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Rejecting a car – your consumer rights

The Car Expert's guide to what to do if your car is faulty or not fit for purpose

Of all the issues we discuss here at The Car Expert, the topic that generates the largest number of questions is rejecting a car that is faulty or is not as advertised.

Based on the hundreds of questions we’ve received, we have written this comprehensive article to provide direct answers to your questions and explain the processes as clearly as possible.

In this article, we cover the following areas for rejecting a car:

The Consumer Rights Act

In October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 replaced the old Sale of Goods Act for consumer retail sales in the UK.

The Act does cover new and used cars bought from a trader for consumer (private) use. A trader can be either a franchised dealer or an independent garage.

The Act does not cover vehicles bought by private sale, vehicles bought at an auction or vehicles bought for business use.

There are clearly-defined rights for rejcting a car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Can you reject your car for any fault you find?

The Consumer Rights Act provides both buyers and sellers with clearer guidance about a customer’s rights than the old Sale of Goods Act. In particular, it covers how a customer can reject a car that is faulty or not fit for purpose.

However, it’s important to remember that motor cars are complicated machines. They have hundreds of thousands of components working under a variety of hostile conditions. Not every fault in a vehicle is going to mean you can simply give the car back and expect a full refund. This particularly applies to used cars, which have already been used and abused by someone else before you.

In short, a car with a fault is not necessarily a faulty car.

Understandably, a dealer will want to inspect your car for themselves before agreeing to refund your money, rather than simply taking your word for it.

A customer rejecting a car can be very expensive for a car dealer. They have to buy the car back from you at the original price and fix whatever the problem is, before selling it on again for probably less money. As a result, the dealer is likely to dispute your rejection unless you can make a clear and confident case.

If the dealership refuses to accept your rejection, you will need to take legal action to reject the vehicle. This means engaging a solicitor and potentially taking the dealer to court. It will be expensive, and there is no guarantee you will win.

If you do have valid grounds to reject your vehicle (see the next page for more details), then your specific rights will depend on how long you have owned the car.

The Consumer Rights Act allows for three options:

  • Your short-term right to reject, which lasts for 30 days after taking delivery of your car
  • Your final right to reject, which covers you for six months from purchase
  • Your final right to reject after the first six months

Short-term right to reject – the first 30 days

If your new or used car has a significant fault that was present when you bought it (as opposed to developing afterwards), you can reject the car within the first 30 days and get a full refund.

You do not have to accept a repair or replacement vehicle (although you can if you want to).

If you have part-exchanged your previous car on the new one, you will not get it back. Instead, you will be entitled to the full invoice price of the car (including road tax, VAT, etc).

You are entitled to a full refund by the same method in which you paid for the car.  The dealer cannot charge for usage, wear and tear, collection of the vehicle or anything else.

It is the dealer’s obligation to collect the vehicle, unless your sales contract includes a clause obliging you to return the car. You only have to make sure the car is available to collect.

Be reasonable about this and work with the dealer if you want to get your money back with minimal fuss. Make their lives difficult and you can be sure they will return the favour…

Final right to reject – the first six months

If you have had the car for more than 30 days but less than six months, you have to give the selling dealer one attempt to fix the fault before moving to reject the vehicle. If the repair has not fixed the fault, you can reject the vehicle.

If you part-exchanged your old car on the new one, you will not get it back. Instead, you will get a cash value for the new car. However, unlike the short-term right to reject, it may not be the full value.

In this instance, the dealer is able to claim a reduction in the value of the vehicle. This is based on the mileage covered and time elapsed. There is no guidance on how much they can charge you, so be prepared to negotiate this with the dealer. If it goes to court, the judge will decide.

As above, it is the dealer’s obligation to collect the vehicle under the Act. You cannot be charged for return costs or be forced to return the vehicle yourself.

Rejecting a car after six months

You are legally entitled to pursue a rejection after the first six months, but the law swings from being in your favour to being in the dealer’s favour.

The onus on you is now to prove that the fault was present when you bought the car, and that is difficult when you have had the car for a reasonable length of time and probably covered thousands of miles in that period.

In practice, this is difficult unless you have some solid proof that the fault was there at time of purchase – which is not easy. Trying to prove that a fault was present at time of purchase rather than occurring the day afterwards is very difficult when you’re several months down the line.

Rejecting a car should not be your first move

If you discover a fault with a car you’ve just bought, don’t automatically move to reject it. The fault may be relatively easy to fix. You’ll save a lot of time and hassle compared to trying to reject the vehicle.

Despite the Act providing a clear right to reject a faulty car, it isn’t as simple as going back to the dealer and walking out with a nice fat cheque. The dealer will want to conduct their own assessment of the vehicle. They may well not agree with your contention that the vehicle should be rejected.

If they refuse to accept your rejection, you will need to take some form of action to pursue the matter. Some dealers are signed up to a voluntary Ombudsman’s code, which allows for independent mediation. But usually you will need to take legal action against the dealer. You will probably also need to get written reports from another garage to back up your claim.

When you are rejecting a car, the dealer has to buy it back from you for the same price you paid for it. You have to sign the registration forms back over. If you have finance on the vehicle, that has to be cancelled as well.

A car purchase can be complicated to unwind, and you might not get your money back for several weeks.

The dealer may offer to repair the fault and potentially even offer you some form of compensation as well. This may be a better result than pursuing a rejection. It may save you a lot of hassle as well, since you won’t have to go through the process of buying another car.

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Stuart Masson
Stuart Massonhttps://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/
Stuart is the Editorial Director of our suite of sites: The Car Expert, The Van Expert and The Truck Expert. Originally from Australia, Stuart has had a passion for cars and the automotive industry for over thirty years. He spent a decade in automotive retail, and now works tirelessly to help car buyers by providing independent and impartial advice.


  1. Thank you for the detailed post, and providing responses to most comments. I found this website and comments a few months back now which certainly helped in complaining to Range Rover. I’ve recently put a complaint in with Range Rover in relation to a faulty vehicle from new, even though the car has been owned 18 months, Range rover have just accepted it was indeed a fault from new. We complained to the finance company, and 50 odd days later, they’ve deemed our findings correct, and the vehicle did have a defect from new. They have offered a refund of approx. half of what we have paid over the 18 months of ownership. Do we have to accept their first offer? Or should we just accept it and get rid asap (as the Mrs would like to just do that, but i feel we aren’t getting enough after consulting a solicitor).

  2. I bought an Audi A3 from available car in January 2019, along with other cosmetic touch up it had a ‘smart repair’ carried out on the n/s/r arch, in the time of owning it the car has subsequently been back to available car and had that same arch stripped and repainted 4 times as paint comes away within a few months! The paint has now started to come away again with the arch starting to rust even tho it has ‘special rust’ treatment the last time it was stripped and painted and I’m at the point now where available car can’t be trusted to fix the issue adequately! Do I have any rights to a refund on the car as I feel they’ve depreciated the value of it with the poor cosmetic paint jobs?

  3. i recently bought a demo shogun. i paid my 1000 pound deposit over the phone. i then visited the dealership and paid the deposit i agreed and signed the finance plan that i agreed over the phone. i was stupid because i was told they can not budge on the price because its brand new with only 14 miles on it. so i paid the agreed final deposit and financed the rest though their financier. i had purchased the car with no test drive and no oppurtunity to inspect it. after taking owner ship of the vehicle i checked current values which were far below the asking price. i visited my brother this weekend showed him the engine and he asked why is their rust on certain bits. the vehicle is reg 21 but was manufactured 2019. ive paid top price for a new shogun that is 2 years old. the paper work that was given to me had 14 miles on it but when i first got in the vehicle it had 41 miles. also their is a advert still online saying it has 15 miles. where do i stand on returning it ive had it 6 days

  4. Hi I bought a car on 31st July 2020 from an independent garage, and it broke down last week. I had it recovered by the AA, and taken to Land Rover who have informed me that the engine has seized and will need replacing at a cost of approximately £15000 and may need both turbos replacing and also a new starter motor. I have finance in the car and have contacted them to raise a complaint, Land Rover have said they will contribute 60 per cent towards the cost of the new engine as it has full service history. The car is 2015 it had 58500 miles at last service at main dealers and 58800 when I bought it. I have been shielding since November 2020 so car has had very little use since then, the finance company are saying that I have to supply an independent report to say whether the fault was present when I bought the car or was signing first six months. Or just happened now. Land Rover have said there are filings in the oil filter and engine will not crank either direction by hand. What are my rights

    • Hi. I bought a brand new 70 plate Juke in September. On January 4th when the cold weather started I noticed the windscreen and front windows soaking wet on quite a few occasions and the engine warning lights coming on. Took it back to the dealer. They had it for 2 Weeks and they said it was a faulty wire and they could find no seal broken so I must have left the window open or had something wet in car to cause the severe condensation! I knew I didn’t!! Anyway, a week later lights start flashing on again, still all wet inside on windows, and on one occasion the car suddenly braked on its own in the middle of nowhere and nothing was nearby. Thank god as that could have been fatal!! I rang the garage again. They had my car back! 6 and a half weeks later I had it returned!! Again, they said faulty wire! They discovered that the seal had gone in 2 places which was causing the damp!!! It got given back to me smelling disgusting!!! I have rung Nissan every day since January dating I want a replacement car. I have absolutely no looks or faith in this car! It was in the garage nearly the same amount of time I had it!! I email Nissan too! Nobody gets back to you. They just say it will be passed to a case handler!! Absolutely shocking!! I need someone to act.

  5. Hi Stuart my partner borght a 2014 ford kuga around the 18th december 2020 from a dealer through finance 24/7 with 1years warranty and 2days later ones she got to drive it she noticed a knocking noise from the back and the powershift gearbox sometimes didn’t know what gear to acually stay in so we called the warranty they said to book it into ford so a week later it went into ford and they said theres definitely something wrong but they said they can’t do nothing until they see service history because the warranty place wants to see it and said it doesn’t look like the gearbox has ever been serviced witch should be done every 36k miles or every 3years and the car has done 72k miles..

    ((unfortunately my partner didn’t check the service history when buying it as they said this car has been very well looked after as they know the previous owner and its only just been serviced also)).

    So we spoke to the dealership we got the car from they said to bring it back to them to be fixed so it was booked in on the 19th of January but just before that we started to notice a tappidy noise from the engine when accelerating but all the levels were all ok and still to this day we havent had the car back they serviced the powershift gearbox and said thats fixed but the knocking and the rattling they cant find the problem yet and with warranty not wanting to fix the car when she took it to ford because she didn’t get any previous service history it looks like there not going to fix anything on the car for the 1 years warranty that the dealership give us unless we take the car back to the dealership everytime something goes wrong witch is just over an hour away…

    They have given us a ford fiesta curtesy car witch is not practical for us at all as its manual and she only has a automatic license so i have to drive her around and its to small for what we need it for and now shes wanting to try and get a refund because its been nearly 3months now they have had the car and they still dont know the knocking problem, everytime we call for a update they say they replaced some parts but its still there and they havent even looked into the rattling noise that comes from the front and they said thats possibly something behind the dashboard rattling so ones they have fixed the knocking on the back end they will remove the dash but i know 95% the rattling is coming from the engine like its being starved from oil..

    What do you think her chances are to get a full refund as shes not happy paying for a car she hasn’t been able to use for so long and shes starting to worry the car is going to have ongoing problems mainly with the powershift gearbox if it hasn’t had its service in the past on time then the damage would of already been done and significantly shortened its lifespan and its a minimum of £5000 to replace.

    Thanks for reading and look forward to you reply Stuart :)

  6. We bought Toyota Yaris from a Toyota agent locally 30th July 2020 for our wedding anniversary. We were asked to sign a contract that we will buy the car before we saw the car as it was coming from another agent has to be brought to Essex . We were shown a similar model. we were told unless the car has major dents or scratches . we paid the deposit and transferred the whole (9500)money a few days later. When we went to collect car there were minor scratches but the car smelt bad of Dog . We were told that will disappear soon. and if its still there in 3 weeks they would make it right . The smell dint go so we rang the cleaned it at their garage. Then the car was hardly used because of the locked down. But the smell continued. I got a private garage to clean at my cost after few days the horrible smell returned . I tried various means like placing vinegar, sodium bi cab ect. I the mean time the agent did a MOT, i complained , then agin the air bag replace last week, I complained nothing was done about the horrible smell. Now we stuck with a car with a horrible smaill . We haven’t used the car max 1000 miles. My wife is an asthmatic and start coughing . I m sure it will be difficult to sell as well.

    Please advice

  7. I bought a car from the Car Shop on a hP agreement in March 2019. My warranty ran out in March 2020. My car has never displayed any kind of warning light, and it broke down in August 2020. Its still off road awaiting a new engine, that I am struggling to find and replace, repair, and maintain payments. Ive been to the consumer, the finance company, and the Ombudsman to no avail, what to do? Id like to give back the car as I feel it was faulty, but how to prove that now as it worked wonderfully up until the breakdown, apart from no warning lights…shall I reject it? please advise? Car is a Mini Countryman Cooper SD 15 plate

  8. Hi Stuart,
    I bought a car last August, it said on the advertisement it was an Audi A7 3.0 TDI V6 S Line Sportback S Tronic Quattro, to cut a long story short, last week I went out in it in the snow. Now I thought it would be great as being a Quattro they are supposed to be good on snow. Any way I had a minor accident on the snow and the car needed to be recovered and taken to a garage.
    Once at the garage the owner asked me if it was a Quattro, I replied yes as it stated that on the log book and on the advertisement. Well, once he had it up on the ramps he told me that no way was that a Quattro.
    I called up the garage where I bought it from and they also checked and found out the it wasn’t a Quattro.Now we chatted and they are looking into finding me a Quattro but also said that it might be an older one or a more expensive one which I would have to cover if I wanted one.
    What are my rights on this? The car is under finance also.

  9. Hi, I bought a 2011 Transit 4×4 on 09 January 2021, I paid a £150 deposit due to covid and went to view the van, when I drove it in the yard it was making a drive shaft knocking noise, I pointed this out and the dealer showed me a small note at the bottom of the advert that I hadn’t seen saying drive shafts need replacing and he said they cost £90 each. I still wanted the van and figured the cost out weighed me losing my deposit. I asked if the van was safe to drive and he said yes but not too far, so I bought the van and drove it carefully to my work place with some worrying noises, with work commitments I wasn’t able to inspect the van for 3 weeks, when my colleague, a mechanic started work on it he found both drive shafts were broken in 2 with the stub still in the front transfer box, he removed them and refitted the van showing the gearbox was ok, he then told me there was no external force that could have caused this and it was most likely that the transfer box was seized.
    I spoke to the dealer by phone on the 30 January and he told me that he couldn’t do anything as the 21 day period had expired and that I knew there was a fault with the drive shafts and I should have got it inspected. There was no mention at the time of sale that I had 21 days to raise any queries.
    Could you please advise me what my rights are and if this 21 day period applies.

  10. To keep a long story short I tried to reject my vehicle with fords and my finance company over the 6 months from the ownership date. Within that time there was a 3 month lockdown where the dealership was not open to carry out any repair works. Surely those 3 months cant be taken into consideration if I physically cant get the car looked at by fords?
    Finance company have taken the view point of “its over 6 months so tough”.
    Just for information fault was declared in writing the day after purchase…. one year down the line the car is back with fords at the finance companies request. Finance company wanted me to have an independent inspection carried out at my cost to prove the fault was there at the time of purchase which is pointless as fords have carried major works to rectify the fault along with changing the gearbox. Fault still exists albeit not as bad as day one.
    I have all my correspondence between all parties with a clear timeline of events… surely I have a case?

    • Hi James. The key will be exactly when you formally rejected the car under the terms of the Consumer Rights Act, regardless of the pandemic’s effect on whether the workship was open to inspect the vehicle. If you reject the car within the first six months, it doesn’t matter how long it takes the dealership to get the car in for an inspection – the clock stops as soon as you make your formal rejection.
      You said that “I tried to reject my vehicle with fords and my finance company over the 6 months from the ownership date”. If you mean that you did not formally reject the vehicle until after the six-month point, the onus is now on you to prove that the fault was there when you bought the car. It doesn’t matter whether or not you had been discussing the problem with the dealership previously; the terms of the Consumer Right Act are set out in law and if they are not followed, the finance company and/or dealership are unlikely to be sympathetic.

  11. Hi.

    I bought my Mazda CX-5 four months ago from a Mazda dealer in Coventry because only there was this beautiful red color available at the moment.
    I live in Milton Keynes and I have reported the problem with the water ingress to my local Mazda dealer under warranty.

    The car was not repaired correctly, neither the first time nor the second time. From 6 weeks the car is again with the same unsolved problem at a Mazda dealer in Milton Keynes.

    I will want to return this car. If Mazda already had several chances to repair the car (one is required), do I have to give another chance to repair the car to the Mazda dealer in Coventry or have I fulfilled my obligation?

    Car is 4 months old and defect is from the beginning.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Adrian. As you are outside the initial 30-day period, the dealership (and/or finance company, if the car is financed) is entitled to one chance to repair the vehicle. The dealer does not have to take any consideration of whatever has happened before you formally reject the vehicle.

  12. Hi, I was hoping you could help me with a very unique issue.

    My partner and I have had a leased Jaguar car for nearly three years now, we have recently moved home and last Friday our car rolled off the drive without an explanation. The electric handbrake was on and as it’s on a partial steep drive, we also leave in gear (1st gear to be precise). It was to our luck that we had video evidence of this happening and currently undergoing an investigation by both our finance company and JLR.

    The car was taken in and assessed and they couldn’t find a fault on this, so they mentioned that due to this it cannot be covered by the warranty to 1. get a courtesy car again as we do not feel safe or comfortable driving the car, given that at any point this situation could happen again. Also they mentioned that as they couldn’t find a fault, it could be due to the fact that it had snowed that day (even though our drive had been cleared of snow where it was parked) we are concerned that as they cannot find a mechanical or technical fault, that they will refuse the case or to provide us with another vehicle in the meantime until we have had a resolution from the finance company themselves. We don’t want to keep paying for a car that is not suitable for purpose as it could take a lot longer than we are expecting it to be resolved in.

    We have also had incredibly poor customer service from the local JLR retailer and the hire vehicle they provided us had a slow punctured tyre, for which they tried to charge us an excess for.

  13. Hi I took out a PCP finance in November last year with Mercedes. Since getting the car I have problem after problem. 3months after getting the car I had warning signs both on the car system and when driving the car that there was a fault, I contact the dealership which they found quite a big oil leak in the engine as to which they had my car for a week to deal with this problem. I then about 2months after got my next problem which was a notification to say there was a ‘malfunction with the right airbag and to contact the workshop’ which I did. They had my car for a day, told me the problem was fixed for again that same evening I got my car back the same notification popped up again. They took my car in again, ‘repaired’ the problem again a few days later the notification came on again as to which I then made a complaint and took it too a different dealership. That repair was then made by a different dealership and hadn’t been on since. Around 4months after this I then started getting a buzzing noise in the over head service panel which was getting louder and louder by the day. I made them aware of this when booking my car in for its annual service which they looked at & they ordered a new panel part to replace this (which I am aware they are still waiting for the delivery of this). I picked my car up the evening after the service & the next day my engine management light came on & was again making signs like the engine cutting out & the car not picking up speed when pulling again for me to have to pull over & restart the engine. I called the dealership in which they advised me to take the car into then as soon as possible which I did that same day. They had my car for 2 days while they investigated for them to call me and say ‘they couldn’t find anything and I’m ok to pick the car up’

    I’m at the point now where I have go through the customer service complaints team, the deal shop itself & now turned to the finance team to tell them I am very frustrated & dissatisfied with the the car. I have told them I either want to come out of my agreement or a replacement car.
    I’m looking at advice of where I stand with this as at the minute they can’t give me any answers as to where I stand with these options & are forever ‘raising is as a complaints case’ to stall the situation which is making me more and more frustrated.

  14. my mum bought a new car in June paid cash(her savings) in October the car stopped dead in the Road no warning or anything it just stopped and shut off,luckily it was a quiet road and she and my gran parents were OK so the dealership sent out a vw mechanic who reset the electrical problem saying it was a fault but they were waiting for a new update. she then contacted vw who phoned her and said I quote” it is a electrical fault,we are waiting for a.new update for it it may never do this again but if it dose put your hazard warning lights on” end quote i mean wtf how is that helpfull. any way mum has barely been out I it since she has lost all confidence in driving it and dose not feel safe in it, no one will do anything to help her she is considering trading it in for a different car but she will be losing just shy of 13,000 doing thIs which I think is so wrong, I think the dealership should give a full refund or new car of same value to her she should not be the one loosing out. can you give me any advice.

    • My car has done exactly the same. I bought it brand new in March 2020. It went into limp mode twice so I returned it to the garage who told me the system was updated and should resolve the problem. It did it again this week so was again returned to the garage, another system update done and told again that should solve the problem. I don’t want to drive it anymore as I feel it’s dangerous. Would like to know how you are getting on and if the problem with the car has been resolved?

  15. Hi my sister bought a car that has stopped working. A local garage thinks it’s the gear box and will basically cost the same price as the car to fix. The place my sister bought the car from had a 3 month warranty but it is now coming up to 5 month after purchase. When I contact the garage should I ask about repairs or not as its out of warranty or just say I want to use my right to reject and give back the car? Also as the car has basically stopped working what percentage of the original price would you expect to get back from the garage? Thanks for any help

  16. Hi i bought a used bmw from a dealer in August the car had 3 months warrant i had the car for 5 months and now it developed a mechanical fault. the engine have lost power by 50% and the dashboard displaying drivetrain malfunction. should i take the car to bmw for a full diagnostic . who should i contact the dealer or the finance company as they are two different companies. and will i be able to reject the car. thanks

  17. Hi Stuart. We bought a second hand Citroen Berlingo van from a dealer 6 weeks ago. He told us the turbo had been changed. The van has developed issues and our local garage says the turbo is in such a bad state its not roadworthy. The original dealer is refusing to accept any responsibility and offering a good will payment of £100. Our garage are quoting £580. Should I just suck it up and accept the £100 or is it worth trying to do something through trading standards. My son didn’t pay for warranty when he bought the van.

  18. Hi Stuart
    I bought the brand new Audi A3 S Line in March from Lincoln Audi which was delivered to me on August 4th. The car had a scratch on the drivers door which needed repairing. Audi did this for me but I felt I had to haggle with them.

    3 weeks later the airbag fault light came on. I booked it in to Truro Audi but had to wait 3 weeks to get it in as there were no slots available. They looked for a fault but couldn’t find it. I had to return the next week and leave it there for a week. They have given me a courtesy car for the time being. That was October 5th. They found that a seam seal was damaged during production and was letting water in which had severely damaged electrical components. It took 3 weeks for them to repair this and then they realised that a control unit had gone down, it took a further 3 weeks for this to arrive and when they fitted that they realised that a faulty sensor was causing an issue. They fitted that on the 19th Nov and the car still doesn’t work. I had a call off them on Friday and they said they were going to do some loom wiring to see if this fixes it but not heard back since.

    I have been in comms with the dealership I bought it from and have told them that I want to reject the car and for them to supply me with a brand new replacement, also a mobex car while I wait. They told me I have to wait until I get the car back and see if I am happy with it. They are not very helpful and I have to chase them up all the time.

    Can you tell me where I stand as I feel they should be rejecting it for me, they clearly can’t fix it and if they eventually do I doubt very much I want this car.

    Many thanks


  19. Hello Stuart, I bought a 2019 Seat Arona in December 2019 on PCP finance, pretty early on I noticed the front passenger window would go down instead of up sometimes when you pushed the button but I didn’t report it because I believed it was a minor issue. Around the end of September 2020, I noticed a grinding and rattling sound from the right and left rear wheels. I initially believed it would be a broken spring so I took it to the dealership hoping it would get resolved pretty quickly. A week after dropping the car off, the dealership contacted me to say it was possibly a gearbox issue, I was relieved by that as this would be covered under the warranty and would be getting my car back soon. A couple days after, I contacted them for an update and was told the clutch pack needed to be replaced as well, after having my car for two weeks the dealership finally gave me a courtesy car which I am currently using. I stopped by the shop to check if there was an update and was told the service team were struggling to pinpoint the fault, they were replacing parts in the vehicle to see if that would solve the problem. They’ve had my car for over a month now, I have recently received a text from the dealership saying they have contacted the manufacturer for advice on what to do which means to me they can’t figure out what’s wrong. All the while I’m still making monthly payments. I’m hoping you can help me out because I’m not sure what to do about this situation. I’m not keen on rejecting the car, I would happily accept a different or more recent model from the dealership.

  20. Hello,
    My Dad had purchased an Approved Used Renault outright with extended warranty (which turned out to be dealer only not Renault as asked).
    He has had 4 issues with the car within the first 6 months of ownership, the Stop Start not working, Entertainment system failure (Includes HVAC controls), and interior lighting flicking on and off.
    He had the repairs done which took quite a while to get resolved but he made them aware he was moving to Scotland, where the nearest Dealer Branch is 200miles away.

    These issues have now come back again within 6 months of the Renault Warranty repair which has now expired, which is when he discovered his extended warranty was actually with the dealer group only.

    My question is would the Failed Renault Warranty repair fall under the original warranty as the original fault was not fixed, even though it has expired?

  21. Hello
    I buy car on finance 7 days ago,its looks suspiciuos on drive so i done health check and this what i found
    1 front tyres on around 2mm and perishing
    Osr tyre on around 3mm
    Nsr tyre around 3mm
    Play in track rod end osf
    Front and rear pads wearing on inne pad
    both front lover rear bushes heavily split
    Slight oil leak from poss crank oil
    Eal/upper sump cant be sure
    Both rear axle bushes split and perishing

    My question is this is enough to return car back,
    To fix all that its around 1000
    Stright forward

  22. Hi
    I bought a car and have had several issues. The car has been back for repair under the traders own warranty. One issue hasn’t been fixed as they can’t find what is causing it, and I don’t doubt that, however the other issue was fixed using a second hand part that I don’t have any history of. We don’t know the age, condition and milage of the part used. Is this acceptable for them to carry out repairs with used parts?
    Any help appreciated.

  23. Hi Stuart

    I brought a new Nissan navara from a main dealer (Derby branch of Bristol Street Motors Nissan) last November (22/11/19)
    Late January, early February this year the vehicle started to lose power and become sluggish. Just thought it was due to extra weight being carried etc so continued to drive the vehicle until the engine management light and then subsequently dpf light came on. The vehicle went in to the Ilkeston branch of Bristol Street Nissan for investigations on 20th February, just as covid 19 had appeared, so the usual wait for repairs etc was exacerbated by delays in shipping parts etc. The vehicle was returned to me having been ‘repaired’ 19th March only to have the fault reoccur less then a week later.

    I was obviously none too pleased by all of this and the subsequent failure of the original ‘fix’ after less then 6 months of ownership and had requested a rejection and full refund only to have this denied.

    I had lost faith in Bristol Street and their staff, expertise and dealerships were some 20/25 miles away so requested it be sent to a more local Sandicliffe Nissan dealership. The lock down occurred as the vehicle was to be checked by them late March so I was subsequently left with out a means to continue with my work (plumber) for a number of weeks as all they could offer (enterprise car rental) was a qashqai. Eventually they got me into a citroen van (20/5/20) but not adequate as I had previously had a like for like courtesy vehicle all be it a Ford ranger (wish I’d brought one of those in the first place)

    Sandicliffe eventually ‘fixed’ the vehicle and my rejection of the vehicle was again rejected by Nissan as they had fixed the vehicle. I felt I had no rights to continue with the rejection and was quite frankly exhausted and sick of the whole situation. I could not afford to continue to fight against them.

    I had only covered 4500 miles in my vehicle in nearly 8 months of ownership (I normally do 20000+ miles a year)

    So three months and almost 6500 miles later the engine management light and dpf light have reappeared and my vehicle is back at Sandicliffe Nissan.

    I feel that I have every right to pursue a full rejection and refund on the 6 month of ownership basis, based on the original fault being when the vehicle had been in my ownership for less then six months..
    The Sandicliffe service manager agrees with me and has said as much both times and was shocked to hear I still had the vehicle this second time round

    Ed Manley

  24. Hi Stuart,

    I know this is a very late comment to the article. But would really appreciate any advice you might have.

    I bought a 2008 Honda CR-V 2Ltr Petrol from a registered used car dealership.

    When driving the vehicle home, I felt the steering felt odd. It was something I didn’t pickup on the test drive, instead became more noticeable on the drive home which was much longer and on a motorway.
    I called the dealership the very next morning to explain the trouble I was having (also explaining that it may have been the fact I was just not used to the handling of a 4×4 having never driven one previously), and to their credit, they very reasonably asked me to take the vehicle to a local garage of my choice and have the car inspected. Should the vehicle come back requiring repairs, they would cover the cost (depending on the issue and cost).
    Due to Covid, we could not get the vehicle in for inspection until a week later, so we decided to also book in for a full service.

    The evening before the service/check over, the car would not start, requiring us to call out a recovery company, who came out and just needed to charge the battery as it was too low on charge to start the vehicle.

    Having the local garage inspect the vehicle, they gave us a written report stating:
    – Alternator weak under load (the alternator is charging at a rate lower than what is being used with lights, wipers, heating etc. running)
    – Nearside rear stabiliser link poor
    – Exhause bracket broken
    – Play in steering inner tie rod ball joints (cause of steering issue reported to dealership)
    – Both front stabiliser link boots split
    – Both front lower ball joint gaiters split
    – Offside front track rod end ball joint gaiter split

    The garage explained to us that if they were to MOT the vehicle that day, it would not pass and would not be road legal (which is what you would expect when buying from a dealer). The mechanic also explained it was strange that the MOT prior to the latest included the steering problem), but the latest (in June) no longer had the issue but the issue was still present.

    I called and explained this to the car dealer who has agreed to take the car back, making necessary checks themselves. However they did explain they believe the issues listed are simply wear and tear so unlikely to be fixed under warranty. I disputed this as we were not told about any of the issues when buying the vehicle and I do not feel they’re items I could reasonably check myself when inspecting the vehicle prior to purchase.

    I said, if these items were presented as faulty prior to buying the vehicle I would not have agreed to the purchase and simply walked away, however they were unknown to me and not disclosed (they stated they were not aware of any issues (which I actually have no reason to disbelieve)). Therefore, if they cannot be repaired then I would prefer to reject the vehicle and receive a refund. They explained I could not reject the vehicle as the issues reported would not warrant it.

    I feel that the alternator alone is a significant enough fault as the car cannot be used during poor conditions as the use of the lights and wipers alone will cause too much battery drain and risk the car not being able to start again.

    I have owned the vehicle now for 14 days and therefore well within the 30 day limit.
    I do not have written proof that he didn’t tell me about any faults (this is because he agrees he didn’t believe it had any other than explaining the previous MOT had no advisories).

    I feel with this knowledge it would not be fair to accept a wear and tear on the vehicle given I have been told it is NOT road legal and risks not starting after driving using the lights/wipers etc.

    The dealer does not have a website, nor do they publish an email so conversations regarding the issues have not been in writing. I do however have the breakdown report the sales report/receipt and garage report from the inspection.

    I would really appreciate any help or advice you might have on this, whether it be I have a good ground to reject the vehicle should they not make the necessary repairs or if there is other information I should likely gather prior to this?.

    Thank you in advance.

  25. Hi Stuart

    I purchased a car on 23rd December 2019 at Renault West London on finance. On February 22nd 2020 the car battery was flat that morning. A new battery was replaced by AA. This problem happened again on the 27th February and the battery was replaced again. On the 2 March the issue happened again the car was jump started and I took to the dealership. Which it was in repair. The dealership found no fault and the car was returned to me on the 17th March. The fault happened again on 13th May the car was towed to West London Dealership and has been there till October 21st 2020. Renault declined my right to reject. The fault was repaired and Renault confirmed a software update was installed. The fault was a switch which was draining the battery. The fault happened again on Nov 12th 2020. This has been a nightmare,do I have the right to reject the vehicle and come out of the contract and get a refund on my deposit and payments I have made. As it has been more than once. The car is causing a lot stress and isn’t fit for its purpose. They had 2 attempts to fix the car and the fault is still there. Do I have the right to reject.

    • Hi ALex. No, you don’t need a solicitor to go to small claims court. However, bear in mind that the defendant may very well have a solicitor. If you are taking a dealer to court, there are specialist law firms that represent the motor industry and they’re usually pretty good.

