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New Tesla pilot scheme improves UK charging for all

Tesla has confirmed that its Supercharger network has been partially opened to ‘non-Tesla’ EVs within the UK

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Tesla has confirmed that its Supercharger network has been partially opened to ‘non-Tesla’ EVs within the UK.

As part of its pilot scheme to improve the wider charging infrastructure across the globe, Tesla has made the decision to open its doors to rival manufacturers.

As many as 158 charging station across 15 different locations throughout UK can be used, creating greater rapid charging possibilities.

Tesla has always been the industry leader when it comes to its investment in charging infrastructure. This latest update to the network sees the company establish itself as the ‘largest 150 kW+ public fast-charging network’ in Europe.

What was once an exclusive club reserved for Tesla drivers has now become a more accessible and potentially game-changing update for many prospective EV drivers, with this news making an electric car lease even more enticing.

Previously in the UK, a Tesla lease would have been one of a few ways to experience such charging speeds. Now, the Supercharger stations will be accessible for any electric car compatible with the Supercharger Type 2 CCS connector, ranging from the BMW i4 to the MG ZS EV. 

Meanwhile, the Vauxhall Corsa-e and Kia e-Niro – two of the UK’s best-selling EVs also feature on the list of electric cars that can be charged at a Supercharger.

The benefits of using a Supercharger station go beyond the rapid charging speeds. Non-Tesla EVs have the freedom to either pay per charge or subscribe monthly to enjoy the best rates.

It is all managed through Tesla’s in-house app, which does an excellent job of keeping everything in one place for a hassle-free driving experience.

While the current pilot scheme may be limited to just 15 locations across the UK, Tesla has reiterated its intention to continue to ‘aggressively expand’ its network to promote more EV uptake.

Greater charging opportunities will no doubt see interest rise, while this decision from Tesla marks a milestone moment for the UK’s infrastructure.

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