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Buying a used car? This is why you should consider a car history check

A car check can be one of the most important things you do before buying a new used car. Why? Because there is a lot of used cars that have hidden history, so why risk it? A Used car is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you make after buying your home, so you want to ensure you are making the right purchase decision. This is where a vehicle history check can help. Not only will it uncover any hidden traps, but it can also serve as a tool to negotiate a better price.

The Car Expert has partnered with Car Guide, a car history checking site to bring transparency into the used car buying.

We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive car check on the market.

Why should I get a car check with Car Guide rather than any other HPI check alternative?

Car Guide is redefining ‘car checks’ or ‘HPI Checks’ by focusing on the information that helps buyers save time, money and highlights future risks.

It is the only car check that doesn’t just look at a car’s history but also its future. Car Guide is the only car check powered by machine learning which can predict what is likely to go wrong and specifically which components are likely to fail in the future. Our report also looks at any previous and upcoming services & repairs, allowing motorists not only to better negotiate the car price, but also plan better for future expenditure.

And on top of all that, it is not only better, it’s cheaper, too.

What can Car Guide answer

(that an HPI check and others can't)


  • What repairs should’ve been carried out?
  • How much will future repairs cost?
  • What might cause the vehicle to fail its next MOT/?
  • Has the car been a high-use taxi in a previous life?
  • Has it had unrecorded serious damage?
  • What should the service history look like?
  • How much will future servicing cost?

…and much, much more!

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others have said about Car Guide:

Car Guide is absolutely fab! I was interested in 2 cars and lucky, I used Car Guide as they had both been in accidents saved me a lot of money thanks Car Guide would highly recommend!

Katie W


I wasn’t sure on which website to use when it came to inspecting a used car. I’m so glad I chose Car Guide, the handy tips on what to inspect on the car is a massive help in making sure it’s right. I’m also glad I used this website as I didn’t know it had outstanding finance.

Liam B


Didn’t expect so much great information about the strange dodgy car. It has helped me to walk away from the troubled car. It’s an amazing report, really glad I paid for the report.

Erika R


Car Guide was super helpful because they gave me some free info about the car to start things off and then it was very easy to pay online for the more detailed report. All the information was segmented nicely, and easy to read and understand. I discovered there was an outstanding stock finance on the car I was researching and it helped me with my discussions at the dealership! I’d recommend this service above any of the others on the market!

James E