  26. I bought a Mercedes A180d from a dealer advertising it as coming with a full service history, 12 MOT and a full service. When I went to collect the car I did get it with a new 12 MOT on the day but was told I would receive the service history direct from Mercedes as the new owner. I was not given a green slip initially and told I would receive the new V5 through the post. They told me their insurance covered me to drive the vehicle on that day and I only need to get road tax when I received the new V5. After I got home from purchasing the vehicle I checked the government website and it stated that you should not drive a vehicle without road tax. I contact the dealer and he still insisted that I was able to drive the vehicle without Road Tax until I received the new V5 but if I wanted to tax I could do so myself at the Post Office by filling in a V62. I did make the application and was able to tax the vehicle. I had stopped using the vehicle until I got it taxed a day after purchasing it, I had driven it from Birmingham to Milton Keynes without any issues and decided to start using it as I had valid insurance and round tax for it. After 5 minutes use the car lost power and started overheating. AA breakdown service diagnosed it as a faulty air intake sensor. I advised the dealer who said I needed to return the vehicle to a garage in Birmingham for it to be fixed. The car is not drivable and I have to pay for the recovery costs to get it to the garage. My question is because the fault only developed a day after purchasing the vehicle, is this a clear case for rejecting the car, if so what happens to my application for the new V5.

  27. Hello, i recently purchased a van from a dealer in scotland to convert into a camper, a ford transit 2016, 79000miles i paid in full and on the way home a service fault light came on and an engine noise became apparent, the next day i had the van checked over at a local garage and other faults appeared when plugged into a ecu reader and he advised not to drive the vehicle, all events were recorded by photo/video and sent to the dealer, in the previous 2 weeks i sent 2 emails and 2 recorded letters informing the dealer of the repair cost and his liability under the consumer rights act 2015, 30 day short term right to reject i believe i am entitled to a full refund which i know he will refuse to do as i have asked and he did say to get the vehicle fixed and i asked him to put in writing that he accepts the repair cost and he will pay the bill, 6 days and no reply.
    If i insist on a refund and he refuses what can i do to get my money back?
    If i get the vehicle checked and repaired by a ford dealer at my expense can i claim my money back?
    Thanks in advance

  28. Hi, I bought a Audi privately in February 2020 that was still under manufacturers warranty. The car keeps failing on me and I’ve had Audi Assist out around 8 times since then with the car continually going in for repair work. The car is repaired and the same fault happens again roughly 4 – 8 weeks again. I have asked Audi to give me an extended warranty as a good will gesture as there is no assurance that the fault is actually fixed and if they don’t I will be stuck with footing the bill. It seems they cannot fix the problem and I wanted to ask if the problem continues to persist then where do I go from there? It is also not ethical for me to sell this car knowing it has a problem.

  29. Hi Stuart, a few months ago I bought a new seat Leon and at the time of purchase the online configuration tool and price list brochure stated the car had auto high beam and assist. Having went to use the feature today it seems that the car does not have it and the latest brochures show this as an optional extra for the same model. I feel like I have been seriously mis-sold. What can I do?

  30. I brought my car at the end of May this year, brand new. About 2-3 weeks in, the main screen / GPS and radio all shut off and restarted, it then did it on any longer journey. The garage could not take the car in for over a month and graciously accepted this at the time. I got the car back and a month or so later on the first longer journey, again it started. The garage were informed and I agreed to try a fault logging process. I did this and the garage had the car for 3 1/2 weeks replacing 3 wiring looms. Last week the fault happened again. (I have provided video evidence each time by using my dash cam to record the events as driving) I have spoken to the garage as I no longer have any faith in the car ever being fixed, or their ability to fix it. I have mentioned rejecting the car and they have told me they would charge a lot for taking the car back for use. I advised I allowed them to try and fix, and the fact they drove the car for over 300 miles whilst it was in the garage the first time and the they had it for 4 weeks of the time.
    Where do I stand? does this constitute the 30 day rule or 6 months and can they charge me for this use?

  31. Hi Stuart,

    I’m not sure if you will see this – I got a car used from a dealership 12th of October and have had issues since. The most worrying being the car losing all of its power when going 60 – thank fully a layby was near and the people behind me were keeping eyes on the road to see my far go from 60 to 20 in about 10 seconds maybe a little more etc.

    The issue i am having is that the dealership are saying nothing is wrong with it, they cant see any faults on the diagnostic etc but i just don’t feel safe in a car that lost all of its speed and power like that.

    They are being very difficult about it all and I am a little stuck with what to say. I haven’t had the car a whole month. I would just like a refund to be honest.

  32. Hi Stuart,

    I bought a car on 04/08 and have since been in a dispute with the dealer on rejecting the car due to an intermittent engine malfunction light fault and low power mode that deems the car not fit for purpose. I am very close to making a money claim due to the fact the dealer is being very unreasonable with his response. However I thought your advice may be useful first.

    I provided the dealer with a garage report detailing the fault diagnosed using OBD when I was able to take the car to be checked whilst the fault was present. The dealer tried to fix the car, however when I drove after he returned it, the fault repeated. He took the car to a Ford main garage, they were unable to find anything at that time due to the intermittent nature of this fault. After this, I managed to get a second garage report showing the same faults on OBD when the engine malfunction light came on once more. The dealer/legal representative are denying a refund as they claim OBD reports detailing the active fault codes and numerous images I have provided of the engine malfunction light illuminated do not show there is a fault with the car. They want further evidence I.e. a mechanical report, however the fault is electrical so no mechanical issues will be found. Are they correct in saying this? I’m sure this argument will not stand up in court if/when it goes that far, as a diagnostic report is used exactly for the reason of displaying vehicle faults. In addition, the photos I have provided show it being active. However, they seem very persistent that the garage checks the dealer has had that were unable to find issues put the burden of proof on me and that my evidence proves nothing.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I noticed I missed a couple of things here. I started the rejection within the 30 day period so I am within the rejection period. Furthermore, the car is a used 2013 Ford Fiesta with 46k miles so it should not be experiencing these faults.

  33. Hi Stuart, I have just bought a second hand car from a car dealer 250 miles away from home. I paid £7,500 for it, It is an automatic car, 2010, with 107,00 miles . when I took it for a test drive, I told them there was a stuttering on pulling out, they said they would sent it to their mechanic to deal with. 3 days later they told me the car was ready and that the stuttering was due to the fact that brake pads were new but Discs pads needed changing. They changed the discs pad, they collected me at the station and was hushed straight into their office to make a bank transfer, they did not accept credit card payment. I was not offered the opportunity to take the car for another test drive. However, as I drove into town, I noticed when doing stop and start, the jittering was still there at every pull. I arrived home and took it to my garage who said it was a flywheel problem or a gearbox. Estimated cost. £2,000 to £2,500 for a flywheel, and £3,500 for a gear box at least. I phoned the dealer who verbally assaulted me, and said the car was sold fit for purpose, and what on earth did I expect from a 10 year old car! I am still shocked by their extreme aggressively over the phone. They have asked me not to phone them again or else they would file me in for harassement. I have only bought the car 5 days ago ! Can I reject this purchase and get my money back? Or can I ask the dealer to paid for the problem to be fixed. I believe they were aware of this problem as I had mention to them this stuttering, and they did not fix it. From the MOT which at first was a failure, I noticed a tyre on the rear had to be changed, they put in one very cheap one, and the other is border line. I accepted and understood that as normal cheap and shoddy but thought to replace the tyres myself for my own security and peace of mind. They have only just send me the 3 months warranty, after my phone call And it doesn;t seem to be worth very much. They never showed me the warranty in their office.
    They have implied that I am welcomed to take them to court and that I would not win and that it would take a year to be sorted.

  34. Hi, I bought an ex-Display car in October 2019 which was back with the dealership within a matter of weeks because the gears got stuck in the 3rd gear. After fixing the car, the gears kept on crunching and the car started on and off intermittently. I couldn‘t report it during the lockdown since the dealership was shut. As soon as it was back open, the car was booked in another 4 times and now has a new gearbox, new bearings, new ECU unit etc. In total, we haven‘t had the car for 4 month and still haven‘t had it back. We rejected the car 2 weeks ago which was refused by the dealership because the problem which presents now was not the problem we reported within the first 6 months. This is not correct but I couldn‘t record it because of lockdown. I also found out today that the car was recovered but the RAC 6 months prior to our purchase because it got stuck in the 3rd gear. This was not explained to us when we asked and it not recorded anywhere but proves that there was an existing problem. Any help on how to progress would be much appreciated.

  35. Hi
    I bought range Rover sport in December 2019 from Guy Salmon Thames Ditton, within the first few months there where electrical issues but because of them moving to Sunbury and covid I was unable to book the car in to get checked,I di whatsapp the salesman and asked if I could give the car back in June but was ignored, finally I booked the car in with them at their new garage in July for August, I gave them a list of issues which was big, but when picking up the car they advised that some of the issues where just the car being a car normall(Tailgate gesture not working properly, water making car open and close on its own, app not working etc) and they extensivly drove the car on a test drive(3 Miles) they advised that they had the top technician from Landrover to do a update on software and ru it for a few months to see what happens, I e mailed them about 5 weeks later to say that it still had issues but will keep test driving for a while, then 3 weeks later(now) I tried to book in for sorting issues and was advised that all they could do was get their top technician to look at it and the earliest would be January due to loan car issues, My problem is that I have a car that I do not trust to drive as the issues are with electrics sat nav, gear changes car going into different modes on its own and limp mode, so mileage is low as I use my wifes car, and I cannot sell a faulty vehichle……………..Whwre can I go with this, thanks for help…..

  36. Hi,
    Wondering if you can give me further advice. I have a Hyundai vehicle, which I’ve had in finance for a year from a dealership. The vehicle is a 65 plate and I have done less than 3000 miles since I received it and the car in total has done approx 48,000 miles. On my finance information it states I have the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty which would’ve ended 28/09/20 – I managed to get my vehicle checked by one of the recommended garages before this expired so it would fall under warranty. I recently had my vehicle serviced and the mechanic advised there is a noise coming from the turbo. I checked with Hyundai and this is covered under their 5 year warranty. When I got it in to one of Hyundai’s garages which also belonged to the dealership it was confirmed that there was an issue with the turbo and again would be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. I was asked to provide the previous service invoices as it wasn’t serviced with a Hyundai garage by the previous owner. I could only provide the one I had paid for as I wasn’t provided with this paperwork when I received the car. I was told due me not providing the invoices for at least 3years services that I wouldn’t be able to claim under warranty. I raised a complaint with the dealership as Hyundai stated even thought the service book has been stamped every year that the warranty would be invalid unless the relevant paperwork was given and to take it up with the dealership. A week later the dealership advised me that it’s due to the late service this year, that’s why it was rejected by Hyundai. I explained I struggled to get the vehicle in due to COVID restrictions and it even states on Hyundai’s website that for all current warranties they are allowing an extension of 2000 miles which is open ended so surely that would cover me for the late service. This has been ongoing for 3 weeks, I’ve spoken to Hyundai and the dealership multiple times and they keeping passing the buck to one another, I even contacted my finance company and they advised that this has to be taken up with the dealership. Any further advise on how to go about this and where I stand would be appreciated.

  37. I purchased a car feb 2018 and discovered upon collection an emissions fault, which has never been resolved. I’m told every time the technician has driven the vehicle there is no fault found and also that the computer doesn’t show any faults found yet nearly 3 years down the line the same intermittent fault is still there…… I’ve asked for copies of any work carried out and I always get told I haven’t paid for all the work and I should be paying now for any work they carry out now… (managers and staff have all changed to as it’s a franchise, so new staff I’ve never dealt with and can’t comment about previous emplyees and how they conducted the complaint) I got fobbed off today whilst the car was booked in for 9:10am for a diagnostic and 2 recalls and at 4pm after I’d called to check on progress to be told the head office computer was down and they couldn’t do a diagnostic or a 3rd recall for software….
    My question really is how do I go about getting my vehicle repaired as they should of done this from the beginning…. they had the car for almost a month when 1st purchased and still has the same problem….

  38. I have bought a used car for the kids to learn to drive in July 2020 from an independent car dealer.
    One of them was travelling back to his Dads with his Dad in the car instructing. During the journey the car started to cough & splutter! They made it home just! I as the policy holder for the insurance arranged recovery to a local garage. Upon diagnosing the problem the garage has told me that the plugs/coil pack & injectors need replacing. Once this is done and the engine running(hopefully smoothly) then they will be able to investigate if anything more sinister is going on(head gasket etc), however there is a problem!! They don’t do deep engine work anymore, so if it proves to be something like that then we will need to find a garage that can fix the problem. Unbeknown to me, the kids dad has been topping up the water regularly during use but not mentioning this to me, when asked how long he has been doing so he informed me he had been doing it for a while.
    We paid cash for the vehicle less than 6 months ago.
    Where do I stand within this act? The car has 100+k mileage, limited service history.

    Many thanks for any guidance you can offer.

  39. Hello. I negotiated the terms of returning the car with the car dealer. I agreed to the terms of the delera. It’s been a week since then and I have no news what to do next. How long do I have to wait for my car to be picked up and the money back after accepting the offer? Thank you for answering.

  40. I bought a new Audi in May 2018.
    I have discovered rust on 3 of 4 doors, not attributable to damage.
    Audi are going to inspect, but would this represent a major fault and grounds to reject the vehicle?
    It suggests a failure of the anticorrosion treatment.
    Audi may offer to repair the three doors, but my concern is this will simply recur and elsewhere on the vehicle.
    Thank you

  41. Hi Stuart
    I’m afraid my story is as follows…..
    On 17.6.20 I bought a used Citroen DS3 (which had done 51.5k miles) from a reputable independent dealer, then on 09.10.20 I took my car for a few basic checks at an official DS dealer, they also fitted a new gearknob for me. During the visit the EML came on as coincidence, so they did a Diagnostic, free of charge and this pulled off various “bad news” codes and was advised I need a new engine which costs £8k yet I paid £6k for the car three months ago.
    Ideally I’d like my car fixed by the guys that sold me the car rather than reject or replace, so wondering do you think my case is strong enough Stuart? I am within my six month warranty as well.
    Best regards.

  42. Hi,
    I recently traded in my motorcycle for a brand new one which developed within 2 days a blown head gasket [allowing oil onto the back wheel] rendering it dangerous and unrideable. It has been at a dealers for repair for 2 weeks and counting. Can I reject this [it is less than 30 days since the purchase] do you perceive particular problems with this?

  43. Hi Stuart,

    I brought a second hand car from a dealer 54 miles away. After 1 week the engine management light came on and I contacted the dealer who suggested u go through my warranty. The warranty assist recommended a garage and said a water pump needed replacing. The problem was sorted however the light has come on again and I have contacted the dealer three days ago. He is asking me to take it back to the garage as they need to sort it out. I have reverted the car and want a full refund. He is saying that he will deduct fair wear and tear as I am being unreasonable in not giving the garage an opportunity to rectify the problem that they have supposedly fixed. Can you please advise me of my rights.
    Freya Jones

  44. Hello, I purchased a car 3 months ago and the timing chain has broken rendering the car unusable. The garage is refusing to collect the car and is only offering to ‘take a look’ at it. We have quoted all of the information you have provided above but have just been fobbed off – is this right?

  45. Hey,

    I was hoping that you can help.

    I bought a used vauxhall astra 16 plate for £8,500 with 12 months warranty on the 26th of September 2020. I test drove it for about ten minutes because there wasn’t enough fuel in the car. Everything seemed okay so i paid for it in full on the same day. The car wasn’t ready to take so we scheduled to pick it up on the 28th September 2020.

    On my way home after collecting it on the 28th September 2020 i noticed a strange rattling sound coming from the front of the car. As soon as i got home i called the dealers immediately and returned the car on the same day.

    They later called to say that the roll bar link on one side was broken and that they would put a new one in.

    I was obviously taken aback. I had just paid £8,500 for a car that was supposedly checked before they gave it to me so i told them that i was rejecting the car as it was faulty. I was told that the fault was minor and would be repaired. I refused the repair and said i wanted a refund.

    I also noticed that there were discrepancies in the mileage between the time of purchase and collection of the vehicle so the vehicle was also not as described. When I signed the purchase agreement the invoice clearly stated the mileage was 17,694. When i returned the car to them on the 28th September after collecting it on the very same day, the mileage had increased to 17,789. The distance from my house to the dealers and back was only 14 miles. 81 miles were unaccounted for, which means they were obviously driving the car between the time of purchase and collection of the vehicle so the fault could’ve happened then.

    I have been speaking to the general manager who is dealing with this case. He has offered an extended warranty of 2 years including breakdown as good will. He wants to avoid the mess of taking it to court as that’s what i have said will happen. I asked him to renegotiate the price but he has refused.

    What are the chances of me getting a full refund if i take legal action?

  46. I brought a car from an AA approved dealer, the car had been put through it’s MOT the day before I collected the car. It failed the first due to wipers, which was replaced and passed the second MOT. Everything was fine, no advisories and transferred the money into the company’s bank account. I drove less than 20miles and the car began to over-rev and started smoking with an awful smell, even inside the car. I had to pull the car over and leave the car and find other means of transport to get home.I have spoken to the dealership who have been very rude and at first were refusing to do anything. Eventually they have agreed to take the car back, but just wanted to know my rights to reject the car. I don’t feel safe driving the car.

  47. Hi Stu

    I bought a used Audi rsq3 from Audi approved and on the day of collection at the show room the start stop had a fault on the dash board and on the drive home it made a grinding sound from 50mph-70mph they know about this and have done a road test and said it’s booked to come in in three weeks time for repairs today I’ve noticed a new vibrating noise from the engine

    And after I washed the car yesterday I can see the rear quarter has had paint and the rear door is creased before I bought the car they replaced the under tray by the rear quarter and door and when looked underneath there’s all over spray on the underside and on the door you can see that it’s had a bump where do I stand with rejecting the car it’s only been 6 days and all these problems are from the moment I picked it up from the showroom

    Cheers tom

  48. Hi I bought a used Audi rsq3 from Audi approved and on the day of collection at the show room the start stop had a fault on the dash board and on the drive home it made a grinding sound from 50mph-70mph they know about this and have done a road test and said it’s booked to come in in three weeks time for repairs today I’ve noticed a new vibrating noise from the engine

    And after I washed the car yesterday I can see the rear quarter has had paint and the rear door is creased before I bought the car they replaced the under tray by the rear quarter and door and when looked underneath there’s all over spray on the underside and on the door you can see that it’s had a bump where do I stand with rejecting the car it’s only been 6 days and all these problems are from the moment I picked it up from the showroom

  49. Hi Stuart,

    I am after some advice if possible?

    We purchased a second hand BMW in Jan 2020 & all seemed fine. At the start of Aug 2020 the engine management light came on. I contacted the dealer to notify them of the fault & was met with a very rude receptionist. I was advised that it would probably end up at the local BMW so best to take it there. Unfortunately BMW couldnt look at the car until the start of Spet 2020. When they did, they notified us of a major fault with the car in that diesel was leaking from somewhere along the wiring loom & into the ECU box. I have had my 2 young children in the car for over a month which could have potentially gone on fire. I contacted the dealer straight away & they have recovered the vehicle on 15th Sept 2020 & have had it in their garage ever since. To date they cannot find where the fault is coming from. When I spoke to the dealer today, he mentioned rejecting the car due to the anxiety it would cause me wondering if this would happen again. Can you advise on how we could or would go about rejecting the car?

  50. Hi Stuart,

    We purchased a BMW 3 Series from a dealer on the 31st of August 2020.

    I noticed a slight vibrating sound over the next few days but, having never owned a diesel car, thought that it was simply engine noise.
    After the first two weeks the vibrating got louder and became more of a rattle from the clutch. I took the car to an independent mechanic to have the car checked over and to my shock the below list of issues had been found:

    Flywheel / Clutch need replacing – Noise from Clutch pedal
    Turbo Charger needs replacing
    Oil leak from the gearbox
    Oil coming out from the intake manifold
    Engine gaskets need replacing
    All air intake system needs to be removed and either replaced or cleaned out completely due to oil inside from leaks
    Handbrake does not work correctly and does not hold vehicle on an incline
    Air Condenser for the aircon is broken and when the aircon is running, white powder comes out, plus a vinegar smell
    Chunk out of passenger side front tyre
    A crack on the passenger side of the windscreen and a chip directly In front of the driver’s side
    Car has been repainted (poorly) in various places over the vehicle, which could cause problems later on. possible filler used on driver’s side bonnet.
    ABS Regulator ring damaged due to corrosion
    Radio – digital screen not working. We were aware of this on day of purchase and garage had said they would send a new one.
    still nothing arrived.
    When Mechanic checked vehicle, a socket fell from the engine bay that must have been there for some time as completely rusted

    Please note none of the above were noted on the fresh MOT they provided on the day of sale! If it had we would have obviously never purchased the car.

    I had previously contacted the dealer regarding the noise but was told the manager was away and the person taking the call would not make any decision in his absence.

    I therefore sent an email, contacted via social media and then called again on the date I was told the manager would return.

    All of this was done well within the 30 days as per the Consumer rights act 2015. I have also sent a letter of rejection via email and post.

    When I spoke to the dealership manager, I made him aware of my rights and the fact I have contacted the dealership on numerous occasions. I also said that I would like to record the conversation with him, to which he rejected being recorded, so I stopped the recording.
    The manager did not offer a refund, nor offer to pay repairs and instead requested that I send him a report from a garage, which due to the current covid situation, will take us 6 days over the 30 days.

    Both my wife and I are deeply distressed by this as we used our savings to buy the car and it looks like the repairs will cost double the cars worth.

    Please could i have some advice on the matter above as i’m not sure where we currently stand.

    kind regards


  51. Hi Stuart I have purchased a brand new vehicle(ford ranger raptor) and noticed when cleaning that the paint has a significant defect either in manufactory or has been repainted very poorly the vehicle is only 7 days old do I have a right to reject the vehicle on this basis there were other issues but this is by far the biggest.
    Kind regards Dean.

  52. Hello Stuart, I bought a brand new bmw M4 convertible in 2018 and unbeknown to me it had been filling with water inside the frame the entire time. The leak got so bad it eventually caused electrical shorts inside the rear window motors and Caused a fire inside the body panels.

    The Car went in to be repaired which was done but BMW damaged my car hitting it in the front and back and also left various body panels loose and inadequately repaired, it’s all been rectified now however but I had raised the issues with bmw at the beginning explaining how unhappy I was/am, because of Covid everything is taking so much longer and it’s been 2months since this all began! I’m still to get a real answer from bmw.

    I would like to reject the car as it’s a known fault and was clearly there prior to me purchasing it. I’ve since learned that bmw have a technical sheet for the exact issue that is given to mechanics.

    The car is on pcp and I wanted to go onto own the car however feel now that lasting damage has most likely been done! Do I have grounds to reject the car after 2 years. Also what happens to the 28k+ I’ve already paid off the car and the 15k part x for my old car??

    Yours thankfully

    Andy p
    Aka sloshy BMW

  53. Hi there,
    I bought a second hand Kia Sportage 2012 (42000 miles) from a dealer, collected the car 10 days ago, the dealer had a MOT done(through a third party place – passed – rear brake pads changed) and service.
    Last Saturday, after driving the car just twice locally for just a few miles, the battery went flat. I called the dealer and his answer was basically ‘it’s not out problem’. So went to a garage next to my house who came with cables and then checked the battery which was ‘bad’, so had to get a new battery for a total cost of £110. The guy from this garage had a look at the car and immediately said that the back discs needed to be changed cause worn and tires as well are cracked, plus hand brake as well wasn’t stopping the car properly but you need to pull it very hard to be able to completely stop the car.
    So this morning I took it to another garage to see what they would say and the guy had a look and told me the same things: back discs to be changed, tires with some cracks and hand brake not working as it should because of the worn discs.
    I emailed the dealer and the manager at the end offered to change the parts of the car for free if I buy them myself.
    My question is: I have to right to ask for compensation for the cost of the battery? Does a car with a dud battery fits for purpose, considering that I couldn’t start it and go anywhere? What about the back discs which are worn and tires with cracks? Is not this something they should have told me?
    Thank you so much.

  54. We bought a 2017 Nissan Qashqai from our local Nissan dealer, after a week or so we noticed the fan was making a catching noise, the hill assist was sticking at times and the windscreen seal was coming away on a couple of places, so we contacted them and they arranged to take it in for a day, which then became 2 full days, we were told the fan noise was the pollen filter and they replaced it, made no difference to the fan, still catching. We were then told the hill assist was fine, we will see. Then the windscreen seal, we were told they were going to get Autoglass to fix it, so that if they damaged the screen they would have to replace it, did this happen, NO. The service manager decided he could fix it, so he glued them down and you have never seen anything like it, it was horrendous, when I said I was not accepting that, he got aggresive and spoke to me like I was an idiot. I spoke to Nissan and they advised me to reject the car, which I did, the garage agreed to take it back and give us our car back and the money we paid, however they will not take it back until we have the log book, which could be 6 weeks. Is this the case or can I return the car before the log book arrives and wait for the refund. I spoke to Nissan and they can’t see why I can’t take it back before the log book arrives.
    I know they are trying to be difficult and do we need to accept our old car back, they have it up for sale for £2000 more than they gave us.

  55. Hi Stuart hoping you can advise me here. I bought a used volvo S60 last week from an ‘AA approved garage’ for £2000 paid by debit card. The vehicle came with a very basic 3 month warranty with claim limit of £250+Vat. However a couple of faults have appeared with one being the drivers electric window not operating and then one which is more concerning as fault has appeared on the display panel “anti skid service required” which upon looking online can be anything from a simple sensor all the way through to a major abs/ecu fault. Obviously I am now in a quandary on what to do as if it is a major fault this could seriously affect the braking capability of the vehicle. The warranty offered will barely cover labour costs and as such I’m looking at the possibility of rejecting the vehicle on potential safety grounds. Is that possible or would I have to give the garage the opportunity to rectify (and not just clear the fault from cars memory codes) . Thanks

  56. Good afternoon,
    My wife and I purchased a brand new LR Discovery Sport in Jan 20. At the end of Jun 20 the car experienced a complete electrical failure resulting in my wife having to pull over and try to stop as even the brakes had failed! The car was eventually returned to the dealer on 01 Jul 20 and has been there ever since. The initial issue was resolved but the tech team discovered another fault which requires a bespoke software patch which will not be ready until the end of Sept 20.
    We have successfully rejected the car and LR have agreed to us been supplied a brand new car. That said, we have been informed that we have to pay for the mileage put on the car during our ownership. Is this industry standard practise?

    • Chris, just seen this. Very similar to our experience. Bought new Discovery Sport in October 2019 on PCP finance. In November 2020 it went into a main LR dealer for repair (water leak). Was there until the beginning of February 2021 as they couldn’t get to the bottom of the fault and had to involve JLR Technical to assist. Got it back on 7 February only for a complete electrical failure on a busy main road the following day. Had to be collected by a trailer and taken back to the dealership. They’ve now found 2 other faults unconnected to the water leak and electrical fault. Should have picked it back up today but they’ve rang to say the engine management light has now come on showing another fault so they’re keeping it again. We have no confidence in this car at all and would like a replacement. How difficult was it for you to get one, and did you end up having to pay for the miles used on the old one?

  57. Hi I have purchased the new Kuga Hybrid in June this year which has a recall on the battery due to a potential fire risk, I am advised not to charge the battery and use only in Auto EV mode, Ford are unable to advise when a fix will be available, they have already attempted two previous reworks which have failed, my car is one of many others affected. As they can’t give a fix date and I’m having to use fuel only which is expensive on a 2.5l car, what are my chances of successfully rejecting the car ?

  58. Hi Stuart,
    At the end of 2019 I bought from “Underwoods Motor Colchester” brand new Vauxhall INSIGNIA 1,5 165 SRI

    In the process of purchasing the car before my first payment I requested from the sales agent particular features to be installed on my future car. I was assured by him that I will have them in my new car. Even further, I requested the full specification of the car I am buying with all the requested features. Such a document was not given to me, but just a screen view of the basic features of the SRI model which I chose preliminary.

    The new car was delivered to my home without any inspection from my site nor any walk through the functions by the sales person, who delivered it.

    For my great disappointment when the car was delivered and started driving it, I found out that many of the requested features are missing such as:

    · Adaptive cruise control

    · Traffic sign recognition

    · Head up display

    · Pedestrian detection

    · Telematics Onstar service

    · IntelliLux LED lights

    · Hill start assist

    · Lane change assist with side blind spot alert

    · Rear cross traffic alert

    · Fuel economy is way under the minimum advertised for this model-The lowest combined Fuel economy is advertised 41.5 mpg and the real one can not get over 33.5 mpg.

    When I informed the seller couple of weeks after the delivery about the missing features, they denied that I have order those features and sent me to the Motor ombudsman. I spent months and months for reply from the Motor Ombudsman. The ombudsman reply that my ussue falls under the Sales Code, and the business has not signed up to help in this situation.
    Now there are already 10 monts since the purchase and I can not return the vehicle because can’t proove what are the exact features I have purchased on the car as I never got the requested specification before the delivery.
    Please dear Stuart tell me do I have any chance to seek my rights or everything is gone in the drain.

  59. Hi Stuart

    I found a Mercedes C class on Mercedes Benz approved used website. I called and spoke with the sales person, paid £250 deposit to reserve the car so we could apply for the finance, after providing my details to the salesman, 5/6 hours later I received a call to inform me that finance company has accepted my application. I was told that my car would be at the dealership tomorrow and I would have to go to the Mercedes branch in the morning. Upon my arrival I was informed that the vehicle was not at the dealership, we would have to continue and proceed with the finance application. I paid £3000 deposit, vehicle price was £14388.

    My car was delivered to me later in the afternoon, next day I spotted car has paint peeled off, immediately I informed the dealer, later in the day I also noticed front bumper, bonnet, rear bumper, rear left tail light, front left and right wing were resprayed to poor standard, I have also taken pictures for evidence.

    I took the car back to the dealership only to be told sales manager is on holiday, come back next week Thursday. Later in the week I returned back to the dealer and met with the sales manager, after viewing the vehicle his comments were “Yeah, ill admit, front bumper is not really done that well” this was his initial comment, after pointing out on the panels which has not been over sprayed, I was asked if I would like the vehicle to be repaired to which I said “I would not mind as long as it is done to factory standards” Sales advisor said “mate to have the car done properly we are looking around £3000 – £4000, to which there is no chance” This really put me off, fact is, my vehicle has been mis-sold to me illegally and not as described. Despite the fact asking for my money back dealership had an objection to this. Instead, I was asked to walk around the forecourt to find something I like. I eventually found a nice Mercedes C Class 2015 model, there was a price difference of £1967.

    Please note, at this stage I have always been under the impression that my car would be taken back and all finance would be sorted behind the scenes. I was informed that we would have to do another finance for the new vehicle as we cannot swap cars. I agreed. This time my new car was going to cost incl VAT £16355, After coming back to pick up my new vehicle, I was shown a price breakdown of my previous vehicle, taken into part ex for £12750 and £1638 was paid by Mercedes to settle the finance. the sales advisor projected all cost breakdown and assured me that my £3000 was included on my new vehicle, and thus due to the unnecessary stress I was put through, they were going to reduce my APR interest rate from 11.9 to 6.9 per year.

    After 5 days elapsed, I received a letter from my finance company, after seeing the deposit of £1362, I immediately notified the dealer. the sales advisor blocked my number on Whatsapp and on his phone to prevent me from making any communications with him. I asked for an explanation of £1362 deposit which I was told, “We cannot show you the £3000 deposit because you had a discount on the car, previous finance was settled and you have got low APR”. N.B, I was given two years free of charge full service due to their mistake for selling me a faulty vehicle and not as described.

    After 2 days of phone calls, it transpired that Mercedes has used £1638 out of my £3000 deposit to settle the finance and transferred the remaining balance of £1362 as a deposit for my new car. I spoke with the Mercedes again, I stated to them that, at no point I was told my previous car was going to be taken as part ex, second of all, how would they justify using my deposit to settle the finance? I have been put through this due to the their own fault, by using my deposit to pay towards settlement it is not my fault. My colleague from accounts department liaised with the sales manager from Mercedes stated that due to because car was sold to me and this would increase the number of owners, thus they have used my £1638 out of £3000 to cover the settlement, N.B I was not given logbook nor sales advisor was able to locate the logbook reference number in order transfer logbook into my name and also to tax the vehicle, thus, number of keepers on logbook would not have been affected, this can be verified from DVLA. I believe I was entitled to full deposit refund upon returning my old car back to the dealer for selling goods as not described, and this deposit should have been used towards the new vehicle, instead they have compensated me with lower apr ?

