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Nissan subscription programme launches in UK

Nissan becomes the latest brand to launch a car subscription programme with a new offering called Nissan Subscription

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Nissan has become the latest car brand in the UK to launch a car subscription programme for new car customers, with a new offering called Nissan Subscription.

Nissan Subscription is pitched as an all-in-one payment plan for customers. It covers the car, insurance for up to five drivers, road tax, all scheduled servicing and roadside assistance. The only required additional cost for drivers is for fuel or electricity.

At this stage, the programme is only available on three specific models – and only one specification for each model – in the range. These are:

Terms are available from a minimum of three months to a maximum of two years (24 months), with prices starting from £645 a month for a Qashqai (based on a two-year plan at 800 miles a month).

Customers will be able to switch between the three models over the course of their agreement period – handy if you’re curious about trying an electric car like the Leaf or Ariya for a few months before committing to a long-term lease or finance agreement.

Surprisingly, the list of models does not include the UK-built Nissan Juke small SUV, although it’s entirely possible that the programme could be expanded beyond the initial three vehicles if it proves successful.

Nissan Subscription is online-only, so you can’t go to a dealer to secure a vehicle in this programme. It’s being run in conjunction with Bipi Mobility, a third-party subscription company that will manage the programme on Nissan’s behalf.

Terms and conditions obviously apply – for example, drivers must be at least 25 years of age and the vehicle can’t be taken outside the UK without approval. Full details are available on Nissan’s site.

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