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Mazda rebadges the Toyota Yaris for new 2

Say hello to the Yazda (not its actual name...) as Mazda tries to improve its emissions performance

Mazda has added a rebadged Toyota Yaris to its range, branded the “Mazda2 Hybrid”, which will be sold alongside the existing – and completely unrelated – Mazda 2 in the UK from next year.

This confusing situation is a result of Mazda needing to reduce its average CO2 emissions, which it’s unable to do with its car as the company has lagged a long way behind in electrifying its model range. Facing enormous fines from the European Union, Mazda needed a quick way to head off the problem.

As a result, it has turned to Toyota to rebadge the hybrid-powered Yaris as the Mazda 2 Hybrid, creating a bizarre naming situation with entirely different cars sharing essentially the same name. The resulting ‘Yazda’ is a Europe-only model and will not be sold in Japan or other world markets.

The mechanical specification is unsurprisingly identical to the Toyota Yaris, with the Mazda 2 Hybrid powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine combined with an 59kW electric motor. Being a hybrid, transmission will be automatic only with no manual version.

Overall power is 116hp, which will propel the Yazda from rest to 62mph in just under ten seconds. CO2 emissions will be low, ranging from 87 – 93 g/km depending on wheels and specification.

Mazda is yet to confirm UK pricing, specifications or even an on-sale date, although it may depend on whenever Toyota can spare some production, as Yaris sales have slumped since September as a result of the industry’s ongoing semiconductor shortage.

The 2 Hybrid will be sold in three trim levels, called Pure, Agile and Select. Given that Mazda doesn’t even look to have bothered redesigning the Toyota “Hybrid” badge on the boot, it’s likely that the equipment lists will look an awful lot like those on the Yaris.

If you’re going to rebadge someone else’s supermini, the Yaris is probably a good shout. It’s very modern, very economical and recently won the European Car of the Year award. It has an outstanding Euro NCAP safety score and was also highly rated for emissions by Green NCAP.

Meanwhile, the other Mazda 2 (the one actually made by Mazda and on sale since 2014) carries on alongside the Mazda 2 Hybrid in what will be a confusing time for both customers and sales executives. The Mazda Mazda2 has been given a nip and tuck recently, although there’s nothing especially new to mention.

Further information on the Mazda 2 Hybrid will be provided closer to the car’s on-sale date. Or, if you don’t want to wait, you could just download a Toyota Yaris brochure…

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