  60. Hi

    My parents purchased a 62 plate car in May 2017 from a independent garage. In August 2017 the car required a whole new gearbox as it was faulty. The gearbox has now gone again in August 2020. They are near to spending out what they paid for the car initially. Is there anything we can do either with the manufacturer or the dealer who sold the vehicle?

    Many thanks

  61. Hi Stuart, On 31 July 2020 I picked up my brand new Peugeot 3008 GT Hybrid 4, purchased on a PCP, from the Peugeot dealership in my Midlands home town area. I have had many cars from this dealership and I have a good relationship with Sales going back a number of years, so I still go to them for my new cars even though I now live mainly on the Isle of Wight where I have my business.

    I have a smaller car from the same dealership that I use on the Island, and the 3008 is mainly for my occasional long distance trips to the Midlands to visit family, with an intention of keeping it as low mileage as possible so it has a good re-sale value. On 27 August, after getting off the ferry I stopped at a service station for refreshments for nearly an hour. When I came to start the engine, it would not start although air con, radio, dash panel all came on as it should do. There was an error message ‘Unplug the Charger Cable’, even though it had not been connected to a charging cable that day, although I’d charged it a few days earlier. I rang Peugeot Assistance who sent an RAC engineer, after first contacting Peugeot about the fault, who told them they have not had this fault before. I continued to try to get the engine started, and during this time had another error message ‘Electric traction system fault: stop vehicle, see onboard documents’, the vehicle was still broken down and stationary at this point. A little while later after being broken down for an hour, I was able to start the vehicle normally. Whilst still at the service station I booked in the car to my Peugeot dealership, on the earliest date they could offer me, Wednesday 2 September, and I also reported that the reversing camera activated and bleeped when I braked on that same journey. I was unwilling to risk taking the car on journeys and especially on the car ferry where I am not confident the fault will not recur at any time. I took a photo of the mileage on 28 August, it had done 643 miles by then. Despite using the car for short journeys before going into Peugeot service, the fault did not recur. Service have had my car since 2 September, giving me a loan car and I have returned to my Isle of Wight home. Service told me they have been liaising with an engineer at Peugeot in France. Today, 8 September, Peugeot Service rang to inform me they cannot find the fault and therefore they wanted my permission to use it periodically to run the miles up with a laptop linked up so that they will be able to deal with the fault should it recur. There is no saying how long this will take, nor how many miles they will be running up, while they are trying to diagnose this fault. I assume various staff will be using it as a run around, and I am not happy about this, nor about the seemingly unlimited miles they will use it for, and for an unspecified length of time. I am of course also still making monthly payments including interest to the finance company, and I will be penalised for excess miles when I come to sell it, plus I expect it look more ‘well used’ than it would have been. Could you advise what our consumer rights are please?

  62. Hi I bought a mitsubishi Outlander phev from a main dealer and didn’t realise until after purchase t
    hat the 5 year warranty was not valid because the cars only 2 services were not done by dealers and there is no paperwork to specify that the services were done in accordance with their standards. Is this grounds for rejection?

  63. bought a car from a small dealer it was deliverd and had many faults they took it away to fix it. It come back and it started to smoke from the engine i rang to ask about a refund he said just take me court i have wrote a letter and given 14 days to refund me what do i do if they ignore this.

  64. Hi Stuart
    Maybe you can help me with some advice. I purchased a second hand 13 plate car from a local dealer on a trade in with hire purchase agreement via close brothers.. Since purchase I have had numerous faults ie brakes etc, which I put right myself (probably in error but nothing to be done now).
    After 4 months the rear view camera and reverse sensors stopped working and the passenger seat belt alarm kept sounding when the seat was vacant, I didn’t raise these faults faults at the time nor did I repair them.
    After 5 and a half months and just over 5000 miles the engine seized, there was no warning lights just banging noise 5 miles from my work place. I drained the oil as I am in the industry and changed the oil filter that is all I have done, the oil came out in lumps, and made no difference.
    I contacted the dealership I purchased it from and informed them of the sensors and engine fault who said there was no warranty and it was not his responsibility to repair, I eventually had this in writing. I then contacted close brothers who have now been dealing with this for seven months, granted with a pandemic in the middle. I have moved to reject a under consumer rights act owning less then 6months. (I am not familiar with law)
    I have had two inspections carried out via ACE by close brothers one on the car and the second to collect the oil filter. Each time I am informed that the inspection was inconclusive and they are waiting on the lab results for the filter, the filter was collected two months ago.
    In the mean time I am left with a 100 mile commute per week and I have had to buy a 600 pound run about to keep me going as this car will not drive and is accumulating moss and destroying tyres sitting in a yard unable to move. I have raised this to the financial ombudsman only three weeks ago, but I am informed the case may take an age.
    Do you have any suggestions as surely there is an injustice to buying a 10,000 pound vehicle that I have driven for less time then close brothers is taking to make a decision
    Your thoughts are much appreciated.

  65. Hi Stuart,
    I bought a BMW X3 in Feb 2019, after approx 3,000 miles it developed a brake judder under braking, the dealer changed the disc’s and pads and after another 3,000 miles the fault reappeared, the same process has now been repeated 4 times, it is currently with the dealer, having last been repaired in march 2020. The dealer considers the defect is the result of washing the vehicle once in april 20 using triplewax. I consider 5 repetitions of the same problem is not exceptable and have looked to reject the vehicle.

    Can I reject the vehicle on safety grounds having followed the same process 5 times and the reason given?

    Many Thanks


  66. We bought a car 6 years ago brand new from a SKODA authorised dealer who forget to take out the transport blocks.
    The past 6 years I have complained to them that the steering is pretty hard and bumpy. I was informed that is Skoda, it is the way it is .

    Only after 6 years because I decided to take it to another garage, they found the transport blocks and now Skoda refuse to help us and has cost me heavily.

    They say we have only 2 years … according to the consumer law. But I trusted Skoda as it was offical. I will never ever buy a skoda again. but I do want to get some kind of compensation. what are my rights

  67. My husband and I purchased a brand new VW Touareg SEL Tech in Feb 2020 on PCP. After driving the car for 2 and a half month. While my husband was pulling out of the car park the car just accelerated forward and stopped. Unfortunately there was a pillar on the passenger side, and the sudden acceleration resulted in a debt and scratch to the side of the car. The car Showed a couple of error messages including ‘gearbox in emergency mode’ and became immobile. The breakdown rep confirmed that he suspected that there was fault to the rear wheel differential but stated that it was strange that there was no damage to the rear wheel. The car has been in with the retailers garage from April to date. It’s been back and forth on what will be done with this car.
    Safety concern has been raised with the factory (which they claim is normal protocol). We want to reject the car as it’s having such a major issue which has not been fixed all this time, we have told the retailer, VW executive office and finance company, they have all said that rejecting the car is not that simple. That the factory has to come back first confirming there is malfunction with the car. As at end of July, we were told that they would not repair the car except they got a confirmation From the factory. They have now done a u turn and said that they will repair the car despite not hearing from the factory and give it back to us after rigorous testing because it’s costing VW a lot of money to keep us mobile in a rental. Till this date we have never missed our own monthly payment To Vw finance. So it’s also costing us money paying for a new car which we have had no use of. They keep trying to make it seem like we were involved in an incident that caused the rear differential to go. When it is clear the car malfunctioned.

    They are also making it seem like we were reckless and that our insurance should have been the one covering the entire cost of fixing the car and changing the faulty part. So hinting that they are practically doing Us a favour repairing the car and potentially handing back a car with an unanswered safety concern on it.

    What can we do
    As the entire situation is just frustrating emotionally draining.. all these issues and drama on a new car. Defeating the entire point of going for a new car

  68. Hi Stuart
    I purchased a used Mercedes SLK from a dealer in March this year. The car engine light came on after about 6 weeks. This all happened during Covid 19 lockdown. The car was due a service so we had that done in May which was the earliest opportunity. The car came back and the light had gone off. It came back on again and we took it back to the garage who serviced it to diagnose the problem. The problem was diagnosed as the tensioner and timing chain at a cost of £2k. I contacted the dealer to explain and he said it would be covered by the warranty and we should speak to the warranty provider. He text me the details. Having contacted the warranty provider they confirmed the potential problem was covered subject to cost cap etc. We took it to one of the approved garages who have had the car for 3 months and have been unable to fix the problem. They contacted Mercedes and they have said the original diagnosis of the tensioner and time chain was only a potential resolution and really could be other problems. It’s now been recommended the car engine is replaced. I complained to the dealer who said they can’t refund on the car until it’s repaired and because the engine light went off initially after the service the car was not faulty. The dealer also said I should have taken it back to them when the engine light occurred. If that was the case why would they tell me it was covered by the warranty? I’m now stuck with a car in a garage which is not driveable with a potential bill for a new engine and a dealer who is disputing the car had a fault when it was purchased. Any suggestions?

  69. Hi there, I recently purchased used Insignia. In fact it was only 7 days ago. ” days after receiving it oil level was low. then the next day coolant level was low. I brought it back to be told it was the expansion bottle was faulty – but the coolant was dirty. Also when I am drving the car it feels like my seats are soaking through me and I am wondering if this is damp. Can you advise best what position I am in to reject it.

  70. Hi Stuart,
    Great article – thank you!

    I bought a new Skoda on 5th August. On 8th August the engine warning light came on, meaning I had to stop driving the car (it went into limp-home mode so I could get to a car park).

    I waited two hours for Skoda assist who turned off the warning light and said there is no fix for my problem – that there is a Dealer Service Bulletin confirming they should switch the light off and not change any parts. It’s a very rare fault, which the engineer said is likely to come back, but affects so few cars that there is no timeline for a fix, which is likely to be a software patch.

    I can’t risk driving a vehicle on a motorway that suddenly goes into limp-home mode, especially as my kids are usually in the car with me. Given that there is no current solution and no timeline for one, I rejected the car, in writing, that afternoon.

    Nine days on, Skoda finance (PCP) has still refused to open a case for me.

    The dealer eventually agreed to give me a courtesy car, as I wasn’t prepared to drive my car in case the failure happened again. I collected it, as agreed, on Saturday, but they wanted me to hand my car back to them without even giving me a receipt.

    This would have left me liable for any parking tickets or speeding fines, as well as insuring it, and would have meant I hadn’t ‘rejected’ it, as I still owned it. It was simply parked at their place.

    So on Saturday, I gave them my car back, as agreed, but insisted they do a formal ‘take-back’ by letting me sign the DVLA documents to say I was no longer the owner.

    This morning (Monday) it has all kicked off, because it turns out the salesman wasn’t authorised to do that… They wanted me to give them the car for a week so they could ‘fix’ it (impossible) and give it back to me ;-)

    Where do I stand and do you have any advice? Thank you!

  71. Hi Stuart, I’d be grateful for your advice please? I placed a deposit on a used car from a trader but raised concerns about the air conditioning a squeaking sound when driving at low speed. They assured me that would look into it and resolve the concerns. When I went to collect the car, the air conditioning still wasn’t;t working despite being reassured that it was resolved. There was also a screw in the tyre which they resolved there and then. However, the air conditioning was not resolved but they agreed to pay for the repair or I could bring it back to them, so I agreed and purchased the car. On the way home, and warning light came on, the car started vibrating and the cruise control was not working. I informed them the next morning. Having lost faith in the car, I tried to exercise my short term right to reject the vehicle. It was booked in for an assessment and I stopped using the car immediately. They told me the concerns were due to the clutch switch being loose and that they have now secured it (without my agreement or permission). They denied my rejection. One the way home from collecting the car, high pitch squeaking could be heard when braking and the air conditioning is still not working. I contacted the trader again to reject the vehicle and raised the issue with the brakes. I took the car to an independent garage for an assessment only. Without my agreement or knowledge, they fixed the hand brake and noted front brakes binding and stated it needed further investigation. The trader said I broke the dealer agreement and have lost my right to reject the vehicle. The trader arranged for the brakes and air conditioning to be repaired. When we got the car home, the front bumper was hanging off on the passenger side! You could see glue and that the clip has been damaged. I’ve now lost completely trust and faith in the car and the trader’s ability to repair the car or do it with care and skill. The only time the Car has been used to take it to be repaired, inspected or test driven. I need a reliable car that I’m not frequently taking to the garage. Can I exercise my final right to reject the car?

  72. Hi
    I’ve just(2 weeks ago) purchased a 3 year old Alfa Giulia. 59k miles. After 40 miles the Engine Management light came on and it is found to be quite a serious fault. It has an additional warranty with the car. Should the dealership fix it in the first instance, before any warranty claim is made? Can I reject the car if they refuse to fix it outside the warranty. Assuming the warranty company refuse the fix? Equally if the fix exceeds the limit of costs, am I to play or should i expect the dealer to pay towards the extra repair costs?


  73. Hello Stuart,

    I purchased a used car in April 2017 on PCP. Two weeks following this purchase I returned to the dealer as I felt it was making an unusual sound but was told the car is fine.
    I have replaced the gearbox, the steering column and now the ECU needs replacing.
    Since purchasing the car I have had multiple expensive problems. These faults all seem to be excessive faults and I have been told by multiple people that this is unusual. Am I within my rights to reject this car? This seems to be a very problematic

  74. Hi Stuart we bought a brand new Vauxhall Viva in March 18 from a main dealer. It developed a fault with the air con/heating system in October last year (completely stops blowing anything into the car after a couple of miles). IthIt been in and out of their service department 9 times now and they have replaced every part they think is the problem and are now saying they have no idea how to fix it. It is under HP with Vauxhall Finance. Where do we stand now as we are getting nowhere with Vauxhall Customer Service or the dealer (other than them trying to sell us a new car to replace it).

  75. Hi all – would like to know where I stand on my case. My mother bought a car from a wheelchair adapted vehicle company in Leicester on June 26 2020. On 4th July 2020, the car was not starting and we had to call the breakdown company to start it up – we were told to buy a new battery from Halfords which we did do on July 6th.

    Long story short, even though the garage sent their own worker to install a new battery the car has broke down five times in total in five weeks – they have now taken it away to get it fixed as they feel its a electricity draining issue. Are we within our rights to reject the car and get a full refund as it is not serving its purpose? The car came with a three month warranty – however we have given them a chance to fix the car already and it didn’t work. What are our rights?

  76. Hi,

    5 days ago I went over to the UK to buy my new car Mercedes-Benz CLA ( I live in Ireland)
    I bought the car from a well known car dealer which is on the market since the 90’s
    I bought all the car checks, I was provide with all Mercedes service history told like in the advert car is just stunning low milage just perfect. Because I felt confident enough after talking to these guys I bought the car through click and collect. I arrived into the UK on the 4th of Aug and we dealt with it very quick. Driving home the car back to Ireland it was fine. It was raining and I realised that the screen wipers are just used and old and making way to much noise so back at home I went to the Mercedes garage and asked to change them. The guys from the garage strait away pointed out to me that the front of the car was painted…after a closer look it turnes out the whole drivers site bumber bonet was repainted…and after even closer look even I am not a professional I can see it that it is not a good job done. Now the fact the car was in an accident obviously was hidden and not mentioned.The cars value droped down and its definitely not worth £16k.
    So what are my rights now? I am aware I will have to bring the car back on my own cost but do I have a chance to get a full refund? Also I have no warranty because the guy said to me that it wont cover my car while exporting the car to Ireland. I still didnt reregister the car to Irish number plates I have my appointment made on the 22nd of August for VRT inspection. What can I do now?
    Any answers will be much appreciated.
    Thank you,

  77. Hi

    I’ve just bought a 2009 Vauxhall insignia which I picked up 14 days ago and have done less than 100 miles in. Wednesday morning the car developed a fault- switched engine on and said oil pressure low – stop engine. I know there are massive issues surrounding this and can kill the engine so stopped driving it. Advised garage as can result in complete failure he spoke to mechanic who advised not to drive and have recovered.

    The garage finally recovered it at 11pm last night- 3 blokes turned up with a truck with a broken winch. They couldn’t winch it so then called dealer and agreed to drive on. They revved it very hard, grounded it out on the slope of my driveway leaving paint scrapes over it before reversing it into back of truck- I have this recorded after having an argument with dealer as car was meant to be collected at 10am. We have said fault needs fixing other wise want to reject and have money back he didn’t want to agree to this saying we have to give him chance to rectify which had already been accepted as above and when we said we would head to court to recover our money he told us he didn’t care as only 2.5k car not like it’s 10k..

    They delivered a courtesy car- which is showing as uninsured I have no log book as car has private plate and prev owner wants to retain so under agreement as soon as transfer done I go back to original plate.

    Do I have grounds to refuse the vehicle- he had oil changed before pick up and now issue with oil pressures etc?

    Many thanks

  78. Hi,
    I bought a new car which the dealer has agreed to replace due to a missing optional component. As the next nearest build time is October, the estimated arrival date for the replacement is sometime in December. They have agreed I can stay in the current car until that time, and they will then simply do a straight swap with the replacement car when it arrives.

    With regards to the additional insurances that I purchased on the initial car, such as GAP and paint protections etc, they intend to change the current contracts to cover the replacement car only for the remainder of the contract length. By the time the replacement arrives, this will only be 3 months of cover remaining from the annual policy. Is this correct, or should they provide me a new policy with a new start date for new replacement car at their expense?

    Many thanks!

  79. Hi Stuart. I bought a brand new generation Juke at the end of January. There has been a knocking/rattle noise from the beginning which has gotten progressively louder. The noise is not mechanical, it is rather like a door or the boot isnt properly closed. With the difficulties brought about by the C19 virus and premises being closed, the first opportunity to raise this with the dealer didnt occur until June, (well after 30 days of ownership). The dealer has had the car in to resolve the matter once, and its due in a second time next week, as the noise is still there. When this was first raised with them the car had done less than 1,000 miles. If the 2nd attempt to solve the matter fails, what are my rights?
    Thank you R

  80. Hello – my partner bought a pre-registered Evoque on the 13th of July 2020. The car had 160 miles on it and had been registered 8 months before that but kept in storage. We picked up the car and drove it home – a journey of about 6 miles and 15 minutes. By the time it go home, the engine warning light had come on. Our local franchised dealer came and collected the car within 60 minutes. It took 2 days to diagnose the fault and another day to get a part. That was fitted and at that point we were told that another part was needed and that would be at least another couple of days. At that point, Thursday 16th July, we rejected the car – which was bought via part exchange of another Land Rover vehicle and a cash payment.

    Since then, we’ve been waiting for the dealer to get approval from Land Rover to refund our money. They have become far less responsive to email and phone calls (shame they’re not as keen to help when they wanted to conclude the deal and have us send the money to their dealership bank account). I actually don’t understand why they need approval from LR to issue the refund – as far as I’m concerned our contract was directly with the dealer. Can anyone help here? Also, any further advice would be appreciated. My partner is now without a vehicle for 8 days through no fault of her own. The vehicle she PX is on their forecourt (not suprisingly at 4.5k more than they gave us for it!) and she’s getting quite anxious that they’re stalling or taking more time than required for a car that developed a serious fault within it’s first hour of ownership and which was rejected within 3 days of purchase.

    Thanks for reading and and any advice offered would be gratefully received.

  81. Hi
    I brought a car 6 weeks ago from a dealership. When I test drove the car there was a noise on the exhaust and they said they had a clip to fix it and would be done when they did a full mot and service before I picked it up. A week later I drove 2 hours on my own (I’m a woman so think they took advantage of the fact I was on my own) to pick up the car. On arriving I gave them my car which I was part exchanging. They explained that service had been done and exhaust was fixed. I was then handed 1 key for the car which I questioned as u normally have 2. They said there has never been 2 keys for this car!! Even tho they demanded my 2 keys for my car they was having. Anyway I went to the car and started it and the exhaust noise was still there. I turned it off and went back to say they hadn’t fixed it! They assured me it was an ‘Audi a5 thing’ and it’s normal. Anyway I wasn’t happy but it was tipping it down and wanted to get home. I drove 2 hours home in the rain and I could smell damp when I was driving. I got home and lifted the matts on the drivers side and to my shock their was 2 big holes by the brake and clutch! One of them by the brake is down to the metal!!! The floor was also very damp. I called them next day and told them and they acted shocked even tho I’m very surprised no one would see that as they fitted new matts since my test drive! I was told to send an email to them with pictures of the damage and they would get back to me! After 3 phone calls they kept either ignoring me or just telling me they was sending it to manager. I then went and lost my key to the car so had to claim off my insurance to get new keys. I have got car back and now contacted them again as they STILL are ignoring me. They now said just get a nice matt over it and it’s done! I’m not happy at all as if I go to sell my car it will majorly affect the price. They also haven’t serviced the car fully and when I asked where the service book was before I left they said it’s all done online now so I will see it on there. I’ve called Aldi and they have NO history of any service at all and said it should of had a book or at least some history! I’m so upset about this and want to know my rights
    Thanks Hayley

  82. Hello, I bought a second hand Mini Cooper s to a dealer on 17th July, just after collect, in the way home one of the “check engine light” appear, I stopped and checked the owner’s book which said I could continue driving slowly and check the engine asap, so I continued and when I arrived home, a lot of fume goes from the boot, the next day I called the dealer and he told me to get the car back, now the car is the garage and I’m awaiting to be fixed, can I reject this car?


  83. Hi my son traded in his corsa 2017 that was on a pcp he traded it in to Arnold Clark and got a Mercedes 2014 in it’s place at something like £13.000 i myself am a mechanic and checking the mot online could see the car failed on emissions he was told it had been repaid ad as it past the mot we would think it was repaid being the car he had been looking for and a bit young and inexperienced he pick’t car up from a fair distance from his house car fine getting used to it taking time with it on the day next day engine management light comes on he brought car to me i put it on a scanner to find emission related codes he called the garage and they arranged for him to take it to a local Arnold Clark 10 min from him they diagnosed it as a sensor but told him he would need to take it the 60 mile back to the garage he got it for them to repair it they had car 4 days he got car back yesterday and light is back on now on my time looking round the car i found that a tier had large chunk out of it and 3 dents on the body work car also has sings that it has been bump as the front scuff marks on headlight bumper looks to have bean painted i now i have a lot more exuberance than my son but don’t think car is worth the money they now won’t him to take it 60 mile again back to them time from his work each trip adding to 120 miles what do you think the best course of action would be here ? thanks Ernie

  84. Hi Guys, I bought a 3 year old car on pcp and all of the sales was done on the phone and finance agreed before we went to collect the car. At the time of collecting I noticed some clear dirt and they had it polished out and said they dont know what it is. I then drove the car away and noticed the car pulling to a side and made then aware within 2 days once I had made sure it was an issue by showing it to mechanics. Turned out one of the alloys is buckled. I also noted the car was advertised to have a meridian sound system on the advert but the car only had a standard sound system. Also the car was due a service 1 month before I bought it but I was told the car was due a service every two years and had a service one year ago. turns out the service is due every year. Within the 14 days of buying the car I informed the PCP finance company about the matter. And they are due to have an inspection soon. I have also noticed the car has had an accident repair on the body work even tho I have a video of the sales person showing me the only body damage was on the rear rim from a kerb and no body issues.

    They initially accepted to take the car back and I said they would have to pick up the car and they refused and said I have to bring the car back even tho the alloy is buckled and the car is pulling to the side. They then changed their mind and said I have to accept 300 pounds cash for the service or I can reject via the finance company. I want to know where I stand and what my rights are around the mis sold advert? They say their website has a disclaimer around the specifications list and I should have noticed it at collection. But how was I supposed to know the car speakers from just looking at it? And how am I to know the service is over due?

  85. Good afternoon. Hoping you can help.

    I purchased a car a few weeks before the uk covid lockdown. There was a fault on the Bluetooth system so I called the next day to address this issue and booked an appointment to have it fixed. Then lockdown happened and we were unable to have the appointment. Post lockdown after about a month of calling and calling they agreed to have the car in again to look at the fault. And agreed that the Bluetooth system was intact broken (was sold with it in the paperwork)
    It was agreed they would send us the part so we could take it to them to have it repaired or to Audi and they would give us the money back. After a month of calling to find out where the part is we are told they can’t get hold of the part. And are refusing to have this done directly with Audi as it costs too much even though they admit it’s broken and needs to be fixed.

    I understand this doesn’t make the car undriveable however we have had no answers to if or when they can get this part. How long is it before I can say I want my money back as they can’t fix it?


  86. Hi , I purchased a car on pcp finance on a 2009 back in January 2020 …. when picking car up it wasn’t ready as it failed mot. So I waited for it . When passed I drove it home to find it was screeching on motorway . Took it to local kwik fit centre and they confirmed that brake pads had fell out at the rear .( they had fitted new ones for mot ) the garage then put £100 in my bank as that is how much they cost … then just recently still only had car under 6 months I was dropping my children off and clutch pedal sunk to floor . AA called out to tell me slave cylinder . Flywheel and clutch have gone . Finance company tell me to take it to a 3rd party garage for inspection which comes back saying for the card mileage of 75,124 with service history it shouldn’t of gone ? The Mitsubishi itself has only covered 2759 miles since I bought the car as for 3 months we have been in lockdown with COVID-19 . The dealer when I spoke to me was very negative saying it’s 3 month warranty has expired and it’s a 11 year old car ? Then told me to get finance company too email him ….. the car has hardly been used .?

  87. Hi Stewart, Great article. I purchased a new Audi A6 in 2018 on PCP. On week 2 of ownership came across a number of build quality issues, mainly a bad dash rattle. This was documented with Audi, and over the last 12 months Audi have tried to rectify. We are now going down a jointly agreed rejection process, with a new identical replacement being built and sat waiting for delivery. Whilst Audi have been great, they are now looking for me to start a new 4 year PCP, whilst I’m looking to remain on the orginal terms with the replacement car. Do you have any thoughts on where i stand. Thanks David

    • Hi David. Your existing PCP will end when the car is returned, so you will need to start a new one. If you are rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act, you are entitled to your money back (initial deposit and any monthly payments) minus any allowance for usage.
      However, it sounds like this is something you have agreed with Audi/the dealer, so it’s therefore a matter of negotiation between what you want and what they want.

  88. Hi Guys want some advice.

    I purchased a car from Vospers – a Jaguar XE. The car was advertised to have a meridian sound system which it turns out it doesnt have and the car has a steering problem which the dealership is saying is a minor problem and if I want them to have a look at it they need me to bring the car back to them which is 250 miles away. ofcourse it is not safe to drive that far with a car pulling to a side. Also Ive come to realise the car was a due a service before I purchased it and they are now willing to have this done by Jaguar. I have been told I only have 14 days to return the car is this correct? Also am I eligible to get a part refund for the lack of specs as per advertised and how can I get them to change the un evenly worn out tires?

  89. Hi, really stupid woman here. My daughter who is only 18 bought a used car from a dealer. It cost her £5000 and was paid by bank transfer (as it was delivered)and all was well. Then I realised I didn’t have the log book or the green slip. Called the dealer who told me to do the blue form v62 and take it to post office as need to tax also. Went to post office and the form was rejected for tax. Reading up it would seem She will have to wait a total of potentially 10 weeks. The v62 should not be sent until vehicle is owned for 4 weeks and then v5 can take up to 6 weeks. Is there any other way I can tax this car for my daughter or do I have a right to give it back to the dealer and get my money back? There was never a mention of no logbook.

  90. My boyfriend bought a car from a dealership that turns out to be pretty dodgy. They told him the car was ready to go (16 June) and then as soon as he paid, they decided to say that it needed a timing chain change and that it would be another 10 days (26 June), that date came and went, they keep pushing delivery further down the road. They won’t reply to anything in writing, insisting on phonecalls. Haven’t provided him with a receipt. He has now said he wants to reject the car and would like a refund as he actually needs to purchase a car (it’s been more than 3 weeks since he paid for a car that was “ready for delivery”).
    Payment was by debit card over the phone, no written agreements but screenshots of the adverts etc.
    They phoned him today to tell him he can’t have a refund for all sorts of salesperson reasons. Initial thoughts are chargeback followed by small claims. Do you have any advice or guidance? Thanks in advance,

  91. Hello Stuart. Paid a GBP200 dep on a Chevy Orlando 2.0 LTZ (Exec) price GBP4375.00. Aircon needed gas the back double seat was stuck upright they would try fix it. 2 weeks later aircon was sorted & could collect on my daughters birthday yesterday. Husband did a quick test drive the same as I did they did not really give and option to drive a decent distance with the car. I was a bit stressed as it was taking ages to finalise the insurance, we have 3 young children in the car. We 1hr 15 min drive from there so they were getting edgy. I paid the balance incl the aircon gas. There were a few issues we realised as we were leaving that were not right like no service history I was ‘told’ full dealer history, and no owners manual, plus a few other things. The guy had gone off but we arranged to leave my Jazz and head to Southend to make a day for my daughter. We didn’t get far it was bumper to bumper shortly after leaving. We pulled in and got McD’s for the kids then again to put in GBP50 fuel as it ws nearly empty (PS I paid upfront for full years insurance almost GBP400). My husband was moaning about his neck being sore and getting extremely frustrated driving. Eventually we could turn around pulled in by a shop so we could switch he said he was struggling with the clutch and didn’t want to drive any more. I got in and had to put my foot flat and push hard to get into 1st gear. As i was pulling in the traffic and waiting at a light I disengaged the gear and tried again and it was really difficult. Traffic was easy going back so not much gear changing for me but a warning light came on on the way back to the garage which beeped periodically, we couldn’t check it as we had no manual. We wanted a refund he said he was not authorised to do it. We took everything out the car again, I demanded to speak to his dad he said he was off he would try get him to call me on a undisclosed number. Two calls later and we got a paper signed they would look into the wear on the clutch, the emissions light and try source service history as we had one service for a 10 year old car. When my husband said we wanted a refund he said on what grounds, we took delivery. He was trying very hard to get us to drive off with the car but we said we didn’t know it would make it home. I told my husband I would check with my bank if they could do anything. I was now already down GBP 50 + GBP200 + an insurance cancellation fee, many hours of travel and stress and not car I was looking forward to getting. I called my bank and they reversed the balance I paid. I want to know is it legal for me to do that, should I cut my losses or try claim at least GBP180 for fuel deposit less aircon gas? Thanks in advance. CB

  92. Hello, I purchased an 11 month old, approved used, Audi q3 vorsprung in Jan 2020 from an Audi dealership, after 7 weeks and the first bit of torrential rain we had, I noticed the front foot wells (in particular drivers side) were saturated with water. The car went back in, and tests they say showed the panoramic sunroof was leaking. Due to partly the complexity of the job and partly COVID (trouble getting parts in and only one technician not furloughed), I didn’t get it back for 10 weeks, they apparently replaced the entire sunroof except the glass.

    I collected it on 20th may during a period of sunny weather and the next bit of rain we had, the rain was once again pouring in to the car on both sides and saturated the car for the second time. It went back in and once again they confirmed that although it was difficult for them to recreate the leak with a hose, they did manage to recreate it and my car was once again “saturated” (their words this time) and that Audi had advised them that the drains needed to be replaced. They replaced them and water tested again and said they were convinced that the leak was fixed. I had told them that I wanted the underlay replaced as I did not want a car smelling of damp carpet. The underlay apparently only comes with the entire carpet, so they agreed to replace this under the warranty repair.

    I collected my car For the 2nd time at 6pm on Friday and drove home. It then rained overnight and at 10am Saturday I went out to investigate and found the underlay wet again! I’m am devastated to say the least as I love my car and was really hoping this was the end of the problem! But on the other hand I feel worried that the water could be causing problems for the future and maybe I should reject the car now while I have the chance, but I would be looking for an exact replacement! I have officially owned the car for 23 weeks but it has been in the garage for 13 weeks. It is purchased via a pcp and I did open up a complaint with the finance company when it went back in for a second time but their turnaround time to respond is currently 8 weeks!

    I assume I am within my rights to reject even though the water leak does not render the car undriveable? The car was first registered in feb 2019 and apparently had no previous mention of water leaks although it does appear that it has to be at a certain angle (nose up on an slightly inclined upwards driveway) to leak!

