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Nissan’s 1 billion km race for LEAF owners

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Since its launch in 2010, Nissan has been recording the total distance covered by every one of its LEAF models on the road. The LEAF is Nissan’s first 100% electric car and the mission is to reach 1 billion kilometres driven by the owners of their cars. Nissan is closing in fast on their target and aim to reach this figure by January 2015.

Because the LEAF is 100% electric it leaves no CO2 behind, saving owners heaps of money. There is no road tax needed and this car is exempt from congestion charges in the UK’s capital. Also with low running costs the LEAF seems a very tempting investment.

The Nissan LEAF is certainly not short of tech, either. After many years of experience and investment, Nissan has developed the lithium-ion battery which is housed beneath the car. Once fully charged, the battery will provide the LEAF with enough power to cover a range of 124 miles on a single charge. Continuing the environmentally-friendly efforts, this battery has been created so that more than 95% of it is recyclable.

The unique telematics and navigation system, Carwings, allows you to compare the efficiency of your LEAF with other owners globally. Link your smartphone or desktop computer to the Carwings system and control the charging and air con levels remotely before you even step foot out the house.

Another smart piece of technology found on the Nissan is the new B mode driving mode. It allows you to maximise energy recovery through regenerative braking. This is especially effective when going downhill.

As the 1 billion kilometre target nears, Nissan has created a number of short animated stories about LEAF owners and how they have helped with this mission themselves. On reaching 700km, Vito Mondelli of Italy had his story animated. Vito decided to take a trip to the coastal city of Taranto, 100km from his home in Bari. He was told by his friends he would never make it in his electric car but he was happy to prove them wrong.

Another owner named Roberto San Jose was the first taxi driver in Spain to own this electric car. Roberto has owned his car since October 2011, and has covered over 100,000km – making a huge contribution to the target of 1 billion. By owning a LEAF, Roberto has reduced his running costs by 75%. He believes that everyone should drive a LEAF, saying it provides a much nicer ride for his customers and is quiet and comfortable.

Nissan is creating three more animations to celebrate their achievement based around owners in the UK and Italy. Get your LEAF today and make every journey count.

Nissan LEAF electric taxi in New York CIty

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