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Trim level upgrades for Peugeot 208 and 2008

A few minor tweaks for entry-level and mid-range 208 hatchback and 2008 SUV models

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Peugeot has rolled out some minor updates to its its 208 hatchback and 2008 SUV model lines, including electric e-208 and e-2008 models. Essentially, entry-level and mid-range models receive a few additional features.

This small update brings changes to the entry-level ‘Active Premium’ and mid-range ‘Allure Premium’ trim grades, which are now called ‘Active Premium+’ and ‘Allure Premium+’.

The introduction of ‘Active Premium+’ means that 208 models now come with dark tinted rear and rear side windows, automatic air conditioning and automatic windscreen wipers as standard. The 2008 ‘Active Premium+’ SUV now comes with gloss black roof rails.

The updated mid-range trim gets the same infotainment console on the dashboard as cheaper models, but with Peugeot’s 3D navigation software, which offers live traffic updates as well as fuel station and parking space information, and can be controlled by giving voice commands.

The ‘Allure Premium+’ trim also includes the brand’s ‘Aluminium Pack’ – a subtle set of interior styling changes that adds an aluminium finish to the front door sills and the foot pedals.

That sums up this minor model refresh – there are no exterior styling or powertrain changes, and top-spec ‘GT’ and ‘GT Premium’ models remain the same.

Peugeot says this update is now live, and customers can now order the ‘Active Premium+’ or ‘Allure Premium+’ at UK dealerships or online using its website. Entry-level 208 models cost just over £19k, while the cheapest all-electric e-208 model is priced at just over £30k. A lead-in 2008 model will set you back around £23k, while opting for the electric version of the SUV will cost close to £34k.

Praised for its design inside and out, the Peugeot 208 currently holds an Expert Rating of 72% – a score hindered by the hatchback’s firm ride comfort. Its e-208 twin has received the same plaudits, but with its lower running costs it holds a higher Expert Rating of 76%.

The Peugoet 2008 has received similar parise for its interior and exterior styling, and holds an Expert Rating of 72%. The all-electric e-2008 holds the exact same Expert Rating score as its combustion-powered twin, with reviewers commenting that the e-SUV can’t match the battery range of class leaders.

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Sean Rees
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