race seats, a carbon-fibre dashboard, and a limited-slip differential for more traction through tight corners.

Both trim options have the same five-speed manual gearbox and 14-inch silver alloy wheels. The Caterham Seven 170 also comes with an AC Cobra-inspired stripe design, and four standard paint options.

2021 Caterham Seven 170

The announcement of the Seven 170 comes just days after the manufacturer dropped its mid-range 270 and Super Seven 1600 models, as the Ford Sigma engine required for their assembly is no longer available.

Caterham CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: “The Seven 170 really distils the brand’s reputation for offering accessible, simple, light-weight sports cars. Given the popularity of the 160, we’re really excited by the potential the Seven 170 offers customers.”

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Sean Rees
Sean Rees
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