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The Telegraph looks at the ongoing growth of car finance and the ever-increasing amount of debt that goes with it. Stuart explains to Noah Eastwood that the cost-of-living crisis could have a significant affect on both car buyers and car manufacturers.
Read here

Good Housekeeping has updated its guide to car finance. Stuart explains the ins and outs of the personal contract purchase (PCP) to Jo Dunbar, as well as looking at some of the other finance options that may be more suitable.
Read here

Despite the government u-turning on the deadline for the end of new petrol and diesel car sales, there are plenty of good reasons to consider an EV for your next car. Stuart talks to Lucy Alderson about the rapidly closing price gap between petrol cars and EVs, and whether you should switch now or hold on for a bit longer.
Read here

The Telegraph points out that used cars will be unaffected by the UK’s watering down of the shift to electric cars. Stuart explains to Noah Eastwood that 90% of provate car sales are used, not new, and you’ll be able to buy a used petrol or diesel car for decades to come.
Read here

The car industry reacted with dismay to the prime minister’s decision to u-turn on the 2030 deadline for selling new petrol and diesel cars. Stuart talkes to Ian Hunt about the fallout from Rishi Sunak’s decision.
Listen here

Stuart chats to Sandra Haurant with some useful tips for buying a used car, covering everything from mileage, MOTs, finance, haggling and what to do with your old car.
Read here

The Sun has dug out a very old article from The Car Expert with handy tips for cleaning your car. Proving that good advice never loses its value, Stuart’s tips are as valuable today as they were ten years ago!
Read here

A Transport Committee Report recommends that the government moves more quickly to legislate for driverless cars, to help secure ongoing investment into the UK. Stuart talks to Christian Fraser on the BBC News flagship prime-time show, The Context, about what’s needed.

Self-driving cars are not just very complex to create, but equally complex to bring into law. Stuart talks to Good Morning Ulster about the issues in legislating for autonomous vehicles following the publication of a Transport C0mmittee Report.
Listen here

After steadily falling for the last 12 months, petrol prices suddenly jumped in late August. Steph McGovern invited Stuart onto her lunchtime programme to talk about all the ways to save money on your weekly fuel bill.
Watch here

The Telegraph reports that the next-generation Mini Cooper, unveiled in September, won’t be offered with a manual gearbox. Stuart talks to Jack Simpson about the coming extinction of manually-equipped new cars, and the Daily Mail picked up the story as well.
Read here and here

The Telegraph highlighted The Car Expert’s analysis of August new car registration data, which shows that private new car sales were the lowest for the month in more than a decade.
Read here

This is Money (the finance section of the Daily Mail) reports on The Car Expert’s independent analysis of August’s new car registrations, which shows that private new car sales were at the lowest level since 2012.
Read here

Stuart talks to Lily Russell-Jones about how the rapid growth in new electric car sales over the last few years is making more used EVs available, helping to drive prices down and make them more affordable for more potential buyers.
Read here

The Mayor of London’s punitive new emissions taxes are affecting the poorest residents of London and surrounding areas. Stuart talks to Noah Eastwood about how ULEZ is pushing the price of compliant used cars up and non-compliant cars down.
Read here

A number of Conservative MPs have expressed concerns that higher interest rates and cost-of-living problems could lead to more people defaulting on their car finance loans. Stuart talks to Tom Scotson about how PCP car finance has rocketed upwards over the last decade.
Read here

GB News: Diesel or electric trucks? One council makes a difficult call

Stuart appears on the ‘Esther and Phil’ Saturday morning TV show to discuss Cardiff Council’s decision to eschew electric refue collection trucks in favour of diesels due to a shortage of available vehicles and difficulties installing charging points at the depot.

BBC One Midlands Today: Car parts theft continues

Birmingham’s car stripping and theft problem seems to be getting worse, with professional criminal gangs roaming local neighbourhoods to find suitable cars to strip right under the noses of residents.

