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The Observer – Car dealers to re-open after lockdown

Stuart talks to Jamie Doward from The Observer about what car buyers can expect as dealerships in England start to re-open after ten weeks of lockdown thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

BBC Radio 4 Money Box podcast – All about car finance

Stuart talks to Ben Carter from BBC Radio 4’s Money Box in a special podcast that explores lots of different aspects of car finance, with lots of advice for car buyers during the coronavirus pandemic.

BBC Radio 4 Money Box – Payment holidays on your car finance

Stuart talks to Paul Lewis on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme about how car finance has been impacted by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and what options customers have if they hit financial difficulties.

The Telegraph – Car finance and coronavirus

Stuart explains how PCP car finance has been kicking problems down the road for the car finance sector, and how the coronavirus epidemic could bring the whole industry crashing down.

Express & Star – Car finance problems ahead?

Stuart discusses the potential ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic for the car finance sector and the automotive industry overall, with millions of car owners currently locked into PCP agreements.

CNA (Channel NewsAsia) – The UK car industry's Brexit fears

Stuart talks to Olly Barratt for CNA (Channel NewsAsia) about the challenges facing the UK car manufacturing industry after Brexit finally goes ahead.


BBC Radio 4 Money Box – buying a car on finance

Stuart talks to Louise Cooper on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live programme about what to watch out for when buying a car on finance, and why you should always read the small print.

BBC Radio 4 You & Yours – Car scrappage schemes

Stuart talks to Peter White on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours programme about car scrappage schemes, and why other countries are far more generous than the UK with incentives to get polluting older cars off our roads.

The Sun – Are electric car plans stalling?

Stuart talks to Sarah Arnold about the challenges facing a nationwide adoption of electric cars, such as a lack of public charging facilities.

BBC Radio 4 Money Box – new car finance regulations

Stuart talks to Ruth Alexander on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme about proposed new changes to car finance regulations and how they will benefit car buyers.

BBC Radio 4 You & Yours – Car dealer dramas

Stuart talks to Winifred Robinson on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours programme about the changing face of car dealerships and the financial struggles many of them are having at the moment.

BBC News – The realities of the electric car market

Stuart appears on the BBC News Ask This programme, talking about the realities of living with an electric car and what needs to change to increase sales of EVs beyond the current 1% of market share.

BBC Radio 5 Live – Electric car noise rules

Stuart talks to Chris Warbuton about new regulations that require electric cars to make a noise at low speeds to alert pedestrians of their presence.

BBC News – Complaints about car finance

Following on from the Money Box programme, the BBC News website reports on the increasing number of consumers complaining about car finance practices.

BBC Radio 4 Money Box – Complaints about car finance

Stuart talks to Paul Lewis on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme about the increasing number of car finance complaints received by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

BBC Radio Nottingham – Electric car legislation

Stuart talks to Mark Dennison about a climate committee recommendation to bring forward the ban on purely petrol or diesel cars from 2040 to 2030.

BBC Radio London – The FCA's report on car finance behaviour

Stuart talks to Eddie Nestor about the Financial Conduct Authority’s report into the car finance sector, and what it means for car buyers.

BBC Radio Wales – State of the UK car industry

Stuart talks to Oliver Hides about the issues facing the UK car industry in 2019, and the latest round of job cuts announced by Jaguar Land Rover.


Metro – Self-driving cars and car sex

Stuart talks to Jessica Lindsay about what the future of autonomous cars will mean for the average driver, and whether it will mean more car sex for everyone!

Mail on Sunday - PCP car finance rip-offs

Stuart talks to Laura Shannon about why PCP deals are so popular with dealers, and why they may not necessarily be the best solution for car buyers.

BBC Hereford & Worcester – New car reliability

Stuart talks to Elliott Webb on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester about the latest new car reliability surveys, looking at the best and worst cars on sale today.

BBC Radio 4 You & Yours – What happens to your car finance agreement if you die?

Stuart talks to Winifred Robinson on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours programme about what happens to your car finance agreement if you should die before it finishes.

Love Sport Radio – Top car buying tips

Nothing to do with football! Stuart shares his top car buying tips, and discusses diesel and depreciation, with Ed Bowsher on Love Sport Radio’s current affairs programme.


BBC Radio 4 Money Box – Falling car values and how it affects your PCP

Stuart talks to Paul Lewis on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme about how rising new car prices and falling used car values may affect your PCP car finance deal.

Channel 4 Dispatches – PCP car finance

Stuart assists a Channel 4 investigation into dodgy car finance selling practices, offering advice and information about how PCP car finance works.

Informed Choice Radio - Demystifying car finance

Stuart joins Martin Bamford on an Informed Choice Radio podcast to explain the core principles of car finance and help listeners to understand what to expect when they take out a car finance agreement.

BBC Radio 4 Money Box – Car finance mis-selling?

Stuart talks to Paul Lewis on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme about the problems of car dealers mis-selling PCP car finance and shares tips on how to avoid being stitched up.

TRT World – Hydrogen fuel cell cars

Stuart appears on TRT World’s Insight programme, talking to Martin Stanford about the potential for hydrogen fuel cell cars to become economically viable with Dr Anna Ploszajski from UCL.

BBC Radio 4 You & Yours – PCP finance and used car values

Stuart talks to Winifred Robinson on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours programme about MPs’ concerns on PCP car finance and used car values. Should we all be worried?

BBC Radio 4 Money Box – the Personal Contract Purchase

Stuart talks to Paul Lewis on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme about the pros and cons of buying a new car using PCP car finance, and what you need to look out for.

Share Radio – Highlights from the 2017 Geneva motor show

Stuart talks to Georgie Frost on Share Radio’s morning programme, discussing the highlights and big talking points of the 2017 Geneva motor show.


Nationwide Building Society - Buying a car

Stuart shares his car buying advice with Nationwide building society. What to look out for, and the importance of understanding the different finance options available.

Classic Trader – Investing in classic cars

The classic car market is continuing to grow. Stuart writes for Classic Trader about the pros and cons of investing in a classic car.


NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland - Buying a car

Stuart starred in a campaign for NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland on car finance. The programme consisted of four informational videos, a live Twitter Q&A and writing several advice articles for the NatWest and RBS websites.

Sky News – Electric cars – battery or hydrogen fuel cell?

Stuart appears on Sky News to talk about the differences between batteries and hydrogen fuel cells to power electric vehicles.

LV Car Insurance – An owner's guide to classic car investment

Owning a classic car definitely has its pros and cons. Stuart writes about his experiences with Big Red, his own 1973 Jaguar XJ6.


FHM – The power of brands

Stuart discusses why supercars cost more than your house, and how the same pile of parts go into a SEAT, Volkswagen and an Audi – for three very different prices.

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Car dealerships in England have been allowed to open from today, but what safety processes should you expect to see in place?

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Volkswagen is introducing a new entry-level version of its all-new Mk.8 Golf hatchback, which brings the range starting price down to £23,300

Ford Puma range grows with ST-Line X Vignale model

Ford has bolstered the appeal of its Puma crossover with a new high-end specification and a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

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The Jeep Renegade has received average media reviews. Its Expert Rating of 60% is poor and ranks it only 18th out of 20 cars in its class.