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MG and Skoda top leaderboard of world’s most sophisticated car rating tool  

The Car Expert’s new Expert Rating Index is the automotive industry’s most advanced tool for car buyers

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  • The Car Expert’s new Expert Rating Index is the automotive industry’s most advanced tool for car buyers
  • Buyers to benefit from completely overhauled third-generation ratings system, which offers unmatched levels of sophistication
  • Incorporating millions of datapoints for every car manufacturer, the Expert Rating Index harnesses comprehensive data on key car-buying issues 
  • The MG 4 and Skoda Enyaq emerge as the best new cars, while the Volkswagen Golf tops the charts as the best used car
  • The new rating system arrives as the UK faces an ongoing cost of living squeeze, which makes choosing the right car more important than ever

The MG 4 and Skoda Enyaq are the best new cars on sale, according to The Car Expert’s new third-generation Expert Rating Index. 

The award-winning Expert Rating Index has been completely overhauled by The Car Expert to provide consumers with the world’s most sophisticated new and used car ratings system.

While the previous scorecard was unique in the sector, the Expert Rating Index is now significantly more advanced and incorporates gold-standard data covering all aspects of cars on sale in the UK. 

It uses cutting-edge techniques and algorithms to form an even more comprehensive rating, cementing The Car Expert’s reputation for independent and impartial buying advice. 

After crunching tens of millions of data points for every major car brand, the MG 4 and Skoda Enyaq emerged with identical scores in every key category.

The third-generation Expert Rating Index puts more emphasis on car ownership rather than just driving impressions. Extensive data covering safety, efficiency, reliability, future values and running costs are now factored in, alongside its unique media rating which the original Index used to generate an unbiased assessment of vehicles on sale in the UK. 

The additional data provides even more insight for used car buyers, who have historically had less information available to them when looking for a car. Using a brand-new, bespoke used car algorithm for vehicles up to five years old, The Car Expert has calculated that the best used car on the market in 2024 is the Volkswagen Golf.

The Car Expert helps hundreds of thousands of consumers to choose the right car every year. Using independently verified data sources from partner organisations, the new Index will help buyers to choose the right car for them – vital during a cost-of-living squeeze.

Stuart Masson, Editorial Director at The Car Expert, said: “The third-generation Expert Rating Index is the latest step of our ongoing mission to keep improving the world’s best car rating tool. We’re extremely proud to announce this massive upgrade.

“There is nothing else like it. Even outside of the automotive industry, I have not seen a ratings system that incorporates the level of detail and sophistication that we have delivered. 

“My team and I have had some very long nights over the last few months, working to ensure the Expert Rating Index is the very best it can be. We look forward to millions of UK car buyers benefitting from its recommendations.”

The previous generation of the Expert Rating Index analysed and aggregated car reviews from 35 of the UK’s top automotive websites, using an advanced algorithm to bring together an unbiased consensus on new and used vehicles.

While this unique element remains, the new rating system incorporates a vast quantity of high-quality data to give new levels of insight and a broader scorecard which consumers can use to choose their next new or used car. 


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Pulling together key data that encompass dozens of decision-making factors, the third-generation Expert Rating Index brings together science and data analysis to rank new and used cars with a level of sophistication that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Millions of data points from gold-standard sources are updated every week and processed by a sophisticated algorithm to generate up-to-date ratings for every new and used car in our database, producing the most comprehensive rating system ever seen for car buyers.

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