Stuart talks to Leah Milner about the pros and cons of selling your car to a buying site compared to part-exchanging it with a dealer or selling it privately.
Read here

BBC WM: Air-conditioning or windows?

Stuart helps to answer a listener’s question about whether using a car’s air-conditioning system increases fuel consumption, and how this compares to simply opening the windows.

Falling new electric car prices have had an inevitable knock-on effect on used EV pricing – great if you’re looking to buy a used EV, not so much if you’re trying to sell one. Stuart talks to Tom Haynes about the changing marketplace.
Read here

Stuart appears on an (unintentionally) hilarious GB News TV ‘debate’ to talk about electric cars. Unfortunately, it was mainly some old bloke ranting for two minutes solid about how much he doesn’t like EVs, including a load of ‘facts’ that he simply made up…
Watch here

BBC WM: Jaguar Land Rover invests in the West Midlands

Stuart talks to the BBC West Midlands breakfast team about the exciting news that Jaguar Land Rover is investing heavily in upgrading its UK production facilities in the West Midlands to build a new generation of electric models.

BBC CWR: Jaguar Land Rover's big £15 billion investment

Stuart talks to Phil Upton about Jaguar Land Rover’s announcement of a £15 billion investment to drive its conversion to electric vehicles, with money being used to upgrade its four UK manufacturing facilities and design a new range of cars here in the UK.

GB News: Safe driving tips for this week's blizzards

Stuart appears on GB News TV to talk to Isabel and Eamonn about the dangers of driving in the snowy and icy conditions across the UK this week.

This is Money (the finance section of the Daily Mail) reports on The Car Expert’s analysis of 2022 car finance data, which shows that new borrowing reached a record £41 billion.
Read more

Stuart talks to Trish Adudu about media reports that Jaguar Land Rover is demanding £500 million from the UK government to build a battery factory, under threat of moving its car production to Spain.
Listen here

Last year was a record for car finance, but things may be changing as we shift to electric cars. The Evening Standard reports on The Car Expert’s analysis of the UK car finance market and increasing popularity of salary sacrifice for EV buyers.
Read here

BBC News: Ford to cut 1,300 UK jobs

Stuart talks to Lukwesa Burak about Ford’s announcement that it will shed nearly 4,000 staff across Europe, including 1,300 here in the UK, as it restructures to develop electric vehicles. (Note – interview ended early due to BBC technical issues)
Watch here

Birmingham has been suffering from a spate of brazen car parts theft in recent months, where thieves have been stealing parts from vehicles parked in public car parts.
Watch here

Stuart talks to Elliott Webb about that sinking feeling when you get back to where you think you parked your car and it’s not there.
Listen here

The London Evening Standard consults Stuart on what to expect in the electric vehicle market for 2023, with several new names set to appear on UK roads.
Read here

Stuart talks to Tammy Gooding about the falling number of cars built in the UK. Does car manufacturing have a future in this country or are we destined to simply import cars from overseas?
Listen here

Stuart talks to Anita McVeigh about the challenges facing UK car production as new data shows that 2022 was the worst year since 1956.
Watch here

Daily Express: Government's new MOT test consultation

The government is looking for feedback about proposed changed to the annual MOT testing requirements. Stuart explains to Kris Boratyn why change is necessary to make sure the MOT test is still relevant to modern cars.
Read here

BBC World Business Report: European Car of the Year 2023

Stuart talks to Aaron Heslehurst about the results of the European Car of the Year Award, which was won by the all-new Jeep Avenger. What will it mean for Jeep sales in 2023?
(No link available in UK)

Stuart talks to Miles Brignall about how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting car finance customers, and explains how voluntary termination allows them to exit an agreement (under certain circumstances).
Read here

Stuart comments on the 2022 sales success of the British-built Nissan Qashqai – highlighting the benefits of UK car production for the local economy.
Read here


Stuart talks to Abigail Donoghue about the risks of applying hot water – either directly or in a bag – to an iced-up windscreen in winter.
Read here

GB News: Staying safe (and legal) in wintry conditions

Stuart appears on GB News TV to talk to Isabel and Martin about how to make sure you’re staying safe and legal if you’re heading out on the roads during the current cold snap.

