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New Polestar 4 coupé-SUV now on sale

The electric Polestar 4 coupé-SUV is now available to order here in the UK, with two powertrain options to choose from

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Dubbed ‘the car without a rear window’ by the British motoring media, the electric Polestar 4 coupé-SUV is now available to order here in the UK with two powertrain options to choose from.

First unveiled in April last year, this model will sit between the Polestar 2 saloon and Polestar 3 SUV in terms of size and price. Like the larger ‘3’, the ‘4’ is a bespoke model designed by Polestar which is not based on models from parent company Volvo.

Set to rival premium battery-powered SUVs like the Audi Q4 e-tron, Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, Tesla Model Y and the recently-announced all-electric Porsche Macan, the Polestar 4 stands out from the crowd with the notable absence of a rear window.

Instead, the rear view mirror in the cabin has a high-definition screen that displays the live feed of a roof-mounted rear camera, which the manufacturer says gives a much wider field of view. This screen can also be disabled, allowing the driver to view passengers in the rear seats when needed.

On the performance front, Polestar remarks that the 544hp dual-motor variant of the ‘4’ is the fastest car it has ever produced – capable of completing a 0-62mph sprint in 3.8 seconds. This top-spec variant has a battery range of 360 miles, and a ‘disconnect clutch’ feature allows the car to disengage the front electric motor when not needed, to maximise range and efficiency.

There is also a cheaper 272hp single-motor variant, which can muster a reported 379 miles on a single charge – a similar range to the new Porsche Macan. Both options make use of a large 100kWh battery pack, which can charge at speeds of up to 200kW. A vehicle-to-load (V2L) feature is also planned (arriving at a later date) which can draw power from the battery to power any auxiliary equipment outside the car – a first for Polestar.

Inside, a full-length glass roof comes as standard, which is also available with an electrochromic functionality which controls the flow of light into the cabin.

A 15-inch portrait-oriented infotainment screen juts out of the dashboard which runs the brand’s Snapdragon software, which features Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play as standard. A secondary media and climate control screen is mounted between the front seats to enable rear occupant control.

A ten-inch digital instrument cluster sits behind the steering wheel, and a heads-up display projects driving information on to the windscreen. This heads-up display software also comes with a ‘snow mode’, that changes the colour of projected driving information from white to yellow.

Available to order now in the UK, pricing for the Polestar 4 starts just shy of £60k. If you have your eyes on the dual-motor model, pricing for that starts at £67k. The first customer orders are expected to arrive in August. The larger Polestar 3 is also now available to order with prices starting at £80k.


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Sean Rees
Sean Rees
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