  93. Hi I purchased a used car on A 4 year pcp deal about 2 years ago I have today received a recall for this vehicle The fault is the engines plastic inlet manifold may melt and deform in a worst case scenario this may cause a localised engine bay fire to develop can I return the vehicle and end my agreement as this fault seems quite a major one

  94. Hi I bought a car from a large citroen dealership in London the day they opened after Covid lock down. I thought the car was new but it was pre-reg. I sorted this with the dealer and he reduced £500. The car is 2020 reg and they said 10 miles on the clock, the invoice states 10miles on the clock, but when i drove the car home (1 mile from the dealership) I noticed 300 miles on the clock. I asked the dealers why the difference and they say they don’t know where I took the car after I left their showroom, this is true but I only drove home. Is there anything I can do about this, all I wanted to know is why. I don’t have any handbooks or documents relating to the car. I have had it for a week. Thank you Gwen

  95. I bought a car from a used car dealer on 8th June. I was unable and not experienced enough to do a full inspection on the car on the day I bought. I drove the car once to get it home and a second time on the 11th June to take it to a qualified mechanic to get it inspected. The mechanic found a list of problems with the car that need rectification and it was his opinion that the car should not have been sold with the faults present. The faults were not described when the vehicle was sold. Both rear tyres needed replacement due to age and condition. Although the car has an MOT until OCT 2020, one of the rear tyres is in such poor condition that it would fail an MOT today. Three near side headlamps were not woking and need replacement. The windscreen wipers are in need of replacement. All four brake pads and discs need replacement and show evidence of corrosion and uneven wear. One of the rear back plate for the break disc is corroded and needs immediate replacement.
    I contacted the dealership immediately and told them that I won’t be using the car and I listed the faults.
    The dealership did not respond for 6 days and only after I sent them an email telling them that I reject the car.
    There response was to request that the car be booked into their dealership so they can look into the problem.
    They have not been able to offer me a booking slot any earlier than 8th July, this was stated to me on the 24th June

    Am I in a position to force this issue and insist hey accept my rejection or must I give them the opportunity to insect the car first?

  96. Hi,
    My son contacted a local Ford dealer and asked them to source him a specific car. He told the dealership that the car must have the 3 packs he stipulated or he would go elsewhere. The salesman sourced a car and my son bought the it. Five days later and after a lot of talking to the dealership, one of the packs is missing but the dealer does not want to know? Where does he stand?

  97. Hi we bought a Fiat Tipo 17 plate in December 2019 and it was surging and erratic driving, a fuel filter was put on it and then fiat themselves diagnosed it needed a new fuel filter housing and throttle body. This didn’t stop the surging. We complained to the finance company and they sent an independent assessor who said there was a fault. We had it back to Fiat twice more but no solutions. We formally rejected the car in April 2020, but the finance company asked us to take it to another Fiat dealership. They did a diagnostic and said an airflow intake pipe was lose and were going to charge us so we took it back to the original Fiat dealership and they tightened the pipe up. But there was no change. Now the finance company are asking for a report about the airflow intake pipe but because we won’t pay Fiat in Leeds won’t provide a report. But we have formally rejected the car and heard nothing from the finance company. Do we stand a chance to reject the car and what do we do next.

  98. Hello, I bought a car on 14.06.2020. It went into be repaired in February this was EGR valve. I then have drived it minimally due to lock down and the red light came up saying the fuel filter was full. No warning light. It was already going to an independent garage for a second key as they didn’t say it didnt have one and to sort the fuel filter out. This was on 17.06.2020. We then spoke to the garage who said other lights had come on. After this we rang the dealer and they took it to a garage they use. It was a leaking EGR causing all the issues, they are refusing repair saying it’s a different fault. I’m wondering what my rights are with being a few days out when it went to the garage as I know you have more rights in the first 6 months. Has there been any exceptions with lockdown? I feel it’s unfair to have to foot the bill when having the car a short amount of time and having a similar problem in feb. Any help would be appreciated

  99. Dear Stuart, I hope you’re well.

    Last week I bought a hybrid Mercedes A250e. I found out once it was delivered that it didn’t come with a DC charger (on the website it’s not too clear whether there would be one installed or not).
    Upon delivery, the last driving it admitted she got caught into a storm and that a small stone hit the windscreen, and cracked it. She was very honest, and Mercedes was on top of it. Today a guy sent by MCE (the finance company) changed the windscreen, but it looks like he did something wrong with the electronics – now the theft alarm is always triggered, and even though there’s no sound, I can’t seem to turn it off from the App or anywhere else.
    Also, while waiting for the new windscreen, I drove the car, as you do with a new car. I noticed that from the driver and the rear left passenger windows/doors there was a bit of wind noise, which will be covered under warranty and Mercedes will have a look at. Do you reckon that all these tiny things can suffice for me to ask for a replacement car?
    Thank you very much

  100. Hi. I bought a less than a year old 2018 plate car in the UK, in Feb 2019, and in September 2019 it had to be recovered to the local dealer with an ignition fault that caused the car to stop in the middle of a road, the start/stop had stopped the engine and I got a failure message on the infotainment screen when I tried to pull away The car was recovered to the local dealer by the manufacturers warranty breakdown service who ‘fixed’ the fault by changing the starter motor. Several months later I had the same failure message, but this time as I tried to start the car from cold, and again the car was recovered to my local dealer who this time changed the ECU saying they had definitely fixed the fault and it would not happen again. 2 days ago the same thing happened, could not start the car in a car park and the car had to be recovered to the dealer. I am waiting to see what they say this time.
    My question is, do I have any rights to reject the car, or is it now too old? The car was sourced via the manufacturers website as an approved used car from a dealership many miles away. The manufacturer took the car to my local dealership, where the work has been carried out. I have had the car fail me in an undriveable situation 3 times now in the last 9 months, and I only have 8 months left on the manufacturers warranty. I hate to think how much these ‘repairs’ are going to cost once the warranty has run out, and how much more inconvenience I am going to put at dependent on where the car fails. I was lucky the first time that the car did not cause an accident, but if the start/stop fails in a really dangerous place, then someone could be seriously hurt.
    Your Thoughts Please. Should I accept the car back from the latest ‘repair’?
    Kind Regards

  101. Bit of a strange one. Just bought on PCP a new BMW over the phone/email. Due to COVID, I couldn’t go to the dealer etc which made everything much more complicated to begin with.

    I thought the car had a specific option on it that it turns out it does not, and they can’t retrofit the option either, it is an option I am not really willing to go without – especially on a car of this cost.

    What are my legal right in this situation? Can I just hand the car back? I also did a part exchange of my old car…. which adds to the fun…

    Any help at all would be fantastic,


    • Hi Kev. If you bought the car at a distance, you should be able to claim a full refund within 14 days. The dealer won’t like it, and they may try to prevent you from doing so, but you would be in a strong legal position – regardless of whether the misunderstanding over the car’s specification was your own fault.

      With regard to your refund, it may not be possible to get the car back again as it could have already been sold. In that case, you would be entitled to a refund of the part-exchange value as set out in your contract.

    • Hi Helen. Yes we are, although only if they are questions that haven’t already been asked before – after several years, most of the questions we get have already been asked by someone else so it pays to read through the comments to see if someone else has already asked the same question previously.

  102. Hi, I wonder if you can help. I bought a second hand car 3 months ago from a dealer, I have hardly driven it as we have been isolating at home. I have tried to drive recently and noticed the steering was very heavy. I have taken this to a garage and they have advised the steering column needs to be replaced due to an electrical fault. This would cost nearly as much as I bought the car for. I called the dealer to discuss the consumer rights act and he shut me straight down and would not discuss at all. Is this a situation where I can invoke the consumer rights act as the fault could have been there for some time, and it has only just affected the steering, but I do not know how to prove this?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Beth. Yes, you can reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act – however, as you have had it for more than 30 days, the dealer would be entitled to deduct for age and mileage from the refund amount.

  103. Hi
    I part exchanged and bought a Mazda MX3. When I noticed today 3 days after purchase the rear sill is rusted. This wasn’t pointed out to me and I hadn’t noticed it. Can I ask them to repair it/ take the car back?

  104. I am a woman aged 61 yrs Ibought a used chev utility after seeing I saw it at the garage on 30 May 2020 I completed the forms and I was informed that once mr application is successful., I will be notified telephonically On 01 June 2020 I was call to be informed that my application was successful and to submit outstanding documents Same were submitted on the2nd and on the same day ,I was called to come and collect the car I arrived at the dealer at 1700 and was told that the driver from the dealer is going to drive the car to my place everything was done in a rush as they were closed but trying to assist I then requested the car history especially who drove the car before any accident but the lady said unfortunately they do not have She even used my phone to approve some of the messages from west bank At home I thought about what transpired and why the rush .The following day still not having the history I called the dealer and I was taken from pillar to post. I requested to speak with the manager with no success I wrote them an email and the lady always referred me to a sales person and told me that it was for the 1st time some is returning the car and if the car is not faulty this is unacceptable. To date I have not driven the car as I suspect something fishy and they took an advantage Please advise as iam not more happy with the dealer

  105. Hi Stuart – I purchased a brand new Renault captur in September 2019 and since I have had it it has a intermittent problem with brake vacuum sensor which causes the brake pedal to momentarily stick preventing me from braking for a few seconds before it sudden releases and then it’s fine again. I first reported this to the dealership in January but they were unable to replicate or find the fault in the garage and they gave it back to me but it has carried on happening and it’s now back in for a 3rd attempt. If they cannot rectify it can I ask them to swop me to another car or give me a refund ? I know there is a problem and I have lost confidence in this car . Thanks

    • Hi Sue. You’re now past your six-month ownership period, which makes rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act much harder (although not impossible). It’s probably easier to try and complain to Renault UK if the dealer can’t fix the problem. You can try also taking the car to another Renault dealer to see if a different technician can solve the problem.

      If you’re using your car warranty, you have no entitlement to a refund or a replacement vehicle, which you would under the Consumer Rights Act. However, your chances of actually resolving the problem on your current car are probably a lot higher than trying to reject the vehicle after nine months.

  106. I rejected a vehicle from a dealer last September, the unwind has now gone through and the account closed how ever I have never received my part exchanged car back or the money for it. The dealer says they owe me nothing even though they have sold my car on, the broker doesn’t answer any calls and the finance company say it’s the dealer that owes me the money, it’s £625 and I know it’s probably not enough for a court case or anything but I want that money back it’s a lot of money to me and they have basically stolen my car in my eyes. Where do I stand legally please?

    • Hi Emma. You should get the price of your rejected car back again, either in full or with any acceptable deductions made depending on whether you rejected it before or after the first 30 days. If the finance was secured against the car (a PCP or HP agreement), the finance company should be refunding you for your deposit value and any monthly payments you made.

  107. Hi Stuart
    I bought a BMW X3 from a dealership and on BMW finance in September 2019. The car idrive started showing problems on the drive home! I notified the dealership and took photos. The car has been back repeatedly for resets/ servicing / trying to fix the fault. In summary the idrive has many problems / screen goes blank whilst driving or parking which is very distracting and distressing. Also phone drops out and car says its not connected / takes about 20 minutes to let you reconnect it. I have told BMW finance that we want to reject the car. Are these computer problems enough reason to reject the car? I would be happy to keep the car if it was fixed but they have failed to fix it on multiple occasions. Thank you

  108. Hi Stuart, I hope you are well. I bought a brand new Mazda CX5 on 14th February 2020 with PCP finance. I have now covered just over 2000 miles. In the first few days I noticed scratches on the paintwork which I didn’t notice on delivery. As time has gone on there are more and more scratches and also now numerous stone chips on the paintwork, on the wings, roof, bonnet, etc etc. It would appear the paint marks very easily.
    The colour is called Soul Red Crystal and when I do a search on the internet it is apparent that there are thousands of other Mazda owners who are having the same problem with this particular colour.
    I have emailed Mazda UK who have advised me to take the car to a local Mazda dealer for them to do a paint report and take pictures of the damage for a potential warranty claim.
    I have now booked the car into the local Mazda body shop next week for the report to be done however I am now more concerned as the body shop manager was fully aware of the problem and told me he has seen multiple issues with this colour. Although Mazda have usually made good the damage under warranty the paint will still be liable to further damage because there is a problem with this actual paint finish.
    I have two questions, the first is am I able to reject the car because of this paint issue and the second, if I cannot reject the car how many times and for how long would Mazda keep repairing the damage to the paintwork?
    Any paint damage to the vehicle would make its valuation far less at the end of my PCP contract.

  109. Hello. My daughter bought a Citroen from a dealer On 16/09/19. Paid for by credit card. Had a three month warranty. Prior to her purchasing it there was an advisory on the MOT so the garage agreed to replace the steering rack – the part used had a three year guarantee. The power steering failed and on 16/03/20 the dealer was contacted – they advised that they no longer operated a workshop (they had replaced the rack themselves) and asked that it be taken elsewhere for a diagnostic. This being done on Friday 20/03/20 it was agreed that the new rack had failed. On the Monday after this lockdown started. The dealer who sold her the car is réticent to discuss things with her her – they say the problem is with the supplier of the part. The supplier of the part don’t want to talk to her – they say their contract is with the dealer. The supplier of the part have agreed to meet all costs replacing the faulty part but this can only be done via an exchange which takes 2 weeks and means that any garage carrying out the work would have to be prepared to have the car in their site for over two weeks. We have been unable to find anyone to agree to this – they cite that the picture is complex and are concerned they will not be paid. This situation has resulted in my daughter, a key worker, having to move to an alternative address so that she is able to physically get to and fro school as no courtesy car was forthcoming. What are her rights?

    • Hi Pat. Your port of call for any issues remains the dealership that sold you the car. If they have an issue with the supplier, it’s up to them to chase it rather than fobbing you off to deal with the part supplier yourself.

  110. Hey Stuart,

    A bit of along shot here if this chat is still active.

    I bought a 2011 BMW 318i from Arnold Clark coming up for three years ago. The car has been diagnosed by BMW with a faulty timing chain and this is the best case scenario. I have done less than 11000 miles in the car and had it serviced as per manufacturers instructions.

    I bought the car on five year hp agreement, which I foolishly paid off early.

    As the timing chain is considered a lifetime part and the car has only covered 56000 miles do I have any leg to stand on in regards to finding the repair?

    Any comments from either yourself or anyone else on the page would be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Michael. The car is well out of warranty and is now nine years old, so your chances of getting either Arnold Clark or BMW to pay for the repair are slim – unless BMW acknowledges that their is a known fault with the chain and is funding repairs for that particular engine model.

  111. I need help. I bought a car from a dealer 3 weeks ago. Drove it home and after doing a bit more than 200 miles on it, warning lights came up on the dashboard – braking system fault and abs system fault. We agreed with dealer to get it fixed with my local mechanic who changed the brake discs and pads. Gave it back to me, drove fine for a day. Dealer paid me half the cost of repair as brakes are not under warranty as it is a wearable item.
    The wanting lights reappeared however, I went to the same mechanic to get it checked and he said the abs pump will need replacing and that it will cost more than a £1000. I contacted the dealer and she claims that as she has already paid me for my mechanic’s wrong diagnosis she refuses to pay or take the car back to get it fixed with her own mechanic. What to do here and who is right? Could I reject the car at this point?

  112. Hi Stuart, I have just purchased a nissan leaf from a main dealer 220 miles away. I Paid in full by bank transfer, the sales rep sent a video of the car stating a range of 140 to 150 miles, on going down to collect the car I noticed the range was 78 miles on a full charge, I questioned this and was told the range would rise once I drove it, sadly it didn’t 3 charges on the way home and 76 to 78 miles each time, the car is faultless in all areas apart from range, I bought the car for a daily commute of 80 miles, obviously I cannot risk using it, for fear of running out of charge, does my purchase count as distance buying? Thanks Colin

  113. Hi Stuart
    We bought an Audi from 2013 in April 2019 from a car dealer. In December 2019, the car started to have gearbox problems. After a car investigation I found out that the gearbox broke down because the oil pump lost pressure. We contacted the carshop but were told that they were not responsible for the damage because this damage is something they could not predict and there was nothing they could do. I don’t know how to proceed and if we can legally claim compensation because the car’s failure was a very expensive one (£4,000) and the repairs took place for two months.

  114. Hi collected my car March 2nd and found out last week it didn’t have adaptive cruise control and can’t be fitted. I have written confirmation it should be fitted prior to me putting my deposit down the manager of the dealer is now saying in the terms and condition it says specs can change ? Surely I have grounds to reject the car due to it not being fitted and them not telling me it’s not fitted. For the last week I’ve had 3 salesmen tell me I’m working it wrong only for all other dealers to say it’s not an option on the fiesta st and can’t be fitted ?

  115. Hi Stuart
    I have bought a used 2015 jaguar XE with 75k it is in great condition I took it for a test drive and was happy with the car it had a full service history MOT and no advisories so I put a deposit on the car. When I got home I checked out the MOT history’s it was tested on 27th Dec 2019 at the dealer MOT centre 75,601 miles. Prior to that it was tested on 19th Oct 75,577 miles with advisory’s

    Nearside Rear Seat belt webbing slightly damaged or frayed
    Offside Rear Seat belt webbing slightly damaged or frayed
    Under tray not fully secure and damaged
    Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened all 4

    I contacted the dealer to ask if this work had been done and if not why it wasn’t on the MOT. They said the disks where cleaned up and the seat belts where down to the testing personal judgment. He offered to replace the disks and brakes pads for £215 which I agreed because I liked the car and the next nearest Jag was 100miles away and I thought this dealer in my local area was trustworthy.
    On the first day I picked the car up after a few hour of driving it I noticed the clutch was slipping the air conditioning wasn’t working and the stop & start wasn’t working I informed the dealer 2 days later they said bring it in for one of their mechanics to drive and check the clutch out. He said it was fine I was in the car with and was pointing out when it was slipping and the smell of the burning clutch he said he couldn’t smell it but got another mechanic to have a smell and he confirmed it did smell of burning clutch. The dealer came to see me and said the clutch wasn’t slipping under normal driving conditions or smelling but was slightly when car was driven hard. I mentioned the consumer credit act 2015 and they said the car was 5 year old and had done 75k and this was normal wear and tear.

    Am I within my rights to get the dealer to repair at his cost or reject the car?
    Hope to hear from you

  116. Hi

    I purchased a Discovery Sport 2l deiseal from Car dealer which looked perfectly fine from the outside and when test driving it.

    The day I purchased it that evening the engine management light turned on and also noticed foggy smoke coming out. I got in touch with the car dealer the next day who said we’ll sort and bring the car in on Monday. He got the mechanic there to diagnose it and said its the egr value and need to order that part. After leaving the car there for few days the I thought the issue was fixed but then to see the EML to reappear. After going there back and forth over 2 weeks with louds of excuses. I demanded he gives me a refund but he kept saying I’ll sort it. After giving another chance he referred me to a garage. They sorted the issue with the EML but the foggy smoke was still there which was intermittent. I even showed a recorded video of the smoke but they said we can’t see any issue with it.

    I’m not a car mechanic and just assumed its winter and more smoke is coming out due to that as it only happens when I’m at the traffic lights or stationary.
    Few months went by I took my car to London for the first time. When I got to London the EML came on. I thought something is not right here and also car was drinking a lot fuel with very less miles done.

    I decided to carry out a diagnostic check through Land Rover to get a clear answer of what is wrong with the vehicle. There were a number of issue the main being no dpf. This with the other issue costing me £3500- £4000+.

    This shocked me and went back to the dealer and told him about the main concern. I showed the report but wasn’t interested in reading and just said I’ll sort it and also said car would run better with no dpf. He got a mechanic to ring me the few days later after chasing he about it to explain we’ll get the issue sorted. When I mentioned about dpf he just said car will run better without it and no need to worry.

    After speaking to other mechanic and doing my own research I find out that its illegal to drive a vehicle with no dpf filter and unroadworthy and also will not pass MOT moving forward.

    I’m just over 4months in since buying the vehicle and don’t know what to do here. I know the dealer is not prepared the fit dpf filter to make it roadworthy.

  117. I am extremely dissatisfied with my Kia Sportage and with the way the faults have been handled and the customer service I have received.

    I purchased this car from new on the 1st September 2018 on PCP finance. I am now trying to get my 4th fault repaired and this time it’s being going on since December 30th 2019. (9 weeks Monday Just gone )

    The first fault was loss of power whilst driving and the RAC had to be called to follow me home, the fault did clear its self on this occasion.

    The second fault is the heated steering wheel, it only heats up in patches and not to a very warm temperature. I took it back to the dealer who told me it wasn’t allowed to heat to the same temperature as my previous car as the new CO2 emission rules forbade this. I was told by the service department to buy a pair of gloves to keep my hands warm and also that he had a van so didn’t have the luxury of a heated steering wheel! This fault has not been rectified. The loan car X Ceed has a very hot steering wheel so I now know this to be a lie on behalf of the service department.

    The third fault, just before Christmas, was the ESC light, I called for advice and was told that as the light had gone out there was no need to worry about it. I insisted that the service department tell me what was wrong with the car, he reluctantly agreed to check with the technicians and call me back. This he did and they had no idea what was wrong so suggested I bring the car in for testing. I did and it was found to still have the fault and it was thought to be quite a dangerous one so the car was booked in for 2 days time. To date this problem has not been rectified – a switch was required to complete the repair, in the meantime the passenger seat belt warning sign would beep to indicate that it wasn’t plugged in despite the seat being empty.

    The fourth and most major fault was the gearbox. Whilst driving I noticed that the engine was revving really highly between gear changes. I pulled over and called the garage and explained the situation, I also explained that gears 2, 4 and 6 weren’t being used. I was told to drive it carefully to the garage the following day and to make sure I had RAC cover. I continued to my destination and parked the car only to find on my return that reverse gear wasn’t working either. I was stuck in the middle of a forest on my own without a phone signal. With help form the local cafe I managed to contact the RAC but had to leave the car there overnight and take a taxi home and then back again at 8am the following morning. Between myself and the RAC we were able to move the car back so I was able to drive it to the garage where it has been ever since.

    There has been problem after problem with this latest repair and to date I’m waiting on a further warranty claim to be approved. There were no updates on progress unless I called for them although this now seems to be rectified.

    I was advised to ask for a new car by several different people so I did. On asking the dealer on the Friday I was told it was customer care who dealt with this, I called customer care who told me it was the dealer, they called the dealer and the Sales Manager called me trying to sell me a new one. I was then called by the Service manager who told me what the progress was and on the Monday the General Manager called me with an update. I told him it wasn’t an update I wanted but a new car. He said he’d call me back on Tuesday afternoon, which he did but only to sell me a new car. 3 years more finance with an increase in monthly payments of £80. This is not replacing my faulty car but selling me a new one and not the customer service I was expecting or wanted. I spent over £30,000 on this car and I don’t feel safe driving it anymore, I need to know, as a woman on my own, that nothing else is going to go wrong. I know this can’t be guaranteed with a new car but my 2016 Kia Sportage didn’t have any faults in the 2 1/2 years I owned it.

    I feel I have been sold a faulty car, these things do happen, but in my case I’ve been fobbed off with excuse after excuse. If I was a man I feel this kind of service wouldn’t have been a) given and b) tolerated.

    Please feel free to call me to discuss any part of this email but I’m ultimately looking for a replacement car and not to be sold a new one. I have now escalated my complaint to the motor ombudsman who have agreed to look into it for me.

  118. I bought on the 10th of December 2019 a Fiat Punto 1.6 Diesel Multijet..the car looked great and felt fine driving it ..it had 94000 miles..but, unfortunately no service history available..I decided to buy it and trust the guy with the garage. The only thing I wanted him to sort of assure me of was the timing belt. So, he took the car for an MOT, came back with pretty much a clean sheet and told me that the timing belt was fine. Within the festive period I noticed a few things I wanted to tell him about the car but, he was away on holiday so I had to wait till he was back..then the next time I tried to go and see him he was away on a very private issue. Eventually I got to see him on the 17th of February..I told him what the problems were, he seen them himself and agreed..verbally..to get them done..My biggest problem was that the small black and white screen within the display, the screen which tells you the mileage, fuel range etc, wasn’t working all this time..So, I drove away after he assured me that he’ll take care of it, and then 4-5 days after, as I was driving the small screen came back to life and I saw the small spanner symbol on the bottom right..Obviously that could have been there all this time which under normal circumstances it would have driven me to the garage to have it checked. All these are happening as I’m driving on the motorway when the car decides to break down out of nowhere..I was lucky enough to steer the car at the hard shoulder with the remaining power safely. Result : Snapped timing belt. And the garage who sold it doesn’t exist under the same name anymore and rejects any liability..

  119. Hi Stuart,

    In March 2019, I purchased a 6 month old VW T-Roc through PCP from a VW main dealer. I put a considerable deposit down and pay monthly for the car. 9 months into the lease, a constant rattle noise from the dashboard/on-board computer developed, so I took it in to the garage. Previous to this, the car had already been in to the garage for 2 new electric wing mirrors (as these had stopped working), a new arm rest (as this was broken), a new glove box (it started to not shut properly) and it had also had some loose padding on the near side dashboard, which had to be fixed too.

    The garage had my car for a week and they claimed they had fixed it. I didn’t even drive it off the forecourt without turning around, as the rattle was still there, if not worse when I collected it. I left the car with them and have not received it back since. The garage has now had my car for a total of 30 days this year (they still have it now) and have had 6 attempts at fixing the issue. During this time, I have been told on 3 occasions that the rattle has been located in 3 different places and fixed, only for the garage to take my car out on a road test and the rattle is still there.

    It has got to the point now where the garage has admitted they don’t know where the rattle is and they don’t know how to fix it. They have said that they are now looking into replacing the car, to which I have said it needs to be like-for-like (I don’t want a lower spec, or older model). I have found a car of the exact same model, spec and colour on their approved website, but the car is a year younger than mine (69 plate whereas mine is a 68 plate). This is the only car of the same spec currently available with them (I have an r-line and all of the ones in stock are SEL or lower). My tax runs out on my current car on Feb 29, so this is how long I have given them, to sort the replacement (2 weeks). I will not be renewing my road tax on my current car, as I know it cannot be fixed and the tax cannot be transferred across to the new car.

    We are currently working towards replacing my car with the newer car, however I can’t afford to pay any extra a month, or pay a difference between my car and the newer car. What are my rights here? As they have admitted they can’t fix the car and it was their suggestion to replace it, what am I left with? Do I have to pay the difference between the two cars, even though it’s not the car i originally purchased, or can I walk away and get all/some of my deposit back?

    Any help would be much appreciated :)

  120. Hi, I bought a Vauxhall Insignia from a small dealership last June with finance. After 4 months the turbo failed and blew a hole in the engine casing. The RAC recovered it to an RAC approved garage as per the warranty. The dealership authorised a diagnosis and offered to pay anything over and above the £500 warranty offer. The turbo was sent away and diagnosed as being starved of oil. The car had a full MOT and had been serviced when I bought it. The garage gave an estimate of £4000 for another engine.

    The dealership then backtracked and asked me to contact the finance company. the car was then towed to the dealership (three weeks later) and a company called Scotia was sent to inspect it. They did not jack the car up, or look properly at the engine and claimed they could not see the hole. They also said there was no oil around the car (it had been moved three times). they rejected the garages diagnoses and said that it was fit for purpose when bought, because it had passed the MOT. The inspection was not carried out with due diligence and they have stated that they did not have proper access to the engine. I replied with the evidence from the garage and their professional opinion that it was not for for purpose. Despite, my protests, the finance closed the complaint and said I have to pay for the repairs; they will not accept the independent garage’s report. I then formally rejected the car to the dealership and also the finance company. The dealership will not speak to me and ignores me and the finance company just keep making demand for payment. The inspection company has a terrible reputation on social media, especially ‘Trust Pilot’. The car is still at the dealership and I have been without the car and have to hire one (for the last three and half months. Do I have a case to reject it as the dealer won’t repair it and the finance company is siding with the dealer.

  121. HI, I bought a Used Nissan X Trail from Evans Halshaw (Ford) Preston in April 2019. It is 2016 “66” reg and had 15000 miles on it. Evans Halshaw gave a 3 months warranty and the Nissan Warranty ended in November 2019. Last week 4th Feb 2020, the turbo blew and I was recovered to a garage. I also have a personal warranty with Motoreasy. That garage say the work is too much for them and Motoreasy are in the process of finding a garage able to inspect and do any remedial work. The car has now done 21000 miles. If Motoreasy cover the full cost of repairs, all well and good.
    My question is if my Motoreasy warranty doesn’t cover any or part of the repairs, who, if anyone, do I have a claim against? Nissan say not them as I bought the car from another dealer. Evans Halshaw say not them as it’s out of it’s 3 month warranty. I also paid part of the cost of the car (over £100) on a credit card to get section 75 cover.
    At just over 3 years old and 21000 miles, a blown turbo does not seem right.

  122. Hello I bought a second hand used car bmw 318 2008 automatic petrol 91k milage from a dealer on sat 11th Jan 2020 with 3 months warranty. I picked up the car on sat 18 Jan 2020 as the dealer said he will be replacing two tyres and do a safety check on the car. He told me it will be ready by Tuesday 14th Jan. It wasn’t I chased him and he then said be ready in few days as no wheel locking nut so ordered one then miracously when I went to collect the car on sat 18 Jan once ready he said we had a locking nut all along. As I started the car the dealer left the compound and I noticed tons of white smoke from exhaust which was not there on test drive. So spoke to dealer he said just oil being burnt off from old repair and as it’s been sitting needs to clear once you drive it home (73miles) away should be fine but get in touch if not. On Monday 20th Jan was my second time driving car since in my possession and still lots of smoke. On Tuesday as I was driving the engine light came on and then oil light came on with pumes of smoke loud engine so I pulled over and called aa as he said I am covered I was not so next day I told dealer and sent pictures and videos. The oil check on the bmw computer then said car was ok after the next day. He said he will get it checked and fixed and that oil must still be leaking. I told him I don’t want to drive it 73miles on motorway he assured me it’s safe to drive back. Dropped it off on 24th January. After chasing dealer for a couple days he said car is fine no engine light no smoke drives perfect his garage found no issues miracously it was fine when it went to his garage. He said he has done an oil change and also had a head gasket check done all fine come collect it. I collected it on sat 1st Feb no smoke on way home. 2nd Feb my mum got in it to go 5m down my road and engine light back on. Told dealer he said it’s fine don’t worry it will go off. Then 3rd Feb I took it to work 22 mile commute parked up was smoke from exhaust again but no light. After work got in started it and it sounded awful engine loud clanking whining and vibrating then the engine light came back on. I called aa out they did a diagnostic on it and it came up with 10 faults and now it had tons of smoke coming from exhaust really rough engine start up and sound. Aa said you cannot drive the car it needs a repair but nearest garages where closed so aa said drive it back to your house they followed me the whole way slowly and then speak to dealer to have it towed to garage. I sent the report to dealer explained everything sent my videos etc and they said next day ok take it to local garage you choose for another test as don’t believe AA (despite them having an aa basic inspection done on the car prior to them buying it). My local garage did diagnostic and checks yesterday and found exactly same issues aa picked up on with one being the timing chain which is a significant part in the engine and cost. Parts alone have been quoted at 850 plus vat labour ontop. I told dealer they spoke to the garage themselves and said disagree with this but I will review report tomorrow and arrange car to be taken to another garage he chooses. I already on Tuesday 4th Feb after having aa come out told dealer I want to return the car and he refused to accept it back. Now I really want to return the car reject it for a refund as I cannot drive the car or use it and within very short time if having it in my possession it’s gone completely wrong.

    Can I regect the car? I also don’t understand if I should have the car towed to dealer or he has to collect it if he is refusing to accept a return what do I do?

  123. Hi There.

    I hope you can help!

    I bought a second hand Hyundai i20 (2014) 30,000 miles on the clock from an independent dealer on 5/1/20. On first inspection, I noticed that there were mould patches underneath the mat in the boot that looked like they had been there for some time. I queried this with the Dealer who said that ‘excess water had got in there when the car had been valeted’ I said I wasn’t happy and he said that if I did want to purchase, he would get any issues checked over and fixed by the garage. I also reported an annoying buzzing sound coming from the rear passenger seat area which he also said he would be repaired. I went ahead and put down a deposit. Before the 5th Jan he said that ‘no water leak could be found’ and the noise was probably just some dirt on the brakes (oh the lies!) I paid for the car by debit card and got it home. On my way home the buzzing noise was still audible, within the first few minutes of travel, so I called him on 8/1/20 to let him know. He denied being able to hear it but said ‘bring it in and we’ll have a listen- knowing that I was moving to Cornwall that week and I probably never would.

