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The Car Expert helped a client buy this Honda CR-V

The Car Expert no longer operates as a car buying agency, but several testimonial articles are still available on the website to provide helpful advice for car buyers.

Iju and his family recently moved from central London out to Essex and now found themselves needing a car to get around. Describing himself as “a novice in the field” and having never purchased a car in the UK, Iju started off by spending some time searching for used cars online. However, he quickly realised that he would benefit from some specialist advice and expertise, which led him to TheCarExpert.co.uk.

So what made Iju call The Car Expert?  “After reading about the types of services offered and testimonials from other customers, I decided to contact The Car Expert.  From the first phone call, it was very easy and the initial discussions helped me to be confident that I made the right choice.”

From his initial research, Iju had narrowed down the type of car he was looking for; a small 4×4 which was large enough to fit the family in but not too heavy and thirsty on fuel. Within Iju’s budget and considering his other preferences and needs, The Car Expert presented three suitable options – the Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail and Toyota RAV4. All three would do the job well enough, but it was the Honda which best fitted the bill for Iju.

The Car Expert and Iju discussed the pros and cons of petrol and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmissions and other factors, and confirmed that the target vehicle would be a used Honda CR-V 2.0-litre petrol manual.

Finding the right car at the right price

From about 30 suitable vehicles advertised with a reasonable radius from Iju’s house, The Car Expert pinpointed two cars which best suited Iju’s needs and were well priced.  On a typical summer’s morning in London (ie – it was pouring with rain!), The Car Expert and Iju inspected his preferred Honda thoroughly, including registration documentation and service history as well as an HPI background check.  Despite the seller’s reluctance, The Car Expert was able to negotiate a discount on the car, bringing the price a couple of hundred pounds under Iju’s budget. After a day to get his insurance and funds arranged, Iju picked up his new car.

What Iju had to say about The Car Expert

Iju is very happy with his Honda, and very pleased he chose to use the services of The Car Expert to help him.  “I believe in leaving the work to specialists in the area.  The Car Expert took away the headache of boiling down the best deals on the car model of my choice in a very short time.”

So, Iju, would you recommend The Car Expert to other car buyers? “Yes, definitely!” 

The Car Expert helped a client buy this Honda CR-V

Stuart Masson

Stuart is the Editor of The Car Expert, which he founded in 2011, and our new sister site The Van Expert. Originally from Australia, Stuart has had a passion for cars and the car industry for over thirty years. He spent a decade in automotive retail, and now works tirelessly to help car buyers by providing independent and impartial advice.


  1. Hi, can you please explain why you thought the Honda CRV was better than the Toyota? I am currently looking at both of those cars too so it would be helpful.

    • Stuart Masson

      Hi Carol. Both are good cars, but based on Iju’s specific requirements and personal preferences, the Honda turned out to be a slightly better option. Give me a call or drop me an e-mail and we can discuss your particular needs because it may be that the Toyota, or another car altogether, is more suited for you. Cheers, stuart.

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