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Lunaz reveals classic Rolls-Royce electric conversions

Electric Phantom V offers a 300 mile electric range

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British manufacturer Lunaz has unveiled two new classic Rolls-Royce models converted to electric power – the first of their kind.

Joining EV versions of Jaguar and Bentleys built by Lunaz, the new models benefit from a ground-up restoration prior to the electric powertrain being installed.

The first car, a 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, receives a variety of software and hardware upgrades to ensure that it’s as up-to-date as possible. It’s limited in production to just 30 units and orders are already being taken.

The EV Phantom commands quite the premium, with prices starting at £500,000 excluding local taxes. Utilising a 120kWh battery pack, the Phantom is capable of travelling up to 300 miles on a single charge. Lunaz says that the Phantom has been equipped with ‘the capability for both home and rapid charging’ too.

Despite being based on a 1960s classic Rolls-Royce model rather than a new car, the Phantom features thoroughly up-to-date touches. A fully integrated infotainment system with satellite navigation is fitted, for instance, while climate control ensures that the car’s interior is kept at a constant temperature. Two screens are integrated behind the rear passenger’s picnic tables, while a small ‘bar’ occupies the centre of the unit.

On top of the Phantom, Lunaz has already commenced creation of electric conversions of the 1950 and ’60s Silver Cloud models. They are available in a range of body styles including four-door limousine, two-door coupe and drop head coupe. Prices for the Silver Cloud start from £350,000 excluding local taxes.

Lunoz Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud EV conversion

As a result of increasing demand for electrified classic cars, Lunaz will be doubling its workforce at its technical HQ in Silverstone.

David Lorenz, founder of Lunaz, said: “The time is right for an electric Rolls-Royce. We are answering the need to marry beautiful classic design with the usability, reliability and sustainability of an electric powertrain.

“More than ever we are meeting demand for clean-air expressions of the most beautiful and luxurious cars in history. We are proud to make a classic Rolls-Royce relevant to a new generation.”

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