    The damp I complained about continued to get worse and has now spread into the cabin of the car on the passenger side floor and the car smells damp. There is clear water ingress in the boot area now and I have my demisters on constantly. I told the dealer I wanted a refund but he offered that I could take it to a local garage in Cornwall and he would foot the bill. My garage advised that finding the leak could be a long a costly process to identify and fix and advised me that the dealer could turn around and say that he won’t pay, as it might be a hefty sum. (It is still under warranty though) The car has since developed a vibration sound in the steering wheel area at low speeds (I noticed this within a week of purchase) and I’m starting to think I’ve inherited some major issues, which is really stressful after a big house/job move.

    The dealer is of course refusing to give me a refund, claiming that a leak is a minor problem to fix (after originally claiming in writing that there wasn’t a leak) I feel stuck now as to which way to go- Do I continue with my right to reject within 30 days or do I go to my local Garage and ask to them to identify the issues and repair (and potentially lose my right for a refund). Help!!!

  124. Hi Stuart, this article is really helpful, as is your site. I wonder if you could help with our situation. We signed up for a new BMW 3-series on a personal lease plan back in October. and took delivery on 30th November. We test drove the salesman’s car, which was the same, except for adaptive suspension, and it drove beautifully. We were keen to keep the cost under the new tax threshold, so were told by the salesman not to worry about the adaptive, as it’s comfort mode would be exactly the same as the passive comfort mode, and in fact ours would be softer, as it’s on 18″ wheels, his was 19″. We signed and took the car with it’s normal passive suspension. When we took delivery I was shocked. We get jiggled around on the slightest uneven surface and the really bad roads are horrible to drive on. I told the salesman and he came to our house to do a back to back with his and mine. His was definitely better, and he admitted this, but said it was marginal. He suggested we bed it in for six months and see how it goes. We have had it two months now and there is no difference. It’s an uncomfortable ride. It’s certainly a lot less comfortable that his was. I have all this in writing as well, as I emailed the dealership, to confirm our suspension choice would be softer, or as soft, as the one we test drove. Unfortunately, it is no where near and I’m reluctant to wait six months to prove it.

    Any advice would be greatfully received. Thanks –


  125. Hi I buy brand new car date is 12 -07-2019 my car I drive 3 mount and after 3 mount I have problem line assistance break assistance course control was got problem and no work and I take to dealer and they done all and give me back and after 3 mount again same problem come and I give to them they check it and can’t repair they told me need update and update not available and I tell them I want reject with same car and carry on with old contracts they not want to do that dealer and after I talk finance company and finance company tell me after dealer not want get back your cars because you have problem on your car and finance company said me you can give finance company your car but they charge me 45 p per miles and I don’t like to do this I want to know how I can give my car back to dealer and get new car with old agreement or I have to do new agreements please let me know thanks

  126. Hi Stuart,

    I bought a 6 year old Audi car a couple of days ago from a reputable dealer. It was advertised as a 32,000 mile car and the MOT history seemed to reflect this. Their website states that to give buyers confidence, they carefully check the history of each used car they sell. However, when I got the service history sheet from Audi, it was clear that when the car was 3 years old it had a service (recorded at 54,000) and 8 days later, at the car’s 1st MOT, the mileage had magically dropped by 30,000 miles to 24,000. For the next 3 years the 2nd owner drove the car around, presumably without realising this issue and he traded it in at the dealer where I bought it.

    As soon as I saw the issue I alerted the dealer, who said they would look into it. Clearly it was not my dealer who clocked the car so I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what my rights are. I want to reject the car (not as described) and get my money back as I specifically wanted a low-mileage and apart from the obvious drop in value associated with the real higher-mileage of the car, a car with clearly dodgy history will be harder to sell in the future. e.g. I checked with another local dealer and they said that if I were to want to PX in future they would not consider a car with altered history.

    According to recent research; 1 in 14 cars are now ‘clocked’ and the most vulnerable time is before the 1st MOT at 3 years old. It would be great if you could post here what rights people such as myself have under these circumstances.


  127. Hi Stuart, I bought a second hand vehicle more than 30 days ago, but less than 6 months ago. It uses a great deal of oil (about 1 litre per 1000 miles), however this is within the limits published by the manufacturer. I had an oil analysis done by the Oil Lab and they reported critically high levels of iron and aluminium in the oil. The vehicle is currently running fine, with no warning lamps showing. So you could argue there is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, it is clear there is going to be a significant issue in the near future. (and forums are full with stories from other owners experiencing the same symptoms and later requiring £9K new engines). Do I have any rights to reject this vehicle on the grounds it is clearly faulty, even though it is currently serviceable?

  128. Hi Stuart, July 2019 I got an auto Audi Q2 on PCP with VWFS finance. Within the 2nd week of having the car I noticed it would judder down the road, going around roundabouts, and when coming to a stop. I took my car in to Audi to check the problem to which they have said it drives “beautifully”. Although one of their technicians who went on a test drive with my partner and myself saw the judder, but this was not documented! They did say the car needed a software update, this was done and I was told my problem should be sorted. It wasn’t! I took my car in several times with the same fault. They didn’t want to know. My next step was Audi UK. After a waiting a few weeks they got back to me and stated that the juddering is a “characteristic” of my engine but they are aware of the problem and doing software updates. I then had to go to the finance company who have got back to me after 8 weeks to say they will not accept my rejection of the car because Audi can’t find a fault code. I am now stuck with a car which kangaroos down the road and paying full price for a vehicle which does not run how it should! All my previous cars have been Audi’s and experienced no problem with them. Can you advise at all? Thank you.

  129. Hi we purchased a used car from a well known dealership, a week after collecting the vehicle and giving the car its 1st wash with us we noticed paint peeling from our front bumper, the garage were informed straight away and over a course of a good few weeks the garage said they would spray our bumper but we would have to contribute £100 towards it! After some few weeks we felt like we had no option to pay up so took the car to the garage on new years eve. Just over a week later we received a phone call saying the car would be ready in the afternoon. The afternoon arrives and we then receive a phone call saying there was a missing bracket to fix the bumper back on so they would need to order the part etc. A week later we received a phone call saying the car is ready for collecting. 1 hr later we receive a phone call to say unfortunately the car has been damaged in the process of moving it about and our rear bumper now needs repairing. We have told the garage we dont want the car back now as when we bought it we were under the impression that our car still had its origional paintwork, no dodgy resprays, and now we will be collecting a car that’s had both front and rear bumpers sprayed. We feel the car is now of less value than when we 1st bought it!
    Can we ask to return the vehicle?

  130. Hi Stuart, This is some fantastic information. I see you haven’t had a comment on here for a while, but I’m hoping you’ll be able to read this and respond. I purchased a new car from an independent trader Saturday 11th Jan 2020, after picking up the car the vibration while idling appeared quite excessive, now I’ve noticed I can’t not notice!. I didn’t really notice during the test drive which was carried out on country roads, my pregnant wife and kids were waiting for me so I’m afraid I did rush this. It’s more noticeable now that I’m sat in town traffic. After a little online research, I believe it could be a clutch or flywheel problem, adding that to the tow bar on the back, it’s even more likely due to pulling heavy loads. It’s a 2012 with 55k on the clock, so it shouldn’t have clutch or flywheel problems, if I’m right on the diagnoses does this constitute a faulty car that I’m within my rights to return for a full refund? I’m taking it back to the dealer Friday morning so they can carry out their own review and diagnoses, should I just ask for a refund or allow them an attempt to fix? what if their version of a fix isn’t the same as mine? what do I do if they just say there’s nothing wrong with it, so it vibrates live with it? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Stuart

  131. Please can someone give me some advice…I purchased a used Citroen DS3 the end of June last year from a main dealership, it had 32,000 miles on a 2013 plate I bought the car on finance along with extended warranty, service plan, tyre cover etc.. I asked if I could go to a more local garage owned by them to which I was told yes.
    Back end of November the car started making a bad knocking noise I rang and booked it in at our local main dealers ( same dealers but more local) for 3rd Dec.
    I took the car and explained about the noise I got a call later that day stating that the car had engine failure and was undriveable, obviously I said I had warranty to which I was told would take a few days to see if it was covered, I had done 2,000 miles since owning it.
    Later I got a link sent to me stating front and rear brake discs corroded and a quote for £900.
    After not hearing anything and as I am a manager of a women’s refuge I have to have access to a car I rang and asked if any news to be told no but they would give me a loan car ( after an argument)
    I contacted the garage where I purchased the car and was told oh well you would have to get it to us!!!
    I then contacted my finance company as had the car 5 months, I stated I wanted to reject the car and was told someone would be in touch.
    16th December I received a call from finance case worker stating that he had been told Crankshaft and bearings to which I explained I had not been told, he stated he would send a independent mechanic to look at the car.
    Same day I had a voicemail from garage who had the car informing me that they were still waiting to hear from warranty company as they wanted more information.
    30th December call received from garage who had my car asking if I had an update from finance company regarding his mechanic report.
    I called finance company to be told it needed an auxiliary belt and I was to get that work done but due to the corrosion on the brakes they felt it was likely to have shown these signs when I had purchased the car, he said he would email the report but in his eyes complaint closed with them.
    I received the report and could not believe what I was reading all it stated was that the car started up had a knocking noise and strong smell of fuel but requires further investigation!!! To me this report was inconclusive.
    31st Dec I contacted finance man and told him my concern of the report to which again I was told no you just need to replace auxialry belt, but the garage would do the brakes as clearly weren’t right when purchased.
    The garage asked for report to which I supplied them with, he called me and stated it was a disgrace as clearly states car needed further investigation.
    2nd January I received final response from the finance company stating on 16th Dec he was told Crankshaft and bearings getting replaced under warranty and again I’m to do belt…I was totally confused
    3rd Jan I called garage asked if this was true to be told no that had not been said.
    Again I tried to reject car with finance company to which I was told no case closed.
    I contacted head office customer service and gave them the information.
    7th Jan I had a call from the garage were the car still is stating your car needs a new engine I would contact the actual garage purchased it as less than 6 month old
    I contacted them to be told no we won’t speak to you as your going through finance company.
    10th Jan I went to the garage were purchased the car to be told what do you want me to do… I explained for the last 5 weeks I’ve had no car all I had done was make call after call whilst trying to do my work in a stressful role… he stated oh we have changed our mind about doing the brakes… I could not believe it I showed him the letter from finance company stating they had agreed and after a heated arguement stated this would be done as goodwill.
    All he did was shrug his shoulders stating it was other garages fault.
    I then went to other garage were my car is to be told that it needed a new engine quote was £4,500 and he showed me correspondence stating only £3,900 in the budget.
    I left there in shock 6 weeks no car and it needs £4,500 engine and £1,000 brakes, the car cost £4,500.
    I asked if they would transport it back to the garage I purchased it from and they said they would.
    I’m now so upset that I’ve been lied to they obviously were trying to cover up that the car had engine failure and could of risked myself and children in it also my concern is the purchasing garage will argue it’s not the engine… I am just grateful to the garage that has had my car this long for being honest with me and would not go along with the finance report as I was also told the garage offered to strip the engine for him to which he replied no it’s fine!!!
    What do I do now I have raised it with Ombudsman but surely I must be in my rights to reject the car as I really do not want it after all of this and why would they spend £5,500 on the car that is not worth that…
    Please advice me

  132. Hi Stuart, on 17th of december i bought an automatic 2007 Mini from a car dealer through a finance and leasing association. After 10 days of driving it occasionally ( only in town to school or for shopping) the car engine warning light came on and the engine was shaking while on on parking mode, a bit of smoke and smell of burnt oil from under the bonnet. I took it back to dealer and they realised the oxygen sensor had to be replaced. I left the car to be fixed but the second day after doing more research about my rights i called to say that i don’t want the car anymore as a single mum i don’t feel safe with faults that appear only after few rides. They said that i am not allowed to return the car , that i can use my 3 months warranty, and that they will fix it.A very long conversation where the man ended up even being rude.I felt pressured and i accepted the car back(apparently fixed) but i mentioned that if another problem comes back i wilk return it. Now has been 10 days again since i got it back and the car leaks lots of oil, is juddering when accelerating and when i got home, the bonnet was extremely warm and a bit of smoke and smell of burnt oil again. I took pictures and i can prove the oil leak under the bonnet and under the car. The floor now has a huge stain of oil. Is not a safe, reliable car and i just want to return it.
    Please could you give me advice as what to do next? My 30 days right to return expires on the 17th and i know that they will not be happy to have the car back. I don’t trust them and i don’t want anything to be fixed. I only want to give this car back.
    Do i need to contact the finance company first and let them know?
    So so sorry for the big amount of details but i am very disappointed and a bit concerned that it won’t be easy to get this done.
    Best regards,

  133. Hi Stuart
    I bought a nissan qashqai tenka 2018 from the carshop on the 30th December 2019 when I picked it up I tried to use the voice command on the steering wheel but nothing happened my phone was connected via bluetooth, I ask a member of staff to help me with it but he could not get it working either, and said it’s still under warranty so take it to a nissan dealer and they can fix it for you then he walked away, not happy with this when I got home I tried to get it working but couldnt, so I called carshop and they said that the voice command is a optional extra and I would have to even though the voice command button was on the steering wheel they said the person that bought it must have not paid for it so that’s why it did work, I thought that top of the range would have this as standard ? And they don’t appear interested I bought this car because it had the voice command built in, is there anything I can’t do.
    Brian Dawkins

  134. I purchased a new Audi Q2 from an Audi dealership on 25/10/19. The car was financed through a PCP deal with Volkswagen Financial Services. During the first week of ownership I became aware of two faults with the vehicle:-
    1. Car ‘lurches’ in first & second gear when in cold start i.e initially driving away after ignition turned on.
    2. Microphone not working.
    I contacted the garage the following week and arranged with the salesman to return the car so that the faults could be investigated. On the 8th November I took the car and was informed that there was a fault with the microphone and it would need changing, the engine fault was not investigated but the car was booked into the garage on the 18th November for both faults to be investigated/repaired.
    The car remained with the garage until the 20th November when I collected it to be informed that the microphone had been replaced but the engine fault was still present and could not be fixed. The garage informed me that they had contacted Audi regarding the engine issue & were awaiting a reply.
    The engine fault persisted so mindful of my 30 day right to reject I informed Volkswagen Financial Services on the 25th November that I wish to reject the car as I deemed it to be faulty. VW Financial Services recorded my complaint and have informed me that they will now investigate my claim but this could take up to eight weeks.
    Since the 25th November I have not used the car and it remains in my possession pending the outcome of the investigation. In the meantime I have also informed the Audi dealership that I intend to reject the car but have not had any response. The Audi service dept have separately confirmed to me by e-mail that Audi have confirmed to them that the fault with the car is unknown to them and there is no fix available.
    I now have a car that is not being used but that I am still paying for and am concerned that my 30 day right to reject is being compromised due to the 8 week timescales VW Financial Services allow to investigate my complaint?

    • Update – Rejection accepted by all parties & full refund given. Still took over 10 weeks to do as Audi Finance did not look at the complaint for 8 weeks. Dealership were very good and assisted in the process where they could.

  135. Hi Stuart,
    We bought a second hand car (£4k, 2012, 32k miles) from a R*n*u*t dealer and when we got it home noticed that there are chips on the front and back windscreen. Thankfully, we have photos from before we bought the car showing a chip on the front windscreen – the photo isn’t perfect but you can definitely see a mark in the same location (we don’t have this for the back windscreen). None of these marks were included in the written description from the dealer. In fact there were zero marks noted on the bodywork report.
    Do you have any advice on our rights in this situation?
    Thanks very much,

  136. hello we bought week ago 3 years old nissan qashqai 1.2 petrol. after few days i noticed that it was involved in the accident as front bumper and wheel arch was painted and and the door doesn’t close properly, headlight lug is broken, and some paint marks on black plastic trimming. after car health check in Nissan dealer /service I’ve been advanced to reject the car as it has problem with the engine. car is on PCP. WHAT TO DO???

  137. Hi Stuart,
    Having purchased a secondhand Alfa Giulietta 1.4 Multiair car recently I have subsequently become aware of several problems. Initially the car was difficult to start and some electrics didn’t work. The dealer passed the problems off saying that the vehicle had not been started for a while and the electrical fault was down to a blown fuse. (I always wonder what the reason is for a fuse blowing). Happily it was replaced, the car serviced and MOT’d prior to collection. On subsequent days starting was a real problem. I notified the dealer who instructed me to bring the car back or take it to a more convenient garage to investigate as it was covered by my warranty. I took it to a local garage which identified the problem. The starter motor needed replacing together with the battery. I am able to claim for the starter motor through my warranty and the original dealer supplied a replacement battery. So all was ok. The dealer had acted reasonably though I now noted the stop/start function was working – it had not been initially though I had been unaware of this. I have continued to drive the car and noticed on several occasions a lack of power on accelerating. This became most apparent overtaking another vehicle which resulted in an uncomfortable near miss through loss of power and little acceleration. I immediately informed the dealer and told them I considered it a significant problem that could have dire consequences. They agreed to take the car back to investigate/diagnose and fix the problem.Having run diagnostics and done a road test they inform me that they cannot find a problem and the car has nothing wrong with it. I also informed them that I had lost all confidence driving the vehicle after the aforementioned incident albeit an intermittent problem. I am aware of the problem but they cannot find one and have therefore done nothing to rectify it. I have indicated that I would like to return the vehicle ( it is still with them) for a full refund as they have been unable to find and rectify the problem and I no longer feel safe driving the car. Their position is that as they cannot find a problem then I am stuck with the vehicle. So where do I stand, I am a day within my 30 days period since purchase. Am I best taking the car to an Alfa dealership for them to try to diagnose an intermittent fault. I have been advised that the symptoms I have incurred are often down to the multi air filter and it’s malfunction is not often recognised in diagnostics – this I also told the dealer. Should I be able to evidence a fault in writing by doing this would I be in my rights still to approach the dealer again and demand a refund with the said evidence.
    What makes me unsure now of the car’s condition is that when I was first interested in the car the salesman could not find the car listed for sale on their system and couldn’t understand why when it was stood on their forecourt. While he was away he left papers on the desk indicating a sale to another named customer who had possibly not completed their transaction for whatever reason. Just makes you wonder though if their was an ongoing problem that had been previously realised!
    Apologies for the length of this. Any assistance would be most helpful.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  138. I bought a 63 plate Corsa from a large dealership. The clutch was faulty on the first day of driving. They fixed it, no courtesy car or compensation. 8 months later, driving back from Newcastle the front wheel separated from the car. They are fixing that..I have no confidence with it now. What can I do

  139. I bought a car and warning lights such as “power steering malfunction” popped up within a week. Anyway fast forward 6 months it has been repaired 4 times but I haven’t received any receipts of proof of repairs it’s now 8 months on and the issue has re appeared but 10x worse. Do I have rights to reject as it has been repaired 4 times in the 6 months?

  140. Is it correct that, if one successfully wins a case of rejecting a vehicle. Can one legally request for all the money back for what he or she has paid. This is a rejection out of 6 months with a financial company. A fight that has been going on over 3 years and has come back with a final decision from an ombudsman. What can anyone do if they do not agree with an ombudsman?

  141. I test drive a car and noticed a clutch issue. The dealer agreed thwre awas a problem and would have it changed before we collected the car. This was done at a garage they use. After collecting the vehicle we still noticed a vibration in the clutch pedal. We drove the car for several days as the sales guy was on holiday for a week and we thought the clutch might be bedding in. The day before we were going to take it back to have it investigated the clutch pedal would not return while doing 60mph on a busy road and spent the next 2.5 weeks in the garage waiting for a pipe from the master/slave cylinder. We have now collected the car again and the vibration is still present. The garage is sayin g that there isn’t a problem nd rhe vibration is normal but we are not convinced. They have suggested that we can return the vehicle to them and get a refund minus 45p per mile we have done in car and 70 valeting fee. Is this correct? Also are they obliged to still look at issue if we decide to keep it?

  142. Hi Stuart,

    This is a great article, many thanks for posting!
    In our scenario, we bought a Mercedes car and after 3 months all the dashboard warning lights came on, and e.g. the speedometer stopped working.
    We had the car looked at privately, and were told that the battery was dying so we replaced the battery, but the issue persisted and we were told that we would need a completely new instrument cluster.
    We called Mercedes for a second opinion and they found that the car had a mileage blocker fitted, and when they removed it that immediately resolved the instrument cluster issue, but the mileage went up by approximately 4,000 miles!

    On a side note the original advert stated that the car had a full service history and we were told that the history was all online with Mercedes, but Mercedes told us that they had only serviced the car once in January 2019!

    We’d like a full refund and compensation for the lost mileage and money we spent fixing the issue, and I’d be really grateful to hear your valuable insight on this case!

    Many thanks,


  143. Hi Stuart, I leased a new white Merc from a leasing company on 18th Sept 2019 (delivery date) and by 10th October it started to turn yellow under the hood. I reported it straight away to MB who took body shop photos and paint thickness and said they’ll investigate. Subsequently they’ve advised there is no permanent fix for car (ie even if it’s resprayed the yellowing will come back again). I asked the finance/lease on 23rd October whether I can reject based on unsatisfactory quality and they accepted. Now MERCEDES on the 10/11 have refused the rejection. Where do I stand as the lease company have accepted the rejection? Thanks

  144. Hi Stuart. I bought a Seat leon automatic ’63’ plate car in 25th November 2017. When I bought the car, it was 26000 miles on the clock and 3 months warranty with that. I have paid £8250 for the car. It is now nearly 2 years and I have done about 26000 miles after I bought the car. Unfortunately 2 days ago the gear box gone faulty. I took it to a local garage and they are asking for huge money for it. Today my neighbour got a mobile mechanic and I asked him about my problem and I mechanic told me I should be covered by ‘The Consumer Rights Act 2015’. He said it because he thought that the price I have for a product, it is not satisfactory. Paid £8250 but within 26000 miles the gear box gone for a “63” plate car. According to him, I should claim for repair money. What he said, it gives some light to me but I AM REALLY CONFUSED ABOUT IT. Because I don’t have any warranty cover. Please consider my situation and give me a quick reply. I need to fix my car ASAP. Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards,
    Naf Sid

  145. Hi!
    I purchased a used car in 2017 from a main dealer on a PCP.
    Last week the engine started ticking 1 week after a 40,000 mile service and upon investigation there was metal in the oil sump and I’ve been told I need a new engine.
    One of the service team has just accidentally sent me an invoice for an engine replacement the car has already had!
    I verbally asked the sales rep what work had been done and was told just the clutch had been changed.
    My brother was a witness to the question also.
    Do I have grounds to reject the car as I wouldn’t have purchased it if I knew so much had been replaced already.



  146. Hello I purchased a car via Evans halshaw on Monday 19th August. Within a few days of having it the engine light came on and I could hear a knocking noise coming from the back when going over speed bumps etc.
    Due to my work commitments and there availability we could not get the car in until Friday 6th September. It went in and they said they couldn’t here the knocking noise and that they have done a DPF regen on the car and the faults gone.
    Driving it home I heard the knocking noise and the warning light came on again.
    I phoned the garage and they booked it in on Friday 13th September. They said they could not fix the fault so it would need to go to Mercedes. They also said they believe the knocking noise was due to the fact it had after market lowering springs (un be known to me, I assumed I was buying a standard car). They said they would replace the springs to standard ones but not until after the car has been to Mercedes just incase I don’t want the car anymore.
    Mercedes couldn’t fit me in until Friday 4th October.
    On Friday the 4th October it went into Mercedes who did the DPF regen again and said if the light was to come back on it could be a leak in the EGR valve.
    Friday 18th October the car went into the garage to change the springs.
    Monday 28th October the engine light came on again so I phoned and it was booked in for Wednesday 30th October. The garage said they changed the EGR valve.
    The next day the engine light came back on again.
    This time I’ve told the garage I don’t want the car anymore.
    They are saying if I exchange the car they will only take £350 off me. If I want a refund they will take £800 off me.
    They do not have a car suitable for me so I have no choice but to go down the refund root.
    The car was purchased via HP.
    How will this work because I’m worried that as the finance company own the car not me, that the car is still going to owe £700 against it after the garage pay off what they said they would. are going to expect me to pay £700 outright?
    Also although it’s over 30 days, I’ve not owned the cars 30 days without having a the same fault. If I had known they wouldn’t have been able to fix this fault within 30 days I would have rejected straight away but I obviously didn’t know this would happen.
    Please advice, I’m really stressed about the situation.
    Thank you

  147. Hi Stewart, I purchased a Mercedes C Class 2014 from a dealership. the dealership two weeks to hand over the car as they advised they will doing their checks before handover as the car had only come into them the night before purchase. we were not allowed to test drive the car at the point of purchase as they advised it was not yet fit to drive. They gave us a VW golf as a courtesy car (old model for the two weeks, not ideal with two kids and a buggy) having received the car two weeks later on the second day the engine management light turned on and also the car would not pass 60mph whilst we were on the motorway. my husband informed the dealership and had to drive from Birmingham (where we live) to Nottingham where the dealership is before work, they had it for the day giving him VW golf courtesy car (old model) and advised they had cleared the faults. He did the journey again to go and collect the car and on his way to work the engine management light popped up again and again it would not go over 60mph. he again had to go back the following day to drop the car and advised we cannot be paying for our car but in reality paying for the courtesy car at the price of our car (the car is on HP). they gave a BMW 2016 as a courtesy car. We decided we would rather reject the car we purchased as it seems they have already tried to repair it simply by deleting the fault and are still within the 30 days of purchase. however the dealership have told us as we have accepted the courtesy car we are not entitled to reject the car. is this correct? are we not within our rights? please could you tell us where we stand? Thanks in advance.

  148. Hey there.

    I got a new car on contract hire a month ago but after 8 days it developed an engine fault. I’ll spare you the full story but basically 3 weeks later and they still haven’t been able to fix it. I’ve registered formal complaints with dealer, finance services and SEAT UK. If the fault developed after 8 days can I still reject car via consumer goods act or is it a warranty issue? So far I’ve paid £800 in initial payments for a car I don’t have! Any advice would be appreciated.

  149. Hi Stuart,

    I have purchased a Nissan Cube from an importer/trader on the 24th of August. The car was manufactured in 2004 with 66,000 kilometers on the odometer (roughly 44,000 miles). The car was newly imported and I am the 1st owner of this car.

    On the 13th of Oct, I’ve noticed water is leaking from the roof. I’ve notified the trader immediately which he asks me if I could return to him on the 15th of Oct as he has a windscreen technician on the day.

    On the 15th of Oct, I drove to the trader’s garage. The windscreen technician inspected the windscreen area. He then added some sealant at the top of the windscreen where it meets the roof strips. I waited there until I was told the sealant had cured and ok the leave with the car. I asked the trader hypothetically what happened if the car is not fixed. He told me he’d need the car back for further test to locate where the leaks from.

    As this is an issue with leaking roof, I had to manufacture a method to test whether the car is fixed. On the 23rd of Oct, I set up a gardening hose, set it to sprinkler and aimed it to the car’s roof. Within 15 minutes, water was dripping from head liner inside the car.

    I contacted the trader immediately. He asked me to return the car to him. I’ve expressed to the trader that I am not impress with the quality of the car. He acknowledged that things break in cars and he’s willing to sort it out. However, I’ve lost confidence with the car.

    I will be returning to him on the 2nd of Nov. However, I’m wondering if I am within my rights to reject this car and ask for a full or partial refund?

    Many Thanks


  150. Hi Stuart

    I bought a car 26 days ago and as usual looked at the efficiency of mpg when making my decision – it is a diesel car.

    My husband has a ‘show car’ which is a ‘gas guzzler’, so I have a diesel for every day commuting to work and general use – I traded in my diesel car to buy this newer car (2yr 7mths old).

    For the new car it was stated 67mpg combined, 74mpg Extra Urban & 57mpg Urban which I thought was great.

    I do know that these figures are produced under ‘perfect conditions’ on a rolling road but you do expect to get figures not millions of miles away from them.

    I am managing 40.1mpg combined and I’m not a driver with lead boots.

    I asked the dealership to check it over as I can feel a hesitancy in the running of the car and also for them to check the mpg, so it was taken in for them to check it out.

    I later found out it was a nice jaunt out by the service desk clerk and someone from a garage and they had quite a lengthy drive (at my cost), which they claimed they got 52mpg average – I can do that on purely motorways/dual carriageways! Actually it was showing as 49mpg when I got in my car to go home.

    I have had my husband driving the car (without looking at the mpg he was getting as he drove) and he too is only getting 40.1mpg (I’m guessing that when it hits that figure it stops registering lower).

    So now the upshot of it is that this car is not as economical as claimed that their adverts, so the running of it will cost me alot more over time, than portrayed to me prior to buying the car.

    I can still feel the hesitancy in the car but they said they couldn’t so did nothing. It feels like what I’d describe as a slight misfire on a petrol engine but not sure what that equates to in a diesel engine.

    Can I hand back the car on the basis of these problems within the 30 day Consumer protection please Stuart?

    Thank you

  151. Hi,

    I bought a 2016 Citreon from Arnold Clark and received it on 5th September, it needed jumpstarting on 13th October and again on the following day. On the 14th October I was unable to find a friend to jumpstart it so called the AA who identified an alternator fault, he followed me to Arnold Clark as he said the car could cut out at any point whilst I was driving. I took the car in and explained that it was the alternator that needed fixing. They replaced the battery and asked me to come and collect the car that evening. I refused collection and explained that I knew it was an alternator fault not a battery fault to which the reply was “I am 100% confident there is nothing wrong with the alternator”. They made the decision to keep the car for more testing after I disputed this and the next day fitted a new alternator but confirmed that the battery still wasn’t charging so they sent the vehicle to the auto-electricians. The auto-electrician identified no electrical fault but said the alternator was faulty so the branch ordered a new alternator, this was Friday 18th October. On Monday 21st October, the branch told me they had in fact fitted an incorrect alternator and had now sent the original alternator to the auto-electrician for him to strip down and fit new parts too so it could be fitted back into the vehicle. Despite telling me previously that they had ordered a new one. The car was now ready for collection. I refused to pick up the vehicle and have been trying to contact the selling branch to explain that I feel completely unsafe driving the vehicle, not only because of the original problem but because of the story that doesn’t necessarily add up regarding the work the service centre have completed.

    I am currently awaiting a phone call from a manager however a customer service assistant told me that because I authorised repairs on the vehicle I won’t be entitled to any type of refund, I was never made aware of this at any point and was never asked by anyone at Arnold Clark whether I wanted them to complete any of the repairs. They did this automatically and just updated me each time I rang them to find out their verdict. They were meant to contact me on multiple occasions regarding the work that needed completing but never actually did.

    Do I have the right to refuse the vehicle and ask for a full or partial refund?

  152. Hi there, I hope comments/questions are still okay as last post being 18mths ago.
    Anyway I have in the last 3 weeks purchased a brand new Volvo XC40 and am looking at options including ‘rejecting car’ as it has had a fault from new in which the Volvo On Call facility doesn’t work. The car has been in the workshop twice for ‘technical’ to work on and even remote access from Sweden but issue is still unresolved.
    Purchase price was £40k with dealer fitted accessories, of which I initially paid a £1k deposit, then £11k cash and received £12k for my trade in. Totalling £24k I have a 0% 36mth £16k finance deal through the dealership.
    If I go this route within the 30 days then whom do I approach? Franchise Dealer, Finance company (1st repayment not due for another week), ombudsman or all.
    Thanks for any advice and an informative website.

    • Hi Steve. If you are trying to reject the car using the Consumer Rights Act, you need to notify the finance company as they have a financial interest in the vehicle (unless it’s a personal loan). You will still need to reject the car to the dealership, as the finance company will refer it to the dealer anyway. The ombudsman only gets involved if there is a dispute over the rejection.

  153. Hi. I would appreciate your thoughts.

    I bought a car which in between paying a deposit & collecting the vehicle, was subject to paintwork damage by the dealership. This was noticed when I got home with the car for the first time, on the same day. It subsequently went back to them for this to be sorted, which they did (sort of).

    The dealer called me to say the car was ready for collection, and then called me 5 minutes later to say somebody had just driven into it on their forecourt. (Cheeky bleeders suggested this would have to be a claim on MY insurance to start with!).

    They eventually conceded & agreed to cover the repairs. 3 attempts later and they still haven’t put right all the damage caused to the car, whilst in their possession. It now has to go back for a 4th time.

    In addition, a function of the car called “Access Mode” wasn’t working from the day I collected the car. This was eventually repaired last week.

    Then this morning, the Diesel Particulate Filter warning light came on to say it needed replacing & put the car into limp home mode. I have only done 2200 miles in it. Out of 77 days of ownership, it’s been in my possession for 54 days & the dealers possession for 23 days. The dealer have said they’re going to replace this FOC.

