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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport test drive

The seven-seat Shogun Sport is a rugged but old-school off-roader that won’t suit everyone

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What’s the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport like inside?

Other than a slightly redesigned centre console, the interior of the Shogun Sport is pure L200. Although that does mean an easy-to use layout and clear dials and gauges, it also means the materials are best described as hard-wearing rather than plush. In short, there’s really not a lot to get too excited about in here.

Space in the second row of seats is decent, and the theatre-style rise means that occupants in all three rows get a good view out. Those in the rear seats had better be short, though – there’s precious little room for adults back here, and certainly less than in a SsangYong Rexton.

What’s under the bonnet?

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport uses the same 180hp 2.4-litre diesel engine that you’ll find in the firm’s L200 pickup truck. Sporting it is not, but considering the car’s hefty weight and bluff bodywork performance isn’t too bad.

Acceleration can be a little ponderous from a standstill, but you won’t want for low-end shove if you’re fully loaded or towing a trailer. The Shogun Sport’s 430Nm of torque should make light work of its 3.1-tonne towing capacity.

Where this rather agricultural engine falls down is its refinement, which is poor. Diesel clatter pervades the cabin at any speed. Fuel economy also isn’t fantastic, as you’ll struggle to best 30mpg even on a long run.

What’s the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport like to drive?

Experiencing the Shogun Sport begins when you clamber into it. And we really do mean clamber – this is one tall vehicle, which should give you a little warning about its cornering stability.


In fairness to it, the Shogun Sport is no worse than many pick-up trucks on tarmac. However, its choppy ride, uncertain steering and worrying body lean make the Kia Sorento and SsangYong Rexton feel like hot hatches in comparison.

Off-road it’s a different story – the Shogun Sport is very capable, thanks to plenty of ground clearance, selectable four-wheel drive and a low-range gearbox. It will go much further off the beaten track than any soft-roader could ever hope to see.


The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport will suit a few people very well – it’s rugged, it’s great off-road and it’s capable of carrying and towing vast loads. It should also prove reliable, with simple components and that chunky commercial powertrain.

As a pure SUV, though, it falls flat even compared to the likes of the Kia Sorento and SsangYong Rexton. And if you’re after just a seven-seat family bus, a Skoda Kodiaq will prove far superior.

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Key specifications

Model as tested: Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4
Price (on-road): £39,775
Engine: 2.4-litre diesel
Gearbox: Eight-speed automatic
Power: 180 hp
Torque: 430 Nm
Top speed: 112 mph
0-60mph: 10.8 seconds
Fuel economy (combined): 32.8 mpg
CO2 emissions: 227g/km

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Tom Wiltshire
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