The Telegraph and The Sun both report on The Car Expert’s research into car finance ,as people across the UK are struggling to continue making their car finance payments as the cost-of-living crisis grips households.
The Telegraph, The Sun

As costs of living soar, consumers may regret expensive finance loans. Stuart talks to Claer Barrett about the state of the car finance market.
Read here

Stuart talks to Peter White about how used car pricing – why they’re so high and how soon they’ll start to come down.
Listen here

Increasing cost-of-living pressures could lead to thousands of drivers defaulting on their car finance payments. Stuart talks to Tom Haynes about the risks for borrowers.
Read here

Stuart talks to David Byers about how rising interest rates are pushing up car finance payments, and suggests some ways to trade down to save money.
Read here

With new cars being in short supply, used car values are much higher than normal. Stuart talks to Tom Haynes about the impact for both buyers and sellers.
Read here

Rob Hull, writing for the ‘This is Money’ section of the Daily Mail, covers The Car Expert’s investigation into car finance debt and concerns over household budgets.
Read here

Rachel Moss pulls together a list of tips for how to manage as interest rates keep on rising, including car finance advice from The Car Expert
Read here

Industry analysts at AM-Online reported on The Car Expert’s research into soaring car finance debt, which has now hit more than £40bn a year.
Read here

Stuart talks to Elliott Webb about the growing number of EV chargers on the streets, and what to expect as we get ever-closer to the 2030 cut-off for new petrol cars.
Listen here

The New Statesman looks back at the history of the Ford Fiesta, including data from The Car Expert’s exclusive analysis of what went wrong for the UK’s favourite car.
Read here

Stuart talks to Peter White about how car finance payments are now much more expensive than they have been in the past.
Listen here

Stuart talks to Roberto Perrone about Ford’s announcement that the Fiesta small car is being axed after 46 years of production.
Listen here

A poll on the Express website has shown that car buyers don’t want to make the switch to electric or plug-in hybrid cars just yet.
Read here

Many titles, including The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post, NationalWorld and others report on The Car Expert’s investigation into the UK’s car finance debt.
The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post, NationalWorld and many others

Stuart talks to Roberto Perrone about the increasing rates of car theft from new cars with ‘keyless’ entry technology. Even the president of the AA had his car stolen!
Listen here

Drivers are turning away from oversized diesels and to smaller or electric vehicles, said Stuart to the Daily Express. Value brands like Dacia and MG are gaining market share and more affordable models dominate the top-10 sellers.
Read here

Stuart talks to Chris Golds about the state of the new car market, with supply heavily restricted and some models not even available to order.
Read here

Daily Mail and The Sun: Electric car owners short-changed by short cables

The Daily Mail and The Sun both report on The Car Expert’s research into EV charging cable length, with short cables making it tricky for owners to charge their cars.
Daily Mail, The Sun

Stuart talks to Babs Michel about the current high prices of used cars, and offers some tips for used car buyers to avoid being ripped off by car dealers.
Read here

The Daily Record looks at soaring petrol and diesel prices, with more drivers considering an electric car to replace their current vehicle. Stuart comments on the government’s promise to fund more on-street charging points.
Read here

The London Evening Standard launches an EV adoption campaign called Plug It In, consulting Stuart on the best new EVs for different types of car buyers and predicting what London will look like ‘beyond petrol’.
Read here

The Sun reports on The Car Expert’s analysis of new car buying trends in 2022, showing that UK buyers are looking for cars that are smaller, cheaper and greener.
Read here

Stuart explains the ins and outs of the personal contract purchase (PCP) to Jo Dunbar, what to look out for and what other sort of finance options may also be suitable.
Read here

Stuart talks to Rebecca Flood about a viral video doing the rounds on TikTok that shows a woman appearing to open a locked car window using nothing but sticky tape. Does it actually work?
Read here