    So whilst the car should then be mechanically sound, the paintwork still needs sorting. And this will be the 4th attempt at doing the paintwork repairs due to the poor quality of the finish previous.

    The saga has been continuous & I’m wondering if I am within my rights to reject this vehicle? I was prepared to give them the chance to sort it, but after failing to do that a number of times, myself taking time off work to do the 60 mile round trip each time I drop off and collect, and generally the continuous inconvenience this is still causing, I lost confidence in them as a dealer & their chosen repairers. Each time it goes back to them, it’s having another sub-standard pain repair (as a result of their inability to do it correctly from the outset), and I just fell now the whole passenger side & front wing of a £32,500 car is a patch-up job.

    I’ll be honest, I’m looking for ways to give them the car back & get my money back. I still want this car, but I don’t have the time for all this grief due to work commitments, so I’d rather go and buy one from somebody who I can trust to sell me a decent vehicle.



  154. Hi Stuart
    I recently bought a car 08/09/19 ,on finance but withdrew from the agreement within the 14 day cooling off period .The car Vauxhall Astra 2014 was from Trade Centre Wales.
    Yesterday 02/10/19 the ABS warning light together with traction control lights come on , on the dashboard together with Service ESP displaying on info screen.
    I phoned customer services and they have booked the car in for 11/10/19 but now I feel I no longer want the car because of this fault.
    Do I have strong grounds to reject the car and what would be the best course of action?
    Any help would be appreciated
    Mark Hughes

    • Hi Mark. Until you know what’s causing the error messages, it’s impossible to know whether you have a case to reject the car. It may be a simple fix, which means you are unlikely to be able to reject it, or it may be more serious.

  155. I bought my car on September 30 2019. After 22 miles it broke down requiring the RAC. I finished up limping it back to dealer the next day. I was told they found iron filings in the oil and oil filter that had damage solenoidsthat would take 6 to 8 weeks to replace and a full oil flush. The car is undrivable till then. Have I got a case to reject vehicle

  156. Maybe a petty question but i returned my car for a full refund so di I lose the month tax and £40 insurance cancellation fee? Insurance said even with 14 days cooling off i still had to pay “admin charges”

    • Hi Mike. You should get a full refund for the price of the, which should include the VED. Your insurance is separate and will depend on the specific T&Cs, however normally the point of a cooling-off period is that you can cancel without incurring any fees or charges.

  157. Hi I bought an Audi A6 on PCP in March 2019 (the car’s first registration was in December 2018 has 1 previous owner and has done 3000 miles) so since March it broke down twice (something was wrong with turbo ) first time they “fixed it” in two weeks time but after i picked up the car i had same problem with a car same week, so passed the car to the dealer to fix it for the second time and they “trying” to fix it now for last 9 weeks, also when i try to call them and find out what’s going on most of the times they say that they will give me a call back but they never do … only when i visit them i get answers like we are still working on it give us two weeks more…

    What are my options? Can i get a full refund ? I own this car now since March month this year, in this short period of time the car is being “fixed” for three months now …

    • Hi David. You have two choices, really.
      1) pursue the matter under your new car warranty. It won’t get you a new car or a refund, but you are entitled to have a car that works as it should.
      2) reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. You’ve had the car seven months but if it has been in the garage for three months, then that time so not counted so you have effectively owned it for four months for the purposes of the Act. If you are able to reject the car, you won’t get a full refund as the dealer will be able to make an allowance for usage while you’ve owned it.

  158. Hi Stuart, thanks for the very informative information about the consumer rights. I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to my personal situation.

    So I recently purchased a new Infiniti Q30 (first time buyer) via PCP on the 7th of June 2019 via the Infiniti dealer in Stockport. All was good and we’ll for the first day or two until i started noticing some noise around in the car. It sounded like something metallic was going from left to right whenever I steered the car and this was really starting to bug me.

    I searched all inside the car to see if maybe I dropped some loose change in the car that’s causing the noise, I literally emptied the car and took everything out but still couldn’t get rid of the noise. After weeks of trying to just ignore the noise I had enough and contacted the salesman who sold me the car to please contact his service department to get in touch as I have been trying to get to them with no success. This was on 01/07/2019, I finally received a call from the service department and got booked in for an appointment the following Tuesday 09/07/19 (outside the 30 day return period).

    I took the car in and left the car with them for a day or two because they had to take some parts of the car apart to find out what the issues is. When I went to pick up the car I was told the noise was a screw that was moving around underneath the drivers seat and that it got taken out now and I was shown the screw. I asked how that got there and was told it was probably left in there during production and they forget to remove it when the car was being put together. Not knowing better I took the car back and went on my way, I forgot to add that the cars engine sometimes stutters when Moving off(auto dual clutch control) and this is without me pressing hard on the acceleration. When I asked about this I was told it is a new engine and I should just ease it in until the engine was up and running properly.

    Couple weeks down the line In August I noticed a warning pop on my dashboard saying the adaptive front headlights were not working among other front headlights warning. I got out my car to look at the headlights to see if the lights were coming on and the front right light only had the full beam working whilst the left hand side had all the lights working apart from the full beam. I looked closely at the lights and found a crack on the top of the right hand headlight (handily noticeably unless you take a good look) the crack looked as though it was vandalism or a stone striking it on the motorway and had no visible openings. I honestly couldn’t say who that happened as they were no visible signs around the area of an accident.

    I called up infiniti to find out why the lights were in operative because it didn’t make sense to me how the crack affected the headlights from functioning as they should. It is worth pointing out at this point that I live in Manchester and it is always raining. I started calling up infiniti from 20/08/19 to 30/08/2019 6 different times and I final got an appointment for the 9th of September. Around two weeks from the date I tried to get the car in. I couldn’t wait any longer and took the car to the dealership to just have a look at it cause I couldn’t drive at night or anywhere in the evening safely due to the lights malfunctioning. Upon getting there I was told no technicians were available but a service advisor came out with me to just have a look at the issues with the car and said because at the time I brought the car in it was raining. He said it is probably due to water getting into the headlights affecting the light which didn’t really make sense but I said okay. The lights are a Led headlights by the way and he said until a proper diagnosis is run they can’t really say much but I will probably need to get a new headlight and he doesn’t think it will be covered under warranty as the damaged wasn’t due to an accident or stone hitting the car. He change a fuse at under the bonnet and that kept blowing up so he said it’s best to just leave the cap for the right headlamp open so the moisture from the lamp can go out/dry up. I then took my car away because they couldn’t look at the car then.

    I took it away and carried on using it waiting until the cars really started to malfunction with my speedometer resetting back to zero mid drive and my power steering cutting off mid drive alongside my cruise control and various warning lights flashing up on my dashboard. I waited for my appointment and took it to the dealer with a list of all the issues. And since the 9th of September my vehicle is still with infinti who are asking me to buy a new headlamp because the current one has so much water in it that it has damaged the wiring housing and that’s causing the other systems to malfunction including my steering because the lights are adaptive front lights. I responded saying I disagreed with the diagnosis and that this is clearly a design flaw for the breakdown of one component to basically make a whole vehicle undriveable.

    I have been in contact with the quality center and there are saying that I need to pay for a new headlamp first to see if that causes the issue. However my argument remains that this is a design flaw and either you ignore the front right light and fix the other issue or you take the car back as I have the car less than 4 months. They are saying they can’t buy the car back because it’s damaged and I can’t really take my car back because it is immobilised. Please advice as I am now just tired and really dont want the car anymore.

    Any advise would be much appreciated.


    • Hi Tobi. You’ll need to get a second opinion on your problems if you want to pursue the dealership/manufacturer further.

      It is entirely possible that the headlight damage was caused by a stone strike, and once you get water in the car’s electrical system then it can cause all sorts of other dramas.

  159. I bought a 2014 Focus from a Ford dealer in May and also purchased a 3 year extended warranty at the same time. On 6 September, the car wouldn’t start and it had to be towed to the dealer. The dealer had the car for 3 days, but, according to them, it started every time, so I collected it on 10 September. The following day it failed to start so was taken to the dealer again on 11 September. The dealer had the car for a week, but said that it started every time. I collected the car on 18th, but in the evening it wouldn’t start. I contacted the dealer and was told to take a photo of any message that came up. I sent this to the dealer and I’m awaiting a response. However, the dealer has already said that the warranty doesn’t apply as no fault has been detected. I also quoted the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but the dealer said that also didn’t apply in this situation as no fault had been detected. Unfortunately, I did not pay by credit card so I’m not covered by the Consumer Credit Act. Is this something that you would be able to advise me on?

    • Hi Kevin. It does seem curious that you seem to have the problem repeatedly, yet the dealer had the car for several days and “it started every time”. On the surface of it, it sounds like one of you is not telling the truth.

      The dealer is not obliged to accept your rejection under the Consumer Rights Act, which puts the ball back in your court to pursue the matter further. You are still inside your first six months, so as long as you can show there is a fault, it’s up to the dealer to prove that the fault was not present at time of purchase. If the dealer can’t find a fault or refuses to acknowledge that there is a fault, you’ll need to get a second opinion from another garage that you can take back to the selling dealership.

  160. Hi Stewart
    I bought a used Mercedes C200 from an authorised dealer. within a month the car had issues. Dealer fixed it and promised me that car ihas been returned to top condition. Since then the car has had two more engine/ battery issues and its not even 6 months. I have raised a rejection claim. Am i entitled to get full refund as the first major issue happened within 30 days? If the dealer discount the value do i have any legal recourse?

    • Hi Soumya. Your rights depend on the date when you reject the car, regardless of when the fault first occurred. So (for example) if you had a fault on the first day of ownership but didn’t report it for three months, you can’t expect a full refund like you could get if you rejected it in the first 30 days.

    • Many thanks Stuart for the reply. I noticed my insurance has got a motor legal protection. is there a fair value depreciation calculator I can refer to? The insurance company’s rule says they would only take on cases if there is a 51% chance to win. I spent c. 18k on this purchase and within last 5 odd months more than two months the vehicle has been in unusable condition because of issues. It has clocked c. 1115 miles and probably many are related to trips made during breakdown. I expect the dealer to refund me atleast c. £17k. Would that be fair?

    • Hi Soumya. There is no provision in the law for calculating usage or wear and tear, and depreciation doesn’t specifically come into the Consumer Rights Act. It’s up to you (or your legal representative if you are using your motor legal protection) to negotiate an acceptable amount with the dealership.

  161. I purchased a 2011 Corsa with 65000 on clock in July 2019. 3 days after collection, engine management light came on and I called out recovery. They faulted it as oxygen sensor and expressed concern that there were also disconnected and ‘blocked’ wires in engine. I advised the dealer of findings by email and took back for repair. They lent me a car for 3 or 4 days, disputed the sensor fault and said it was the thermostat which they then replaced
    Couple of weeks later, on way to work, the overheating light came on. I pulled over, noticed all coolant had disappeared (despite being full when I left home), and again called out recovery. I told him of previous issue and he believed it to be thermostat not opening properly, topped it up and advised me to ‘Possibly’ take to a garage as may need repressurising but should be okay to drive til then. He also mentioned wires and I realised dealer had not attended to them! I drove 2 miles to work and checked again once engine had cooled. All coolant gone again

    This time, I had it recovered back to dealer. He lent me a 15 year old car for 2 weeks whilst mine in for repair. For a third time, recovery agent expressed concern over the wires Apparently, it was Head Gasket which dealer apparently had to have repaired at his own expense as he had ‘forgotten’ to pay for a warranty as agreed at point of sale.

    Friday, I had to call recovery again as overheating AGAIN! My daughter and I were stranded on M42, late at night for an hour and I also had to pay £50 for a taxi to collect our friends from train station. There was no other way of getting them back to mine. For the 4th time, recovery expressed concern about the wires

    I contacted dealer who said he was ‘away’. I told him that didn’t matter as either he or someone else had to deal with me. I also advised that without a car, I could not get to work and would lose wages and possibly my job. He is well aware that as I have a long term health condition, my car is my lifeline and as I need quite a bit of time off work, for illness anyway, I was concerned that work could get rid of me on unreliability grounds

    I have had car 10 weeks and haven’t been able to drive it for 3. I sent him an email rejecting the car for a refund on grounds that overheating has not been solved and that, despite me advising him about wires on a number of occasions (which may or may not be contributing factor to overheating), he has failed to address it

    I have been, prior to Friday, driving the car and EXPECTING a warning light. It did sound rough on Friday morning so I had booked in for a service. Engine has been missing occasionally and I (and Friday recovery agent) do not believe oil or spark plugs had been changed, despite Head Gasket failure. I am also now tending to think that O2 sensor was a symptom of Head Gasket starting to fail. MOT advisory prior to purchase mentioned slight water leak which I also believe was a symptom

    Anyway, following my email, dealer then texted to say he was arranging for recovery Tuesday afternoon and another car to be dropped off and he would ‘sort’ when he got back

    I hope he doesn’t think ‘sort’ means another repair as I believe he has had ample opportunity to address overheating and wires. For someone who totally relies on their car because of health issues, who has only had use of their car for 7 out of 10 weeks as undriveable and for someone who is losing money at work, this is a major concern. I cannot keep ownership of a car that I do not feel safe and secure in and do not trust to ‘do it’s job’

    I have also spoken to recovery company who will be providing records to strengthen my case and when car is collected, I will be taking photos of wires and tell the garage recovery why I am taking photos

    The dealer does not have repair shop on his premises but uses a local garage. Not that that is relevant to me as I have contract with dealer not repairer

    To me, this is a basic open and shut case as car not fit for purpose and raised issues have not been dealt with properly, if at all

    What are my options please and chances of refund, even if I have to take legal action?

    Thank you

  162. Hi I bought a van for my new business and on the first run it broke down the dealer I bought it from is now refusing to look at it or acknowledge my messages I’ve had a mechanic look at it and at least 7 faults came up on the system am I going lose everything I’ve put into the van? Is there anything I can do?

  163. Hi Stewart, I bought a Range Rover Evouqe £17500, and I had a Road noise coming from the back drivers side door which I thought the window was down, But they found nothing wrong with it, Then I Found out from the Prevus Owner the Car was smashed on the Drivers Side and had a new drivers door and back drivers door and new wheeles, this might Explain the noise from the back drivers door, I asked the Lady where it was fixed and I went down to see them and asked if they had Photos of the car, and they showed me them I was total Gob smacked, The garage I bought it from said they didn’t know it had been in a smash, Know my Wife Doesn’t want to go in it, Where do I stand and what can I do if had the car about 8 months.

  164. Hi, I just bought a used car Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday) I noticed a horrendous knocking when turning left and right. I never noticed anything when on a test drive or driving it home and it’s not quiet that I could have missed it. But I don’t see that there is any justification to say that it’s my fault when something so significant has ‘appeared’ within 24hrs. Can you advise?

  165. Hello Stuart, My son purchased a vehicle from a dealer around 2 weeks ago which has broken down with a major electrial fault meaning it is undrivable. The dealershop is several hundreds of miles from where he lives. They have asked him to return the car to them for them to inspect. Who is responsible for the cost of getting it there?

    • Hi Michelle. If you are rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act, it’s up to the dealership to collect the car. However, if they refuse to accept your rejection, they will definitely be chasing you for the cost of the collection.

  166. Hi Stuart,
    Update on my Jeep Cherokee 2015….11.200 miles & its leaks.
    Took the car back to the dealers on the 10th. The service manager said they needed to varify my complaint but, they hadn’t space for 2 weeks & loan cars were not available.
    I told him the oil from the rear was dark coloured, he replied that that was strange. I then pointed out it had silver pecks in it.
    With that he called a technician in & told me to take a seat.
    2 hours later I was informed they thought they could see a hairline cracking in the diff but needed to open it up.
    He told me he would like the chance to fix it.
    He said once stripped I could look at it if I wanted but would keep me informed. I was told the car had a warranty……I knew this because I paid £300 for it! I agreed to this strategy & asked about the front oil leak. I was told it would have to be varified!
    Next day he phoned to say the diff had a spiders Web like cracking inside which was probably a manufacturing fault. I was told the whole unit would be replaced. I wasn’t given the chance to inspect the diff.
    I was led to believe the new unit would be there the following Tuesday & my Warranty would be used to pay for it.
    I asked about the front oil leak, only to be told it had to be varied!

    My questions now are, can I still reject the car?

    Secondly, surely they could have just run the engine & took the under try off to find the front leak so why say they have to drive it!

    Third, the fault was there when I had the car so why should it come off my warranty not their insurance.

    Then I was told they only drive the cars for about 2 miles, if they drive OK they are put on sale otherwise with the volume they sell they would never get through them. This is a Jeep, Alfa, Fiat & Syzuki main dealer.

    This has really unnerved me to the point I no longer want the car.
    I could really do with your advice on the above.
    Kind regards

  167. Hi, Is car dealer having 72 hours replied to email policy? i want to reject faulty car (first 2 weeks, cooling fan and timing chain has gone) but i think he is replaying late to to pass first 30 days. /thanks in advance

    • Hi Tomasz. Once you have formally notified the dealer that you are rejecting the car, it doesn’t matter how long they take to get back to you. If you are complaining about a fault that is stopping you from driving the car, the clock basically stops at that time until the car is fixed and back to you, so there is no possibility for the dealer to avoid replying to push you past your 30-day point.

  168. Hi there,

    Recently bought a used car from a franchised dealership. Asked several times if the car had ever been repainted and was told that it hadnt.

    On closer inspection after taking the car home i have found that the front bumper, front bonnet and rear spolier have all been repainted.

    As i feel that this was not pointed out and would affect the value of the car can i ask for a refund?


  169. Hi Stuart, I exchanged my x5 for a 2015 jeep Ltd. I asked if all the updates would be done if any & was told it would all be updated & any recalls done, if required, whilst being serviced.
    I picked the car up on 4/9/2019. The morning of the 5th I noticed a damp patch beneath the rh front wheel. It had been raining so I paid no attention. On the 7th I went to my caravan in Wales. Upon my return on the 9th Sept I reverse parked as usual in a slightly dif fervent place on the drive. Upon getting out I noticed oil on the drive paving where I normally park both at the front & rear. I got under the car & lifted oil off the drive with my finger coming from the transfer box & engine oil from behind the rh front wheel. To me these leaks were there prior to me picking the car up from the dealer.
    Also there are no updates for the car from jeep (fca) & the satnav map is years put of date, & from what I can tell…can’t be updated. It will get you from one place to another but doesn’t know for example, where my daughter lives despite her housing estate being built in the 1960’same.
    Can I reject the car?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi David. You’d need to ascertain the nature and cause of the leaks to decide whether it would justify rejecting the car. The satnav being out of date isn’t really an acceptable issue.

  170. Hi.we bought the used car that was write that car is with no foults.but after 4-5 h.the car wasn’t starting.we contact the seller but they refused to do anything.do we have any rights

  171. Hi Stuart,

    I recently purchased a brand new car from a main dealer, upon taking delivery of the car I noticed a small but deep paint scratch in the drivers side rear door, I informed the salesman who was very apologetic and said told me to take the car and that I would have to bring it back in to be repaired.

    So I did take it back and the repair was done to a very poor standard, you can see where they have put masking tape on the door and sprayed up to it, there are what look like little lumps in the paint work all up the door and now looks like there is a dint in the door where they have sprayed. when I collected it yesterday I pointed this out to the salesman who again was very apologetic and has said I need to take it back to be repaired again.

    My confidence in the dealerships ability to fix this is wearing thin. Do you think I would have a case to reject the car? or would this action seem unreasonable? I have given the dealership 1 attempt to rectify the paint fault but they have made it look worse and an obvious respray. I purchased the car 15 days ago.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Martin. You’re obviously well advised to get professional legal advice on the matter, but I doubt that a cosmetic scratch is sufficient to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. You’re probably better served complaining to the dealer principal and the manufacturer’s head office about the matter.

      New cars often get damaged in transit and are repainted before a customer even sees the vehicle, so it’s certainly not uncommon for this to happen. However, the repairs need to be to the manufacturer’s approved standard.

  172. Hello,

    The dealership I bought my car from replaced my blown head gasket with a new one (in email) and now it is found that there is an oil leak from said gasket (video proof from manufacturer dealership). This is all within 6 months of purchase. Have also given in car to sellers for repair along with report from manufacturer dealership stating oil leak (email proof that report was seen). Oil leak still there obviously.

    Is this a case for rejection in court as sellers are rejecting my request for a refund ofcourse?

    Also how hard it is to go to court without solicitors?


    • Hi Darren. If you are within your first six months and their repair has not worked, you are entitled to proceed with rejecting the car. However, that doesn’t guarantee that the dealer will accept your rejection so you’d then need to force the issue via court proceedings.

      Legal proceedings are always difficult, especially if you don’t engage a solicitor but the other side does. I’d always recommend at least speaking to a lawyer first to assess your options.

  173. Hi Stuart,

    This is a bit of a long one but hoping you can offer some advice.

    I bought a Vauxhall Astra SRI (62 Plate) on the 10th of June on Finance. I drove it off of the lot (dealer in Manchester and I’m in Birmingham) and took it to my Mechanic for a full inspection to insure I didn’t miss anything – everything checked out. Approximately 3 weeks later it started making a ticking/tapping noise. This is the first time I bought a car on Finance and I thought that as it was my responsibility to repair it in the usual way, I should take it to my mechanic for them to have a look at it. The issue was that the sound was intermittent and it was difficult to diagnose when the noise wasn’t there as the diagnostic machine was not producing any error codes. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing back and forth to the garage, they said they believed it to be a hydraulic valve lifter (tappets) issue and that it would cost circa £500 to fix. I got a second opinion and was told the same thing.

    I contacted the dealership and they told me to contact the warranty company to have it dealt with. After a very difficult process, I finally got the car booked in with a Warranty Preferred Garage and they informed me that they could not diagnose the issue either as the car isn’t producing any error codes on the diagnostics machine. Because of the original difficulty I had, I recorded the defect/ticking sound via video and voice note as evidence and so I sent the recordings to the Warranty Garage. They agreed that it sounded like a “misfire” and must be a tappet issue as they have seen it a lot with that particular make and model of car. However, the issue they say that they have is that the Warranty Provider will not authorise the repairs unless an error code is produced on the diagnostics machine. I questioned whether it was normal for a car with this issue not to produce an error code just because the tappet isn’t making a noise at the time. They said “to be honest” with me, they believe it possible that someone, having knowledge that it was an intermittent noise (which can disappear for weeks and then come back ad hoc) tampered with the sensors in order to prevent the car sending an error code which would mislead anyone buying the car into thinking it was fine.

    I phoned the Warranty company to inform them of the issue and they told me that I had to leave the car with the garage until they can figure out the fault. I contested this on the basis that I need my car to get to and from work (a 2 hour journey on public transportation which includes 2 buses, 2 trains and walking, which is why I have a car!) The warranty company told me that as the potential defect involved could lead to engine failure, if I took the vehicle and drove it, knowing it had a fault, and I made it any worse, they will not cover it – effectively forcing me to leave the car at the garage. They asked me to speak to the dealership to see if they would offer me a courtesy car which they expectedly refused to do.

    I went back to speak to the garage and they told me, they were not in a position to keep the car and test it until it developed a fault as this would have liability implications for them should the engine fail as a result of their continued testing. They said it is just not something they do. They advised me to call the finance company and simply send the car back for an exchange of a like-for-like vehicle or get the finance company to return the car and source another vehicle from elsewhere. I have now raised a complaint with the Finance company as I am “not allowed” to drive the car and am without a courtesy car to get to work and I feel (based on history that I have left out) that the Dealership is proving itself to be unprofessional and unreliable. I told the Finance Company that I want the car rejected given the circumstances and they said they would look into it.

    They have now told me that they have spoken with the Dealership and they will be contacting me to discuss a resolution (but in 5 days because their after care sales team has somehow disappeared mid-week and won’t be returning until Monday – how convenient) which I believe is unacceptable as I am still without a car to get to and from work and will be complaining to them again today). My question is, do you think I have sufficient grounds to reject the car particularly considering the suspected fraudulent element, or am I obliged to allow the dealership or the Warranty Company to attempt to repair it (if they are willing to without confirmation of the error code which I do not yet have confirmation that they will even do) and also, whether I should be entitled to a courtesy car from either the dealership or the warranty company (the dealership has said they do not offer courtesy cars under normal circumstances which I do not think this is and the warranty policy wording suggests that I am entitled to compensation towards the cost of a hire car if my car cannot be repaired within 8 hours [the Warranty Claims Handler did not even reference this at ay point] but that is subject to a valid claim being accepted and at present, because there is no error code, I do not think it is technically a valid claim as yet).

    Please help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


  174. Hi Stuart,

    I bought a 1993 Range Rover 3 weeks ago. The advertisement described that the radio and one of the automatic seats weren’t working as well as a scratch and dent on the outside. It didn’t mention anything about cruise control, electric adjustable mirrors, suspension and A/C (only blowing air but not cold) not working. Do I have any rights to claim compensation or claim repair cost for this or have the right to reject the car? The dealer is located more than 6 hours driving from my location though.

    Thanks for your help.


  175. Hi Stuart, thanks for this free service, it’s much appreciated.
    We bought a VW Caravelle minibus from an independent trader in May. After 5 weeks of very light use an oil pressure warning light (Oil Pressure Warning; Switch Off Engine) came on. The oil level was higher than the top of the dipstick. I notified the dealer and we agreed that I could look for a garage local to me to diagnose and repair any issue. The local garage was unable to diagnose the problem but said there was 1 litre too much oil in the sump, and after an oil change I took the vehicle away.
    After driving 150 miles the problem came back, warning light and oil level, and I cut short our holiday to return the vehicle to the dealership.
    They attempted a repair via their local garage but said they could not find a problem. They concentrated on the DPF warning light which had also come on.
    Before I could collect the vehicle again they told me they had to take it to a VW workshop.
    When I called the VW workshop I was told that no mention was made of the oil pressure warning and oil level, just the DPF.
    I took the vehicle back from the dealer unhappily and asked what would happen if the warning light came on again, to be told that I’d have to bring it back. We drove it 150 miles and the light came on again and again there was too much oil.
    I told the garage I reject the vehicle as we have been unable to use it and want to return it for a refund, and they have denied the rejection. I have taken the minibus to another VW workshop to try to identify the problem and establish the cost of a repair. Am I entitled to a refund of the full sale price? Am I also entitled to the cost of establishing the problem exactly in light of the dealer’s inability?

  176. Hi Stuart – I’ve bought a car on line based on the description given in the advert and my conversation with the dealer – Its been delivered to me and I now find the history is patchy, but was described as “fully documented” Dealer made a claim that the car was service every x thousand miles, but the invoices do not support this by some way, also told me there was just one minor fault with the car which is not the case – specific points I asked about were confirmed as OK, but are in fact faulty.
    He has tried to claim its a “trade” sale with no warranty, and his invoice states its “excluded” from the distance selling regulations – I’m fairly sure you cant just exclude something and I plan to reject the car as not as described. Am I within my rights?

  177. A friend purchased a 2nd hand car, 3 years old from a car supermarket. A major engine fault was diagnosed 6 weeks after purchase.

    I understand this can be rejected within 6 months but my question is that if the fault was recorded on ecu before the 3 year manufactures warrenty but not noticed until after this is the original manufacturer responsible to repair as the fault occurred within 3 years?

  178. We purchased a vehicle on 31 July 2019, on driving it home we noticed that it had problems with the clutch arrangement it’s actually an automatic car but with a manual gearbox (Tiptronic), the car was juddering quite badly on low revs.
    I called the company the very next day Informing them of the problems, there was four in total. Returned the car on the 1st of August 2019 with a list of the 4 things that was wrong, they had the car 5 days and told me it was all fixed, after driving the car home the gearbox juddering was still there, I rang them back explaining this, the earliest they could book the car in was Wednesday the 14th of August 2019. A mechanic from the dealership took the car out on a test drive before getting off the sales pitch the problem was there, the mechanic’s diagnosis was that it requires a new clutch and other parts. That’s the short version.

    Now they try to put us in another car. All the replacements were much more expensive cars than we’d had budgeted for And they couldn’t find one to meet our requirements, so we asked him to make us whole, flatly refused stating we have to give them the opportunity to put the car right,

    The car has done 78k
    On the 1st of August 2019 we return the car back to the dealership and we done less than 50 miles at that point, most of that was going from the dealership to home and then from home back to the dealership.

    Wednesday the 14th August 2019 the car was returned to the dealership and we done less than 250 miles at that point, most of that again was going from the dealership and home and back again has they invited us to look at other cars.

    The car Obviously has a major defect that backed up by their own engineers report, so surely that’s grounds to reject the car.

    We was badgered into letting them fix the car. I might add we do love the car It’s exactly what we need and want, but it’s got a major defect and list of faults, The car isn’t drivable especially in queuing traffic, one can’t parallel park the car because it’s juddering that much, to me the car is not fit for purpose but still they refuse to let us reject the car.

    • A dealer is not obliged to accept your rejection, which puts the ball back into your court to take it further. You can try the Motor Ombudsman Service, but it’s most likely that you’ll need to engage a lawyer to act for you.

  179. I bought a new VW in March and 28 days later a potentially dangerous fault occurred (stalling on coming to a stop). It appears that the problem occurs only when the engine oil temperature is high which occurs only when the weather is warm or the car is driven hard, so the underlying problem would seem to have been there all the time. However, as I was running the car in and therefore not driving hard, and the weather was cool until the day of the problem, the fault hadn’t occurred earlier.

    A few days after the fault occurred, I called VW Assist and a VW technician (not a normal AA person) came to my home to look at the car. He did replicate the fault and this was documented on his worksheet. The car was immediately taken to my local VW dealer who couldn’t replicate the fault, probably as the weather had turned cold again.

    The fault re-occurred in late June and the car was taken to the supplying dealer. They can replicate the fault and it has been raised with VW.
    However, the cause of the fault cannot be found and it seems that VW may be floundering around, asking the dealer to perform various tests and replacing different parts in the hope that they will fix the problem.
    In addition the dealer has found swarf (described as metal filings) in the oil sump and the camshafts are to be replaced.
    I fear that in the unlikely event that the new camshafts fix the problem, the swarf may have damaged other parts of the engine (e.g. scoring components or blocking oil passageways) and it could cause problems in future years.

    The car has now been with the dealer for 3 and a half weeks plus 3 days with my local dealer in March.

    My local dealer in March couldn’t replicate the problem but would this still count as the “one” attempt to fix the problem?
    The current dealer is viewing this as their “one” chance to fix the problem but what is your view about this and as to how long I have to give the dealer to fix the problem before I can reject the car?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Paul. If you haven’t formally rejected the car under the Consumer Rights Act, then the dealer can argue that they haven’t used their one chance to repair the fault. If you are relying on the Consumer Rights Act, you need to reject the car first and then the dealer has to have the opportunity to fix the problem.

  180. Hi any advice would be great. I brought a car through a finance company. No faults were expressed to my knowledge. As I was aware perfectly safe car for myself and children.
    On the first day off the forecourt, I had a problem. I quickly called the company and it was taken in the next day to be resolved. And since then I’ve had another 3 major issues the last one being it breaking down while in traffic and having smoke come out of the bonnet.
    This was on a Wednesday and it’s now Saturday and still in the branch even though I’ve been told it’s been repaired and safe I’m suffering panic attacks and refusing to drive it as this is more than once I’ve had issues I’ve told the company that there was something wrong.
    I wish to reject the car due to the faults (now resolved) but I’m seriously having fears this is impacting my health. I’m still in my 30 days as this is literally just 2weeks in and this is the 3rd time it’s being in the branch. But they are now looking to refuse.
    What can I do? As I was told its sold as seen and had scare tactics from this company already. Can you help? Thanks.

    • Hi Stephanie. If you agreed to the dealer fixing the fault and the fault has indeed now been fixed, you no longer have the right to reject the car as faulty under the Consumer Right Act. If you wanted to reject the car, you should have done so before the fault was fixed. If the fault reoccurs within the first six months, you will be able to reject the car.

  181. Hello i bought a used car 13 days ago from a small used car trader car sales place. I drove the car 8 days thrn broke down. Care wouldnt start. I take to garage diagnostic fuel injectors. I got a 3 month warranty with car but only covers 300 pound claim limit. The ad did say 12 months MOT and drives perfectly. What are my rights can a take the car back to trader car sales place. I have already notified them i vroke down and was getting the car diagnostic done. I paid for diagnostic. I have invoice but nothing says sold as seen. Thankyou for your help

    • Hi Andrew. Your rights under the Consumer Rights Act are the same for a used car as for a new car, regardless of age or mileage. The only difference is the expectation of what is acceptable for a new car compared to a used car. However, even for the cheapest used car sold by a dealer, you’d expect it to run for more than eight days.

  182. Hello,

    I purchased a car from an Independent trader on 1/6/19 and unfortunately was not aware of the 30 day rejection period, I only notified the trader on day 31 there was an issue and this was because prior to that I had been chasing them for the MOT sheet, so did not want to mention the problem until that was received. I have been informed that my car has a problem with the piston rings due to all of the blue smoke coming out of the exhaust and it failing the emissions test plus it is burning oil excessively. We are now without the use of the car and the trader will only accept part liability. We did have a bronze warrantywise cover with this car for 3 months but again, I cannot complete the warrantywise sheet as the garage cannot give me a final cost for repairs without stripping the engine down which is going to cost £450. They advised this problem would definitely have been there at time of purchase due to it only being just over one month since having it, but the trader just keeps saying he needs proof of the fault and cost for warrantywise and then between warrantywise, him the seller and me the owner will have to work it out. I do not expect to pay for a car then have to pay further costs for a major engine repair which is unfair, plus not worth the money.

    I would appreciate any advice you can give me on whether I could prove the fault was there when purchased as I have been advised my numerous garages it would have been but obviously not paid for the engine to be stripped down as yet, as they are all saying it is definitely the piston rings.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Wendy. Since you are now beyond the first 30 days of ownership, if you reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act it is now up to the dealer to prove that the fault wasn’t there at time of delivery rather than you having to prove that it was.

  183. Hi Stuart,

    I bought a car in october 2018. 4 weeks after purchasing the car, i was advised that it had had a reconditioned engine put into it september 2018. I was not made aware of this at the point of sale. There was no paper work with it and the company who i purchased the car from are not interested at all. The engine has since developed an fuel injector fault, which turned out to be a faulty seal. I had this replaced.

    2 weeks ago, the injector blew. Rendering the car useless. I have since had it replaced. When it was replaced, the engine was started and it blew the injector out of the bracket immediatley. The engine in question had 59K on it when i bought the car and i have since put 11K on it. I am now being told i need to purchase a new engine for my car…… so for a 63 plate car to have 2 engine replacements in 9 months is unheard of i believe…. can you assist? do i have grounds to reject the car, do i have grounds to take them to court…. i was never made aware by the garage that a reconditioned engine had been put in the car.

    i am looking at costs of £2000 to put it right and i do not feel i am liable for the cost. The garage in question are unwilling to assist and the finance company are also not…. I feel i have a good case here as if the engine was not faulty at the time of sale, surely the garage would want to assist and not push me away and not want to deal with me becasue i know it was faulty…..

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Jack. It’s not illegal for a dealer to replace a broken engine on a car – it happens quite a lot. They also don’t need to disclose it unless you specifically ask about it.

  184. I bought a Mercedes 2010 three months ago. When buying the car I rushed into things as I trusted the dealer. I was told there was only one previous owner. I wanted to sell the car to make profit so when the first customer looked at the car he noticed an oil leak coming from turbo last month I rang him, the car dealer, for the service history and he said there is none and not to worry as most of his cars come with no service history, the only problem is how am I supposed to explain that to potential buyers also.
    I’m a bit worried about when last it was serviced he did say over a month ago he would print me out the service he done to it but it looks worthless. When I said it to his co-worker the other day about the history he said he was not left to tell me information about the previous owner which I didn’t want to know I just wanted the history not any information about people, he then stated that the only reason there were five previous owners on the logbook is because the last owner and his wife didn’t want to pay the tax and kept changing names to avoid the tax.
    Now I’ve realized the car was imported from the u.I I’m the sixth owner on the logbook no service history whatsoever and a leak in the turbo which he said was normal. Can you please help me out as I paid 9500e for the car which seems worthless and I was also misled about what I was buying of he lied about the previous owner what else is he hiding I never got a receipt there is a warranty but I never received paperwork to prove it all I did was sign my name and sign the logbook I didn’t notice how many previous owners until nearly two months later.
    Have I any chance of getting satisfaction or is it my own fault for not asking for the service history? I thought it would be in the glove box and if I knew there were five previous owners I would not have purchased the car why would he lie about previous owners and why would the service history be missing. It was in his garage for 7 months before I bought it I’m totally lost here. Thank you hope you can help me

  185. My Skoda Karoq SEL 1.5 TSI has a repeatable and significant defect. It has an extreme and potentially dangerous kangarooing when pulling away in first gear, especially with a cold engine. The car stalls if excessive revs are not used and the car is reluctant picking up in second gear.
    Many people have the same problems and have rejected successfully.
    I am required to provide one opportunity to resolve the issue. My car was booked in to be seen on 3rd July 2019 but I was told by the dealer 28.6.19 not to take my car in as there was nothing they could do.
    After I had sent a rejection letter to the dealer they have offered an rpm and idle control update they would like to try.
    Volkswagen has acknowledged the problem publicly, have no fix and no date of when a fix will be available.
    If I don’t accept the update, does that affect my rights to reject, or does the fact that they told me not to take car previously count as their one opportunity?
    Please advise, thank you

    • Hi Karen. If you are rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act then, since you have had the car for more than one month, you are required to allow the dealership one attempt to fix the problem. However, you can negotiate directly with the dealer or Skoda UK outside the Consumer Rights Act since it is a publicly-acknowledged issue.
      I believe that other owners of Volkswagen Group vehicles with the same engine have successfully rejected their vehicles, but I don’t know the details.

  186. Hi Stuart.
    We agreed a price and put a deposit on a car and were told it would be ready in 1 month.
    The car is cat S and they are a Saab specialist dealer/repair with a good reputation and we were assured the car would be repaired to an excellent standard.
    3 months later we finally got a text to say the car was ready so we went to see it.
    I noticed the poor paint finish before I even got out of my car!
    The colour match is terrible and it’s mostly orange peel effect.
    The wing and bumper have been replaced and on close inspection the shut line between the door and wing is way off, it looks like the inner wing is bent which is part of the crumple zone.
    We then started the car and it sounded terrible…
    Rattling and shaking, nearly stalling, sounds like the big end is about to let go!
    And lots of other little bits that are just bad workmanship.
    They have said they will get the paint redone and fix the engine and I’m still waiting to hear what they have to say about the fact that it’s BENT….
    Obviously we’re not happy. I can’t understand how they expected us to drive away in it.
    We now have been told to wait a week for the body shop guy to return from holiday before we can move forward.
    My question to you is who would I need to contact to get the car checked to see if it is bent/dangerous and what do you think is our best move from here to move forward and get our money back?
    Clearly, even if they do the repairs again we have lost all confidence in the car and the company.
    Hope to hear your reply soon.
    Kind regards Steve.

    • Hi Steven. A Cat S rating means that the car has suffered structural damage, so there’s every chance that the chassis was bent – even if the vehicle has been repaired to a safe level. The flipside to that argument is that you knew you were buying a Cat S car so you have to accept the possibility that the car is not going to be put back together to the same standard in which it left the factory, although it should not affect the safety of the vehicle.

  187. Hi Stuart,

    I bought a car from a dealer on 01/04/2019. I purchased on finance with a distance contract, and had the salesman provide a written description as to the condition of the car and was advised of a few scratches, scuffs to wheels etc, expected of a 39 month old car with 42000 miles.
    Now a few months later (reported 08/07/2019) rust has become evident on the rear quarter. Not to worry I thought, the car has 12 year rust warranty, however after having it inspected, the car has had a replacement rear quarter at some point in its life, and the rust is a direct result of a poor weld in joining the panel in so the warranty won’t cover it. Do I have grounds here to reject the car? The car isn’t a write off. In my mind, the car isn’t as described nor to a satisfactory condition. Now the rust has started, it will only get worse, and I’ll be left with a car with a rotten rear arch by the time I’ve finished paying for it. The dealer has refused to repair.

    • Hi Chris. As you are within your first six months, if you are rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act then it’s up to the dealer to prove that the faulty wasn’t there at point of sale rather than for you to prove that it was.

  188. Hi Stuart, I bought a new Nissan Micra N-Sport 117 on 2nd March 2019, 247 miles and 6 weeks later on April 14th it developed a fault, because it is a new engine, just released they did not know what the fault was, So working with Nissan technicians they eventually, after 2 and half weeks, changed a solenoid , I drove it home and the same fault occurred again, I returned it to the dealer and after a further 3 weeks of testing they found metal filings in the oil, therefore it needs a new engine,
    They ordered the engine and necessary parts which arrived end of May, apart from 2 seals which are critical for fitting the new engine, After 7 weeks I was informed by My Nissan customer services case manager that they cannot find these seals and are now looking for an alternative, that was nearly 2 weeks ago.
    I phoned the finance and they said that as its a warranty issue I have to get Nissan to phone the dealers and negotiate to get a replacement car, as the one I have is not fit for purpose, I have asked the case manager to reject the car and give me another one but have heard nothing back.
    Where do I stand on this? Who is responsible for reimbursing me or providing a working car?

    Kind Regards
    Shaun Bowen.

    • Hi Shaun. If the car is under finance then you still need to reject the car to the dealership, but the dealer would then refund the finance company for the relevant amount of money and the finance company would then reimburse you for whatever you are owed.

  189. Hello Stuart, I bought a 2 year old car from an independent trader and was happy with everything until we came to tax the car. It sounded very high, in the region of £500 per year, but the dealer brushed it off saying it must be because it’s a petrol car. It wasn’t until I got home, thought about it and did some research that I tracked down the car was originally over £40k list price, and therefore the majority was due to the new VED changes brought in 2017. I challenged the dealer on this, but they said it as entirely my responsibility to know this, therefore my problem, whereas I feel they have some responsibility here to know this and advertise the car to me with all the facts. I accept it may have been an honest miss, but at the very least would have expected them to meet some of these unexpected additional costs rather than simply dismissing them, do you believe I have a case?

  190. Hi,

    I purchased a Jaguar F-Type from a jaguar dealer. It is 6 years old but had only covered 14000 miles from new. It had a vibration from when I purchased it and I put the car into the companies nearest dealer to me. They thought it was wheel balancing which I was happy to accept. The vibration is still there and now they say it is not covered by the Jaguar approved used warranty and want to charge me £450 to investigate the issue, they think it could be the prop shaft out of balance. I am disappointed to have purchased a Jaguar approved car with a Jaguar warranty to receive this news. Any advice please?

  191. Hi
    I purchased an ex-demo Ford Edge in June 2018.
    After 2 wks I had a battery drain problem and was told by the AA to run the vehicle to recharge. This is a recurring fault that they are unable to find and is now back in fords for the 5th time.
    It has also had powertrain faults and was sold with the wrong manual keys meaning for a whole year have been unable to enter the car manually during battery drain fault.
    It also has a faulty boot that they also say they can’t find the problem with. I have no faith in the car I paid cash but, in my opinion, it is not fit for purpose please advise on my rights to a refund or like-for-like replacement

    • Hi Ursula. You’re well outside the first six months of ownership where the law works in your favour. If you want to try and reject the car more than a year after purchasing it, I’d suggest speaking to a consumer lawyer who can help advise what your chances would be.

  192. Hi Stuart,

    I bought a car from an AA registered dealership on the 15th June 2019. It’s a 2004 Volkswagen Golf Mk5 automatic with high mileage. I’ve had high mileage older Golfs for years and know their quibbles. The dealer test drove it with me and sold it to me with PX of my old vehicle.

    When we picked the car up with the full payment, as we were sorting out road tax so I could drive away, a colleague came in and said “we test drove it and all is fine. But there was a loss of power at the lights. It looks like we need to replace a fuel pressure sensor. The guy who sold it to us gave us one. Bring it back on Monday and we’ll fit it for you”.

    As I drove it home, I stalled three time due to this loss of power. I took the car back on Monday and the sensor part didn’t fit. They said they would locate a new one and call me. This was 3 weeks ago. I’ve called them 4 times and keep getting the “we are trying to locate it”. I took it back to them and they are very hesitant to do anything on this car.

    Since that time, the car has stalled going 60mph on the motorway, stalled on roundabouts, stalled while idling. Along with this, there is a significant drain on the battery (leading to a total drain in under 4 hours). I’ve had the AA out 3 times, replaced the battery at my own cost, and now had to replace the fuel relay at my own cost (today, and the car is still stalling). The garage (also AA approved) said the oil warning light comes on repeatedly and advised me to take the car back to the dealer as there are many, many things wrong with the car.

    I’m not expecting a perfect car. What I do expect is a car that runs properly and is safe. I’ve tried fixing the car on my own cost but now I just want a refund.

    I’m about to leave to another part of the country next week, so have very few days to fix this issue.

    What do you think my chances are? I’d appreciate any help…

  193. Hi Stuart,
    Long story short. I bought a used car from Vauxhall on 25th April and in the 3 months of ownership, it has been back to them 5 times for a total of approx 25 days for various faults that keep occurring. The first time was 4 days after I brought it home. It’s now back with them again.
    Due to all the issues, they extended the warranty.
    This time around, they said they collected my vehicle as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ and stated that they don’t have to look at it at all.
    They have also ignored my various emails and requests for the vehicle history of work that they have completed and also a record of work they have done up to now whilst I have owned it. They agreed to provide this.
    Firstly, I don’t want to reject the car but I have not stopped returning it since I brought it home. I’m not sure where I stand.
    Also, can they refuse to provide a record of the work they have done?
    Thank you

  194. Morning Stuart,

    We bought a Jaguar XE for £14000 from a big car dealer, we put a BMW 1 series in exchange for £3000 and a £200 deposit. So therefore got finance for £10800. We rejected the car after many issues and the happily bought it back as we purchased another from them. We have just received a letter from the finance company to say they have paid the £10800 finance but we have to pay £3255 interest ???? We only had the car 26 days of which is was in a garage for 14 dAys of that. Because they bought it back from us and we purchased another car we set up another finance agreement, so blackbhorse are now saying we have 2 agreements open with them.

  195. Hello Stuart,
    I bought a car last week and was never told by the dealer that it was a Cat s. The V5c was not given because he said he was going to send it via post and never had it. I have just checked and found that it is Cat S and I don’t have full details of whatever damage it was before it was repaired. I don’t want to risk it and therefore have asked the dealer for a refund since I have not also used the car or registered it yet. He has refused and claims he did advertise it as Cat S which was never on the Facebook advertisement where I saw it. Who would I contact and how can I get out of this. I am still within 30 days. Please advise. Thanks

    • Hi Trish. If you are within 30 days, it is up to you prove that the car was mis-sold, which means you will need to have the original advertisement that makes no mention of the car being a Cat S write-off.

  196. Hi Stuart!
    I really hope that you will read my message and reply as I am really desperate.
    I bought a car from a dealer in Feb 2019 (car finance BMW 65k mileage with guarantee as well), everything was fine within the first 2 weeks. After 3 weeks the car started to have issues with the injectors and the gearbox. I went to the dealer, they kept it for a few days saying that the car doesn’t have any problems. After one month I had again an error message regarding the gearbox and it was not running smoothly. I called them again, they said that is nothing wrong with the car. I paid around £300 to BMW dealership and a private service for a full diagnosis and they gave me a full invoice of almost £5000 with the issues that the car has(gearbox and the injectors are the most expensive). I made a complain to the finance company, after probably one month they sent an independent expert to check the car. According to his report, the car was not in a safe condition to actually drive it to test it. ( full report provided on email). Now, after the finance company sent me to leave the car to the dealer to check it again , I had the same outcome. The car doesn’t have any issues! Please advise me what to do next, I’m desperate as I don’t know if someone can help me. Thank you in advance!

  197. Hi Stuart,

    I just bougt a Mini Cooper S from a dealship in Birmingham, I myself live in London.
    I took a train to go see the car, everything checked out, the HPI check, and all the checks I did on the car whilst at the dealership. My only problem was that I don’t yet have my full license so had to leave the car there. I paid just under 4k for the car and left the car there advising the salesman that I would be back to pick the car up the next week.

    Now the next week I called the dealership to let them know I was coming to collect my car, but was told the car had now developed a fault and would not be ready for me to pick up. They suggested that the car would be sent to a garage to have a part replaced and would be back in the dealership by mid week. So I said fine and advised that I would have the car picked up on Friday. Friday came and I took the day off work and hired one of those car transport services to go and pick the car up and deliver it to me. So the transporter guy arrives at the dealship I speak to the dealer and he advises me that I need to pay £110 for an administration fee, I say fine and transfer the money to the transporter guy so he can hand it over as they advise it can only be paid in cash, so he pays them.

    I then get a call telling me that the car won’t be ready and I should tell the transporter guy to leave because the car is still in the garage and the part they ordered was wrong, and they will have to wait until Monday to get the right part. At this point alarm bells are starting to ring but I say ok, I will call them on Monday to see where we are so I can have the car collect.

    It is now 2 weeks since I ventured to this car dealership and I still don’t have my car, I just want to know where I stand on this, can I ask for a refund and will the law be on my side?

    I’m starting to get a little edgy as I may never see this car, can a car dealer do this and get away with it?

  198. Hi Stuart,

    Appreciate any advice you can give me with my issue. I purchased a brand new factory order vehicle from BMW directly via their dealership in London under what they call a ‘Direct Sale’. This meant that whilst all the intial paperwork and payment was done at the dealership, delivery was made to an address of my choosing.

    They asked me to inspect the vehicle upon delivery and to make a note with the driver of any damage to the vehicle. This I did as we found a paint chip on one of the doors. This however is not the issue and they are going to sort that.

    My issue is that, less than 48 hours later, on a Sunday, I’ve found some scratch marks on the leather inside the vehicle (albeit quite minor but still means the vehicle is not in a ‘brand new’ condition). I immediately sent them an email and contacted one of the managers via whatsapp. They called me today to say that, because I signed off on the delivery form that the interior was ok, they are not going to rectify this fauit/defect.

    IMO, this is fairly unreasonable view to take, as that effectively means that i’m having to inspect the vehicle down to the smallest detail and effectively means that I am signing off a detailed inspection of the vehicle. Which I obviously was not. They also did not categorically state that there is no recourse if a defect is found after delivery. The defect is also not in an area that would be touched (seat/armrest etc). It’s located where the plastic trim meets the leather.

    Is it as simple as that? I’ve signed off and I have no recourse on the matter? I would be surprised if it is so but een to know your thoughts on my situation.



  199. I purchased a brand new MG ZS in October 2018. I have noticed that rust has started to appear but in many places not just one. Now I know I need to speak to the dealer 1st but I should not have rust let alone the many spots on different panels.

    Where do I stand on the over 6 months part (if I need to go down this route) as clearly this is a hidden fault that I could not have know about before. This to me says there will be more problems going forward?

    • Hi Glenn. Rejecting a car more than six months after purchase is much more difficult, as the onus is on you to prove that a fault was present at time of purchase. Your new car warranty is probably a better way of having the problem fixed.

  200. Stuart, good afternoon,
    I have recently won in courts and finally after using the high court bailiffs got all my money back from a car dealer for selling me a dodgy car, however I still have the vehicle in my drive and despite sending him letters to say he needs to come and collect it he has not replied!?
    I was wondering where do I stand with just getting rid of the vehicle? Ie scalp or parts?
    TIA, Adam Busby

    • Hi Adam. I’d start by sending him notice that you intend to start charging him for storage every day if he doesn’t collect the car within seven days. Of course, he’s not likely to pay that, so after seven days start sending him invoices. He still won’t pay but it may trigger him to collect the vehicle. Alternatively, you could get a lawyer to write to him and demand its immediate removal, advising that you will have it removed and bill him for any costs. Legal letters from solicitors tend to work better than letters from private individuals.

  201. Hi Stuart,
    We purchased a car on finance, examined it and signed the handover document. Whilst the car was being brought round for us to take away, it was drove into by another car. We had not been given the keys or even sat in it. There was no structural damage only severe damage to the door and wing. They are fixing it, not going through insurance, but we now feel like we are buying broken goods. If you bought a vase and after paying for it, the cashier dropped it, you expect a new one or a refund.
    Where do we stand on rejecting?

    • Hi Andrew. Legally, the dealer probably does not have to accept a rejection if the damage is only superficial (eg – panel damage). You’d probably be surprised to know how often this happens to brand new cars between leaving the production line and arriving in your driveway.

      You can certainly push for a rejection, but don’t expect the dealer to roll over and agree to it. But you can probably use it as leverage for some sort of compensation, such as a couple of free services or other benefits.

  202. Hello Stuart, I took a car from a dealer 7 days ago. Day 1 returned the car as was making screeching sound from turbo.
    Was told is a small air leak on pipe.

    Then collected the car again 2 days later

    Same issue was present

    Garage told me to bring it bback again

    Have since discovered via another mechanic my timing chain is slipping and not to drive the car as is going to snap.

    Also excess oil in engine suggesting a possible cover up attempt to suppress chain rattle.

    I have only drove the car 2 days out of the last week.

    I have report from other mechanics with issue of chain rattling and potential repairs of 2k plus.

    Also have had battery issues

    My attempt to reject the car was met with a get lost.

    Has admitted there is a fault but will not agree its a timing chain.

    Wants to now get own garage to diagnose the issue

    I have left the car with them and sent an email stating I reject the car.

    Can I persist is a refund as I don’t feel the car has been sold in a satisfactory condition

    The problem was not noticed by me as I am not a mechanic and only had the chance to properly inspect the car when I took it away from the garage.

    Any thoughts


  203. Hi, I’ve just stumbled across this post while trying to suss out how to deal with my issue with a new car. The issue is that an electronic device in the car is emitting a high frequency tone whifh can only be heard if you have sensitive hearing. Which my wife does and a few others I’ve asked to have a listen. The issue is present in 2 other cars at the dealership that my wife sat in while they inspected ours but the company are refusing to call it a fault as we’re the only ones. I’m now 3 weeks into a back and forth with the customer services department. In that time I’ve identified how to hear if the noise is present for people without sensitive hearing but the company wont run the test on any of the other vehicles as they know that then makes it a common fault. They only have one possible solution they want to test on our car but I’m reluctant to waste anymore time on a possible solution 3 weeks down the line and have asked they do the possible test on one of their own cars before wasting anymore of my time. I wondered if you had any advice on whether I have a right to a refund? Its now 22 days since the car was purchased. My wife hasn’t driven it for 2 weeks and her tinitus caised by the noise is just waring off.

    • Hi Joe. I’m not sure that you’ll have much luck arguing that a high-frequency tone constitutes a fault with the vehicle, especially other similar models do exactly the same thing. If it was only your car that did this, and identical cars didn’t, you might have a better chance.
      Your best bet is a good lawyer who may be able to successfully argue your case to either the dealership, the manufacturer or (if necessary) a court.

  204. hi Stuart
    iI purchased a new kia sportage in january.The gear change is very notchy and loud when changing gear and the panoramic roof creaks.I reported it and took it in to kia who admited the gearchange wasnt right so it was booked in for further inspection .It was in the garage for a week but was the same when i picked it up so it was booked in again.Whilst waiting for the booking i called in to tell them i wanted to reject the car.The service manager ask for another go at fixing the issues and if i wasnt happy they would look into replacing the car.Also spoke to sales manager who drove the car and agreed that there was afault and also said if i wasnt happy after another attempt to repair it that he would look into replacing the car.The car was in for almost three weeks but was just the same ,the roof was slightly better.Ive been intouch with the finamce company{the car is on a pch}throughout .The problem is the finance company say kia are saying there is nothing wrong with the car.The finance company then told me to take it to a independent garage to have it inspected but said it had to be another kia dealer?Up to now its been in for another inspection and the technician also said it wasnt right and would like a go at repairing it.can you advice me on were i stand now a if ive done the right thing letting them try again.Im really angry at the way weve been treated by bolton kia as they been of no help what so ever and was even told that if i wanted a car that doesnt without creaks i should spend £200000 and buy a bentley?

    • Hi Mark. Within the first 30 days you are not obliged to accept a repair if you are rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act, but the dealer is also not obliged to accept your opinion that the fault is worthy of a rejection.

      Another Kia dealer may give you a fair opinion – they won’t be the ones out of pocket in accepting a faulty car back at full price, so they have nothing to worry about.

  205. Hello
    I bought a car from an approved Skoda dealer. A couple of weeks after buying it we noticed the whole front bumper had been resprayed, badly. On fearing we had bought a Cat* write off we did a HPI check and found the car also had outstanding finance. We were in discussions with Skoda Uk regarding some other issues (service record wasn’t correct online) and told them of our findings. They lead us to believe that they would sort out the problem as a good will gesture. After 2-3 weeks of back and forth they have now told us that the car was sold ‘as seen’ and legally they are not obliged to resolve the issue. The main dealer has also now resolved the finance issue and blamed the finance company for an admin error. We just want the car front end resprayed properly. Where do we stand with this? If they won’t play ball, can we reject the car? (we have 3 days left before 30 days are up but to return the car would take us over their 30 day/1000 mile return policy. Skoda also state that the return policy applies to mechanical defects only). Are they right? Are we stuck with this car now? Did they even have the right to sell it to us in the first place?

    • Hi Charlie. Skoda’s return policy is completely separate to your legal rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You need to be clear about whether you want to return the car under Skoda\s policy or reject it under the CRA.

  206. Hi, I bought a second car in Feb on finance which broke the day I drove it off the forecourt, I asked the garage to repair it as all the electrics had gone in the car they refused but after a week of arguing they finally agreed. At the end of April the car broken again, the finance company as me to get an inspection in the car which my local garage did and said that their was bathroom sealant in the engine, the engine had been majorly stripped and the wiring was fowling the rocker their was a and extreme vibration on tick over which get worse when the car is hot and the car should be returned as it is a danger. The finance company said this report was not good enough and sent Scoita out to view it they said the car meets the very minimum MOT requirements but was not of satisfactory quality at the point of sale and recommended some repairs.
    The finance company said I need to now go get some quotes for these repairs, I’ve taken it to 3 different garages all have read the report inspected the car themselves and said the car needs more than that and is not economical to repair. i told the Finance company who insisted I get get the car repaired so VW garage have agreed to inspect the car and provide another report and price for it fixing. In the mean time the vibration is getting worse by the day and today the car over heated and smoke was pouring out from under the bonnet. Lovely man passing checked the water and coolant and they are all filled up. I have rang and emailed the company about this mornings break down but have had no reply as of yet.

    Do I have a case to exercise my Final Right to Reject, this is causing so much inconvenience and having a massive impact on my work as I am required to have access to a car in my works contract.

  207. Hello Stuart, I took delivery of a 2019 Audi A1 35 TFSI at the end of Feb unsure if fault was present or not , having been a service advisor for 10 yrs I just kept an eye on things to see what developed,but became clear when stop/start was on ,and when restarting vehicle total loss of throttle this has happened about 10 times now has been into dealership for diagnosis and yes as usual NO FAULT FOUND but I am told we are awaiting software update from Germany, that was 24 th April ,I called dealership on the 11th May as this happened again was told to call AA technician arrived again no faults stored no fault found but he found that the TPS and the flap on throttle body were out of line, (no replacement car from AA OR dealership totally disgusted at the lack of customer care) ,So I agreed to leave car for further testing at which dealership done 128 miles to no avail still N/F/F, so I needed the car so had to walk for it only to find it was out on test. Had a bit of a chat with aftersales manager who just told me what I already know just glossed it up a bit,the car was deliverd back at around 2:30 that day 14 thMay, My concern is that Audi are aware of this fault but am advised to leave stop/start switched off ,it has now been a month of no contact in regards to any fix /update what timescale would you class as reasonable to ‘fix ‘ this fault,I am totally dissatisfied,seems no one is interested, at a total loss at what to do next any advice would be much appreciated.

  208. Hi Stuart,
    I bought a used car from a large dealer just over a year ago. It was ~£11k, 3 years old with 44.6k miles on clock. It has been showing a couple of subtle symptoms of what may be a widely known engine manufacturing fault. If proven, it would probably require an engine replacement. If I manage to prove the fault existed when it was sold to me and successfully reject the car, from what I understand, we would be due a *partial* refund at this stage? Do you know how the deduction is calculated? We’ve driven 7,400 miles. Would you have any idea how much we would be likely to receive? I’m wondering whether it is worthwhile pursuing the reject route, or just selling it.

  209. Hello

    I bought Audi A3 2008 from a main dealer on 23rd April 2019 with 2 year mechanical and breakdown cover (cover upto price of car). On second day after purchase I was on motorway when Glow plug flashing light appeared and car dropped its speed. i contacted dealer and he offered repairing that i accepted. after first repair he told me that there was a faulty glow plug that has been replaced. next day same thing happened on motorway and glow plug flashing light apeared again. i took that car straight back to dealer and he told me that they will do further investiagion. this time dealer told me that there was cut in a pipe near turbo which was now repaired. but unfortunatley problem was still not resolved. dealer told me to drop this car as they wanted to do detailed checkup. so i dropped my car with the dealer and he kept my car with him for three days. This time dealer told me that there is a problem with the turbo and this time they will do repair using my warranty cover. cost of turbo 700 and i don’t know about labour charges. Now along with glow plug light Engine management light is also shown.
    I work 30 miles away from my home and because of this problem I couldn’t go to work for seven days. as I have to drive 60 miles every day to go to and come back from my work so far i have this driven more then 1000 miles.
    I want to know what rights do i have? any help and advice will be appreciated.


  210. Hi Stuart,
    I have bought a Kadjar from a Renault dealer using Renault finance.
    I have bought the car last year in May, the car is plate 66, so first registration was in January 2016.
    when I have got the car it was second hand, only one previous owner and 14K miles on the clock.
    I have done less than 10K miles in one year and last April the car went at the Renault garage for a scheduled service.
    Immediately after being serviced I have noticed a clutch judder, so the day after I went immediately back to the garage.
    Reported the issue they said that wasn’t related to the service because they haven’t touched the clutch.
    That was really weird because, until that day I haven’t had any issue with the clutch. After been in the car for maybe 100 miles, the clutch was totally gone, car was not running anymore, the clutch pedal is working but the car doesn’t move even in 1st gear.
    I had to call the RAC roadside assistance, the guy from the recovery was unable to fix the problem on site, so the car has been towed to a Renault Garage.
    In the meantime, I have been in touch with the previous owner and I have found out that the car was already been recovered when it was only 10K for a clutch cylinder problem, and at that time the car was towed as well, the clutch was replaced under warranty.
    The problem with this car is more than one, there is a water condensation in the right back stop light, where from the garage they said they need to investigate in order to check if the problem is under warranty, but in order to proceed with the investigation I will have to pay £180.
    Another issue with this car is the windscreen rubber seal. Last summer while driving at about 60 MPH the rubber went loose and was a really bad experience for me and my family.
    Now the car is in the Renault Garage, after a very bad customer care experience, they were trying to give me the bill in order to investigate to determine if the clutch problem is under warranty or not.
    I want just to remind you about the fact that the car is only 24K miles and the clutch has been faulty twice in two years, and most important thing, when I bought the car nothing was mentioned from the sales team about the repair already done.
    My question is, Could I be able to reject the car because is not fit the purpose, and also because I have lost in confidence with Renault.
    I am very worried now to use this car because I use to travel with my wife and my little daughter and I don’t want to put them at risk.
    I know that can happen with any car but I have really lost confidence with Renault Kadjar.
    Any suggestion will be really appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance.

    stefano M

  211. Hello Stuart,

    It looks like it’s been a couple of years since anyone was on here, but I’ll try anyway. We bought a car in late December 2018, and since then have had various issues, mostly the engine warning light coming on. We’ve taken it to a couple of gra rates, and had a couple of things fixed under warranty, but no luck. We think a lot of the issues were present when we bought the car, as it first happened just a coup of week later. Since becoming aware of our rights, I’ve contacted the dealer, but they’ve said they won’t do anything because we should have contacted them straight away rather than go to another garage. My counter argument (I haven’t replied yet) would be that we live in a different town, and they never said or wrote that if there are any problems we must tell them and let them fix it, just that we could if we wanted to. Additionally, the first couple of times it seemed to be fixed so we thought no more about it, and the fact that we only learnt about ou rights more recently.

    The crux seems to be, do we still have the same right to repair (as its within six months) even if we didn’t tell them straight away the first time we had a problem? I can’t see a mention of this anywhere in info about the consumer protection act. Thanks

  212. I bought a vehicle last weekend. When I spoke to the salesman I made it clear I was looking for an ex demo 19 plate. Throughout the interview he spoke of the vehicle as an ex demo. I picked up the car on Friday. On Sunday I was reviewing the paperwork and in very small writing on the back if the order form it states I have bought a new car! Do I have any rights to return the car and get an ex demo? My mum was with me so I have a witness.

  213. Thank you Stuart. I think I would have to represent myself as I don’t have the funds to pay for legal representation. The financial ombudsman service is involved I’m hoping that will help my case

    • The Motor Ombudsman is essentially employed by the franchised dealers so the likelihood of you getting them on your side is quite remote as thousands of disgruntled car owners will attest.

      If you have home insurance it may be worth finding out if you have the option of “family legal protection”. If so they might assist with your legal costs and even appoint a solicitor to act for you at no cost.

  214. Please please help I’m loosing the will…

    On 16.4.18 I purchased a 14 plate MG3 from a car dealer(not manufacturer). On 1.10.18 the car broke down. I had it towed to my local garage and with further inspection they found the engine had seized, I then filed a complaint with the finance company after getting nowhere with the dealership.
    I bought the car on finance which was arranged through a broker, it took them until January to arrange a diagnostic company to diagnose the problem but didn’t know they needed the engine stripped down, it took them 3 months to argue who’s paying it and they decided that the finance company and the broker would each pay 50% each. I was asked for a quote to strip the engine down for diagnoses, weeks later I’m asked for a quote for a replacement engine, recently asked for a quote for them to recondition the engine.
    I am at my wits end… I had to buy another second hand car in November and could only keep for 3 months as I was still paying finance, tax and insurance on the MG3. I couldn’t afford to keep both cars going, I lost work because I had no car and was forced to claim benefits in February.
    I have paid finance payments in October, November, December, February, March and April (They stopped my January payment in ‘good will’ as I explained I was struggling and they were hoping to have it resolve before February’s payment, here I am)
    I contacted the financial ombudsman service and they are now investigating.
    The finance company made me an “offer” that they refund me the payments I made whilst I’ve had no use of the car and they repair the vehicle and my agreement would continue” I rejected their offer. It will be 7 months on 1st May and I feel like crying every day, my savings have gone and I feel like I’ve lost my independence. I don’t know what more I can do other than small claims court and threatening with BBC watchdog, it is really getting me down and I feel like I’m being fobbed off all the time. Please help

    • Hi Zoe. Best bet is to get yourself a lawyer to act on your behalf and make sure that the finance company or broker end up paying for the repairs and any other reasonable costs.

  215. Hi. We bought a used Qashqai from Arnold Clark. The second week after getting the car it got colder weather and an engine noise appeared. I booked it into their service centre where they regenerated the DPF. The noise was still there and Aircon no longer worked. Again booked it in and this time was told the egr pipe needed replacing but had to be ordered in. We then booked it in a third time, Aircon was regassed and egr pipe didn’t fix fault. Now been told it needs egr valve. This would be fourth time back in 3 weeks. Quite frankly I need a reliable car for work and can’t keep taking time off to leave the car in for a full day. I’m worried they are running the clock down for right to reject in the 30 day period. Would an egr/engine noise be an acceptable reason to reject considering they’ve had 3 attempts to fix? Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Hi David. Your 30-day clock stops any time that the dealer has the car, so if they have had the car for four days then you can extend your rights under the Consumer Rights Act by four days.

      However, if you want to reject the car then you really need to stop driving it rather than continue to drive it.

  216. Hi, I purchased a brand new Jeep renegade in Dec 18 and noticed straight away there were faults with the car (indicators not working correctly, engine management lights coming on, switching language unprompted etc). I booked the car in for repair twice at the dealer and both times they failed to repair it. On the third time, I was informed that moisture had got into the wiring loom due to it being incorrectly assembled during production. I therefore officially applied to reject the vehicle at this point (after less than 4 months of ownership). My question is: Am I entitled to a refund of my hefty deposit and finance payments? Does my rejection go back to the date and mileage the faults were first noticed? What is ‘reasonable’ in terms of wear and tear reduction on price the dealer will pay back (is there a formula)? Thanks

    • Hi Kevin. If you are successful in rejecting the car, you are entitled to 100% of the original price minus a charge for wear and tear because you have had the car for more than a month but less than six months.

      There is no legally-binding definition of wear and tear, or what the dealer can try and charge you for it.

      In terms of your finance agreement, the finance company would get their money back from the dealer and you should get your initial payment (deposit) back, plus the monthly payments you have already made, minus the deduction for wear and tear.

  217. I bought a car almost a year May ago in late September my car was leaking water into the floor board anytime it rained or was washed took it back to them they kept my car a month and finally got it back in November. They said that the cars seal was never sealed on that side when car was built had to seal the holes up and replace carpet in the car. I begin to hear a loud noise in my car not sure what it is but its on drivers side. I take it back to them and they have had my car but over 50+ miles on my car mind you when I took car in it did not have 6000 miles on it yet. They just called me told me to come get it and drive it they have got most the noise but cant figure out how to get rid of it completely. I don’t drive my car a whole lot but I am paying a lot of money for this vehicle do I have grounds to demand a new car or get my money back.

    • Hi Jeanette. trying to reject your car after a year is considerably more difficult than within the first six months. If you have continued to drive the car knowing it had this problem, that makes it even harder. I’d suggest speaking to a consumer lawyer who may be able to help you if they feel you have a realistic prospect of succeeding.

  218. Hi Stuart,

    I was wondering if you could advise.

    I bought a 2015 Renault Clio a week ago from a larger dealership and I’ve been experiencing some issues with the MediaNav system that I am not happy with. When playing music through my phone, the music is continuously interrupted with pauses and jittering. The sound quality on the vehicle is also quite poor when connected to Bluetooth and the hands free phone function causes a crackling on the other end of the call.

    I’ve spoken to the dealership who have booked the car in to check for a fault, but also mentioned that it may be due to compatibility issues with my iPhone. I was never made aware of any compatibility issues before purchasing the vehicle and if I hadn’t of known of these, I would not have purchased it.

    I’m hoping the repair works but if not, would I be able to reject the vehicle, and if so, do you think this is a viable fault?


    • Hi Olivia. I doubt there would be any real compatibility issues between a 2015 model car and an iPhone, so I would have thought there is likely to be a problem with either the car or your phone. However, it may not be significant enough to reject the vehicle, especially a used car.
      It’s also not the dealer’s obligation to ensure the car is compatible with your phone, unless you have specifically asked a question and they have lied to you (and you can prove that).

  219. Hi Stuart,
    I am having lots of trouble finding hr answer to this question, I hope you can help.
    I bought a car using PCP finance on 06/04/19
    I discovered lots of faults on the same day and also believe that the MOT the car was given was passed without doing the proper checks.
    I have emailed proof of all the faults to the dealership, broker and also the finance provider. They are saying that I need to let the dealer try to fix the faults.
    Is this true? Can I use my Consumer Rights Act 2015 short-term right I reject, as I do not trust this dealer because he did not mention any of the faults. Also reported the garage that completed the MOT to the DVSA and a second MOT is being done as I write this message.
    Thanks, Killian

  220. Hi I recently purchased a used car from a dealer 58 days ago. The car had 12,315 miles on it and it cost me £9,000. It came with a free 60 day warranty and a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Yesterday my tyre pressure light came on so i took it to a garage to get checked. I have just had to buy 5 new tyres. All four tyres were at 2mm and heavily perished. I have photographic evidence and a report from the garage that replaced my tyres. Can i claim the money back from the dealer. I know tyres are perishables and if at point of sale they had advised me it may need new tyres that is fine. I have only had the car 58 days and i have only driven 874 miles.
    Any advice?

    • Hi Kelly. If the tyres are legal (minimum tread level is 1.6mm) and in good condition (no bulges or damage to sidewalls, etc.) at the point of sale, the dealer is not legally obliged to replace them.

  221. I am an elderly disabled lady living in a very hilly semi-rural area. I bought a new Ford Kuga thinking it would be reliable but within 6 months I was having problems, mainly up hills ( i live on a hill) and breaking down.

    The problem, unfortunately, is intermittent so on a couple of occasions they could not find a problem. The last time the AA towed it to the dealership and said it was unsafe.

    They arranged a hire car as I rely on a car to get out due to location. It was fixed and returned. That was last June. 3 weeks ago the same problem has started to happen although at this point not broken down but the same symptoms.

    I am really scared when I drove it as I am scared of breaking down because of my disabilty and quiet lanes. I wrote to the CEO, Ford Credit (I have it on credit) and the principal of dealership. I said the same as last year I didnt want the car anymore I wanted to reject it.

    Last year I was told I had to give them a chance to fix it. This year the helpful staff have left and I am not being understood. It’s back in the garage now.

  222. Hi, I have just bought an Infiniti Q30 from a main dealer to find out after taking delivery that they are pulling out of the Uk and European market. They knew before they delivered but did not inform me and I only found out by chance. I would not have entered into a finance agreement and bought the car if I had known as this could affect the re sale value in the future once the finance agreement ends.
    I have only had the car for 2 weeks 4 days, I want to return the car and cancel the agreement is this possible based on the fact that the market value may drop considerably after they leave the market?

    • Hi Neil. You’re unlikely to be able to reject the car on these grounds, unless you can prove that the dealership has actually lied to you. Given that you didn’t know Infiniti was withdrawing from the UK market, you wouldn’t have asked them any questions about that and therefore you are unlikely to be able to claim that you’ve been mis-sold.

  223. Hi
    On 1st October 2018 we took possession of a 2nd hand van. 2 weeks later it broke down. A faulty alternator was the problem according to green flag. Sent back to dealership who said alternator was fine just faulty battery so replaced battery with new one. 2 Months later 9th January 2019 and only 300 miles of use it broke down again. Same fault recorded an alternator problem so we contacted finance company to reject the car under the 6 months rule and we stopped all further payments to the finance company. February 2019 no update had to contact them every time so cancelled tax and insurance as well as it was costing us money to sit on our drive. It is now 9th April 2019 and the finance company are saying we are not entitled to any refunds for payments made as we had use of the vehicle in the 2 months prior. Also because of the arrears for January, February, March 2019 they are not giving us anything back, the only thing we are getting back is the £400 deposit which the dealership is going to return once they receive the van back. The finance company are now giving us til tomorrow to agree to giving the van back or they are going to close the complaint and reopen the finance agreement. It seems harsh that the fiance company get all their money back from the dealer as if the deal never happened yet we get nothing. What are our rights here, thanks.

  224. Hi Stuart – l’ve ordered a new VW Group car but have not yet taken delivery. Some buyers of cars with the particular engine l’ve ordered have reported problems with the engine stalling, and not operating smoothly at low speeds. VW say they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Some buyers report that they were lucky not to have had an accident as a consequence of the engine stalling. All very worrying.
    Based on this information do you think l would be entitled to reject the new car before taking delivery on the basis that there’s a known problem with the particular engine ? I feel that rejecting the car at this stage is likely to be a lot easier than taking delivery, discovering the fault and then seeking a full refund. Thank you.

  225. Hi I’m hoping for some advice please. I recently a few days ago bought a used electric car on pcp and was verbally told it had a 6.6kw charger and it actually had a 3.3kw charger. This was on the advert hidden amongst an awful lot of text. Is was also advertised as a full service history but it was due a service in January which they didn’t do. Although I agreed to buy it over the phone we signed all the documents in the dealership. Do we have any right to return this? Thanks.

  226. Hi Stuart,

    Please could you help me? I bought my Mini Clubman new in April 2017. Within the first 6 months it was in, as the bearings need changing in my rear near side wheel. Then in summer last year 2018, my idrive started playing up. By that I mean shutting down, no radio, sat nav, blue tooth or any other function its supposed to perform. It wasn’t every day at first, but then it became so bad that I couldnt even drive a mile without it shutting down on me. Most times it would restart, but eventually it shut down all together. I of course went into my dealer when it starting happening, and they tried their best to sort it, however in the end I had to wait around 4 weeks for a new box to be sent from Germany. It was replaced I think around August/September 2018. By December 2018 I was having the same problem again with it. Took it back to my dealer and they looked at it, and said it was mine or my husbands phone causing the problems. When I got my car back, I only paired up my phone to see if that made a difference, it has not. Last week it was in again, this time they shut everything down, disconnected the battery and rebooted the whole thing. I was assured this would fix it. And in fairness the car was driving so much better….for a few hours. I took my dogs for a walk the next day, got to my destination, reversed into a parking spot, and once again the idrive shut down. I phoned the dealer straight away and my car is booked in now for a week, as they have to send back a main part as this is the second time its happened.
    Given I’ve not had the car quiet 2 years yet, you can understand my concern about if this is going to happen once again. The cars driving is affected by this, sometimes it doesn’t re start, last week I got in and the steering lock was on and it wouldn’t start for a few minutes. I have voiced my concerns over the future of the car, and also warranty cover for after the 3 years, but they tell me not to worry. Do you think I should look at rejecting the car? I love the car, but I cant ignore this major problem, as Ive never had these issues on any other car before. Regards, Jules

  227. Hi there. I purchased my car 28th Jan 19. Engine management light came on 16 days later. Dealer took it in, identified the catalytic converter needed replaced. This was done on Tuesday. I noticed on Tuesday night it sounded different but thought it was normal. Then today, Thursday it was blowing a terrible noise from the exhaust. Stopped driving, called the dealer (contact centre) the lad could hear the exhaust and said it was safe to drive, probably something was loose after the work having been done 2 days ago and to drop it in the next morning. Well then 5 mins later on driving home the exhaust fell off, bounced off the road and punctured my bodywork bumper!!! Picked up the exhaust and drove to the dealership. They gave me a courtesy car and have said they will fix it BUT no mention of costs. Will they fix this disaster or will I get a massive bill that i simply cannot pay. Any advice?

  228. Hi Stuart

    I bought a 2015 Ford C MAx from a national dealership. I bought the vehicle in mid Dec 2019, On the test drive everything functioned as it should including heating and AC. Towards the end of Jan a problem with the heater taking ages to heat up
    and when it did, it came for a short time before blowing cold air.

    Since the 5 of Feb 2018 up until the date of this comment the dealership have had the car in an effort to resolve the issue.

    This is what they have said…… it was the thermostat,,,,, it was the water pump…… water pump and cam belt….. it was the radiator… it was going to Ford themselves so their technicians to look at the vehicle… Then I’m told their own technicians are still trying to solve the problem.. In the light of this, where do i stand if I choose to reject the vehicle?



  229. Hi Stuart,

    I have bought a 2015 plate ranger over vogue. I have only had this car for around 5 months. in this time I have ben back to the dealer 5 times with one issue to another. A prime example is a loud click sound from the gear box when selecting gear… I have been told the problem needs to develop inorder for them to actually fix it as it is still working.

    the soft close doors sometimes lock meaning I cannot close the door which requires a good slam or lock and unlock to shut the door.

    Recently I had an engine management light showing on the dash which made the steering lock. I pulled over re started the car and it made the steering wheel soft again however engine management light was left on. Next day took it to range rover and they booked me in 3 days later. I just left the showroom went on the motor way and book restricted power loss. I have just had the dealership on the phone they think it could be the turbo or another part which is with the turbo which is at fault.

    At that time I said I want a refund as I have been in 5 times now since I bought the car 5 months ago.

    I have contacted the finance company who are looking into the issue. What do you I could/will happen.

    I have lost full faith in the car. I preferably would want same car model but not that car.

    please help and advice what I can achieve through rejection process.

  230. I purchased a PCP car 31st jan on purchasing tyre was flat they agreed to fix it when I picked up car, moderate bodywork to be done they agreed to do this for me, I picked up car could hear a rattling on the engine still few jobs to be done so they said they would take a look when the car went back to them the following week the next morning I got up tyre was flat turns out they didn’t repair just blowed it up I took it back to dealer then I found out it was an ex lease car, I wasn’t very happy they didn’t tell me beforehand as I didn’t want to buy a lease vehicle, they were very rude to me and told me they had a good legal team I wouldn’t win against them if I tried to return car so I went away,the next day I took the car to an independent garage on the advice of the AA, they told me there was a timing chain issue with the car back to the dealer this Monday they had the car into their own service department they rang me Monday evening to say there was a timing chain issue but as the car was still under manufacturer warranty it would be fixed by them( car is a 2016 year Mitsubishi Outlander) they told me to ring Mitsubishi and book it in I duly rang to be told there should have been 5 yrs manufacturing warranty, they sold me an insurance to start in September 2019 to cover the car I’m guessing they didn’t realise it had 5 years instead of 3 but actually it doesn’t have any because the lease company that had it from brand new up until now have voided the warranty by not getting the car serviced when they should have, I have 3 months warranty from the dealer what’s gonna happen after that, can you please help me and tell me where I stand legally can I return this car?? But I can’t risk taking them to court I can’t afford it

  231. Hi Stuart
    I recently bought a BMW 318 from a used car dealers. I had only been driving the car on my short commute the first three days, car was fine, then I had driven the car for just over an hour the fourth day when the oil pressure warming light came on. I had the car back where they told me that they changed the oil and filter. Three days later the oil pressure light was on again. I have rejected the car being unfit for purpose as the oil pressure light being on you’re strongly advised not to drive the car. The garage say that since I have had the car back I have already agreed to let them fix the problem and the oil and filter change was their first step to fix it. I pointed out that I didn’t think an oil and filter change would make much difference since it was changed a day before I collected the car and suggested it was their choice to change the oil and filter and not to carry out a more thorough investigation. I suggested they should have done a pressure test and/or sent the oil off to a lab for analysisat the very least.
    They’re adamant that they’re in the right and we keep going round in circles with them asking me to return the car for them to carry out further tests. I have informed them that I will not drive the car in the condition it’s in in case anything major happens in destructing the engine. I’ve spoken to Citizens advice and they say I’m well within my rights to reject the vehicle. I have also spoken to my bank regarding a trackback option since I paid with my debit card, they suggested I return the car and get a receipt or get a tow truck to return it to their premises and then they will fight my case and try and get my money back, but not sure the dealers will accept under this condition.
    Would you suggest that I have a strong case to reject the car?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Gavin. It’s impossible for us to advise if you have a strong case, but if it’s in the first 30 days it’s up to you to prove the fault was there at time of purchase. Between 30 days and six months, it’s up to the dealer to prove that the fault wasn’t there at time of purchase.

      The dealer is not obliged to accept your rejection, so it will still be up to you to pursue the matter if they say no.

  232. Hi Stuart,
    I don’t know if you can help me, I have recently purchased a Volkswagen T-Roc 26/01/2019 from a Volkswagen Dealer- I took it off the forecourt ad it drove okay with no signs of fault. I took the car out the next day and this was then kangarooing. I then emailed the dear to inform him that this was happening and he didn’t quite know why this is happening. The car I’ve purchased is an automatic so it defiantly should not be able to kangaroo.
    It nearly been 2 weeks and every time I’ve taken this out within the first 10 minutes it will kangaroo. I took the car back on the 02/02/2019 for them to sit in the car and see if this happens and it didn’t (always a way) – they stated that they will have to get this checked in by the service people and it could be a software update.

    I don’t know if I can take the car back as I do not feel safe in the car as I’m driving by myself and feel dangerous to other cars that I will loose control of the car and hit someone.

    I don’t know if its best to let them check the car and hope they can feel the same fault I can when it kangaroo’s or they will come back to say nothing is wrong.

    Is there a cooling of period for a new car? which is on PCP?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Lucy. There’s no cooling-off period for a car if you bought it on the dealer’s premises. Within the first 30 days of ownership, you can reject the vehicle without having to accept an offer to repair it.

  233. Hi Stuart,

    I bought a Vauxhall Adam on PCP on 22/09/17. The car was a factory order and has only done 13,000 miles. The car has gone through three accelerators in its time, these have all be fixed under warranty. The main issue is when I go to pull away from a junction or enter a roundabout etc. the car pulls away but then slows right down almost to a stop before gradually pulling away again. I took the car back to the dealership to look at and they say they can’t find a fault, even when I took the car out with the mechanic he said the car is fine. I am not satisfied with the car and want to get rid of it. What rights do I have since the car is more than 6 months old.

    Any help would be greatly appricated.


    • Hi Harry. You’ve had the car for 18 months and are still driving it, so rejecting it under the Consumer Rights Act now is likely to be difficult. I’d suggest looking through owners’ forums and sites to see if this is a common problem with that model, as that would certainly help your cause.

    • Hi Stuart,

      I bought a Vauxhall Adam on PCP on 22/09/17. The car was a factory order and has only done 13,000 miles. The car has gone through three accelerators in its time, these have all be fixed under warranty. The main issue is when I go to pull away from a junction or enter a roundabout etc. the car pulls away but then slows right down almost to a stop before gradually pulling away again. I took the car back to the dealership to look at and they say they can’t find a fault, even when I took the car out with the mechanic he said the car is fine. I am not satisfied with the car and want to get rid of it. What rights do I have since the car is more than 6 months old.

      Any help would be greatly appricated.


      Thanks for your reply, several owner forums have expirenced the same as me, also owners of other Vauxhall models. How do I use what has been said in these forums to aid the rejection process.


    • Thanks for your reply, several owner forums have expirenced the same as me, also owners of other Vauxhall models. How do I use what has been said in these forums tl aid the rejections process.


  234. Hi Stuart

    I purchased a car from a dealer on Monday 28th January 2019, I paid in cash. On travelling home I noticed a problem with the CD player, by the evening of the Tuesday, I had no sat nav, radio or Bluetooth rendering the car unfit for use and this was obviously not as advertised. This was a Mercedes and I paid a lot of money. I spoke with customer services at the dealer on the Wednesday and awaited someone to call me back. I hadn’t heard anything on the Thursday so called them back and was advised to take it into Mercedes. Mercedes conducted a software update and tried rebooting but to no avail, they advised the car would need to be stripped back to try to ascertain the fault, this could take up to 2 1/2 weeks, it might be covered under the warranty as it is a 17 plate, they are to advise on this. Whilst at Mercedes they spoke with customer services at the dealer and advised of this. I received a call from the dealer the next day as I effectively had a car that I paid a lot of cash for that was not fit for purpose. They advised that they will arrange to pick it up this week, give me a courtesy car and take it to their local Mercedes, the dealer is 80 miles from me. I am not happy about this as I’ve paid for a car that I will not have and do not altogether trust them, I had already queried the service history as it was not carried out by Mercedes as I had been led to believe.
    I would appreciate your advice as to whether I could reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act as it is unfit for purpose and not as described, I’m worried that the fault will not be rectified correctly, this fault would have been on the car when I purchased. I have had the car for a few days.

    • You can certainly try to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act, but if it’s a stereo/satnav issue then the dealer is likely to refuse to accept your rejection by arguing that it doesn’t render the entire car faulty, so you’d then have to go to the Ombudsman or take legal action to try and force a rejection. That’s risky if the fault is something that’s relatively straightforward to fix, as there’s no guarantee that you’ll win.

      The dealer will want to handle the matter under the new car warranty, which means they would be billing Mercedes-Benz for the repair.

  235. Hi Stuart,

    Quick query for you. I bought a used Audi A6 Avant from a dealer on 5th January for £3,995. Its a 2005 model with 130,000 miles. The dealer is approx 130 miles away from me.

    On the 7th January, I’m driving along, gearbox has an issue between 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear indicator lights light up red and it goes into limp mode. Turn it off and try it again and about 200m up the road it does it again but this time it won’t go.

    I contact the dealer the morning after noting the issue and after a bit if discussion he agrees to send a recovery truck down to pick it up on the 9th.

    The 9th comes and goes and no collection. Contact him again and he says the collection guy let him down. Then says he’ll come down and collect on the 14th. It was collected on the 14th.

    He has now apparently discussed with an Audi Specialist and it is in for repair with a potential return date (TBC) of 30 January 2019.

    Three things:

    1) What are my rights if, on return, the issue returns and the gearbox fails.

    2) I assume the remainder of my initial 30 days would commence from return of the vehicle, but would it have been put on hold from development of the issue (i.e. 7th January) or collection of the vehicle by the Dealer (i.e. 14th January). Obviously this would make a difference to the time remaining of the initial 30 days.

    3) Did i need to give the Dealer a chance to repair? Having an issue within a couple of days of purchase has left some doubt in my mind as to the solidity of the car in general.

    Thanks in advance,


  236. hi Stuart

    can i have some advice i purchased a car from the dealership since i have had the car i have been having problems with DPF light coming on a number of occasions on the firs occasion i called the AA out and they said their is a fault with the DPF you cannot drive it so he recovered in back to the dealership and when the dealer ship inspected it they said their is nothing wrong with the car, they also mentioned that the technology that the AA used to find the fault is not better then their diagnostic fault finding computer so i left it at that until the light came on again so this time took a picture and emailed to the dealership and they asked me to drop the care off which i did and they have said they have cleaned the DPF so i thought it will be ok now but unfortunately it is happening again where do i stand i have had this car for only 9 months and i have been patient can ask the dealers to replace the car it is still under warranty.

  237. hello stuart,i purchased a car on 1st december which 2 weeks later developed gear box problems.i then contacted the seller who told me to use the warranty which i did.today i heard back from them quoting me a price of £2750 (£1000 covered by the warranty) for the repairs.we only used the car for 2 weeks clocking up 200 miles in the process.do i have a case to get the money from the seller to pay for the repairs regards Gary

    • Hi Gary. If the gearbox is faulty, I’d say you probably have valid grounds to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. As you are beyond the first 30 days, it will be up to the selling dealer to prove that the fault was not present at the time of purchase. They will have the right to attempt a repair before you are entitled to proceed with a rejection.

  238. Hello!
    I am looking for advice- we bought car from Motordepot 19.09.2018, at the point of sale, there were some body damage , which was agreed to be fixed week after( we have signed copy of this arrangement)! When we went hope and had speak 70 miles we had a funny feeling, car is pulling to the left, so i called our dealer abd informed about this! So they said they will look at it when we arrange service- they did it worse, car was pulling more to the left, body damage wasn’t fixed as they have to send car away to another place and steering wheel was not straight! So after we again cane back for another service- nothing been done! During 1,5 months time car been 3 times for service, I contacted their head office and head meeting with Motor Depot complaint officer- he agreed car has faults, nothing been fixed and car seems to be in the accident ( which we didnt know nothing about- MOT perfect! So they offered to exchange car- after few weeks they said they have no offer , so i put a complaint to Financial company-30.11.2018 ( after following all guidance from Trading standards)! 04.01.2019. We had inspection for our car- they confirmed all faults and excepted that we can return car! Their offer- 200 pounds compensation, deposit refund and any administration canselation fee will be covered. No refund for invested money into payments and etc, also no moral compensation, living in stress since we baught a car! Do i have rights to ask for more compensation! My desicion is- if i am not happy with second offer- i am emailing Financial Ombudsman service! Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi Rita. It sounds like you are rejecting the car through the dealer by your own negotiation rather than via the Consumer Rights Act. In that case, it’s up to you, the dealer and the finance company to negotiate whatever you can agree to.

  239. Hello, we brought a car last weekend after 48 hours of use and under 100 miles of driving in total, the clutch has appeared to go. We are almost certain this is the issue, which has meant the car is completely undrivable and we had it recovered home. We have since contacted the dealership to inform them of this, they have offered to get it recovered to them for a fee of £150 but cannot guarantee they will fix this free of charge. We have not committed to sending it back yet for it to be repaired but after reading reviews of the business, their customer service since this fault and due to the nature of the problem rendering the car unusable we want to reject it. Are we within our rights to do so or do we need to let them fix it as looking at peoples past experiences they seem to bodge the job to last a few months till the end of warranty and I have no confidence now in the car to be fit nor safe to use?

    • No, as previous stated, if you are rejecting the car in the first 30 days under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 then you do not need to accept a repair. However, that doesn’t mean that the dealer will agree to your rejection and happily refund your money.

  240. Hi, looking for any advice. we purchased a 12 plate antara for near £9000 in february 2018. it went back a few times to fix issues and they refused to fix a few of them like chips in windscreen and back bumper trim they glued on badly . engine management came on and noises from underneath. we were told noise was normal for a 4×4 and engine management ( limp mode ) was just reset only. less than 8000 miles later , in december , the transfer box has packed in, they wear through the casing from the inside , ( common fault ) . we contacted the dealers head office aswell who refused to do anything at all. is there anything we can do , or are we stuck with the bill . car has now got 40,000 miles and full service history.

    • Hi Chris. Trying to reject a vehicle after 11 months is going to be tricky, as the onus is on you to prove that the car was faulty when you bought it. As much as you might know it was faulty when you bought it, you need to be able to prove it. You’ll probably need a good lawyer to assist you, but even then you’re probably going to be fighting an uphill battle.

  241. Hi Stuart,
    Please may I have your advice ?
    I purchased a brand new car on the 23.12.18 and noticed it was leaking oil on the 20.12.18 and took it straight back to the dealership.
    They gave me a curtesy car and it is now the 7.1.19 and I have not heard anything from them.
    Can you tell me where it states that the 30 day short term rejection is extended by the time the dealership have your car ?
    Also do you think the massive oil leak is grounds to reject my car ?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Michelle. For the purposes of the Consumer Rights Act, your ownership clock effectively stops when the dealer has the vehicle. So if you had it for three days and then it has been back in the dealership for three months, for the purposes of the Consumer Rights Act you’ve only owned it for three days.

      This doesn’t apply to any other aspect of the car, like your finance, warranty, insurance, road tax, etc. It’s included in the Consumer Rights Act purely to stop a dealer parking a car for more than 30 days to prevent you from executing a lawful rejection.

    • Hi Stuart
      Thanks for answering my query, I was looking for where the “clock stopping” clause is written in the Act so that I can refer to it when dealing with the finance company as they are not aware of this rule so they are saying that my 30 days has run out.

      Many thanks

  242. Hi Stuart. Can i have some advice please.

    I purchased a vauxhall crossland X on finance (4 years with lump sum at end) in March 18. The vehicle has had problems from 5 months old with the strut mounts/suspension and front wheels. I have had to take it back to lookers/vauxhall on 4 occassions for repair. The problem has reoccured again and I am not happy nor do I feel safe in the vehicle. I am expecting a baby in June and do not want any further complications. I am wanting to walk away from the vehicle as i do not feel it is fullfilling its purpose. What are my options and it is as easy as it may seem? I want to go back to the dealership as soon as possible but as a 24 year old woman I feel as though the blind side me with terminology and I don’t always understand what they mean. Thank you

    • Hi Charlotte. Rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act after 10-odd months of ownership is harder than it would have been in the first six months. The onus is on you to prove that the car was faulty when you purchased it, and since your problems did not start occurring until after five months, that’s not going to be easy.

      If the car is still under its new car warranty (which it should be), you can argue your case with Vauxhall and the dealership for a replacement car, but you are unlikely to be able to walk away with your finance cancelled.

  243. Hi Stuart

    Need your urgent help.
    I bought a Jaguar XF 2013 model with 49K mileage on it on 12 th Dec 2018. On 15th Dec 2018 the car broke down on the motorway suddenly, which was scary and the engine emission light showing on Dashboard with “Restricted Performance” warning. I immediately contacted the dealer and return the car. I told them that i want a full refund under consumer act 2015 as the car broke down within 2 days of its purchase.

    They have listed the car on Auto trader as Manufactured approved but did not gave me Manufactured approved warranty instead gave me their own warranty which i was not aware.

    Now they have fix the car but they are not giving me full refund. Could you please advise what shall i do ? I am too nervous to take the car back as i have paid 13172 for the car ? Iam not sure about the timeframe it will take if we go via court route and also the expenses :( between they have not given any loan cars to us and they are Jaguar Franchise.

    • Your right to reject the car depends on what sort of fault it is. If it is an easy fix, it’s difficult to force the dealer to accept a rejection. However, the dealer should have been more upfront about what the problem was and what was required to fix it. Unfortunately, there’s no clear definition of what is considered an ‘acceptable’ fault to reject a car.

      The description of the vehicle being “manufacturer approved” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a manufacturer warranty. In fact, it can mean different things depending on the manufacturer – but basically means that the car is being sold by a manufacturer franchised dealership (in your case, a Jaguar dealer) rather than an independent garage.

  244. Hi Stuart,

    I purchased a car on the 16th of December and received it on the 18th. On the 19th I noticed a build up of damp within the car seats, carpets and seat belts (it had rained the previous night) seemingly because there’s an issue with the seals. The water leak has also got into the tail lights causing condensation build up around them. By the 21st the back of the car had completely covered with mould. Judging by the speed at which it grew, I believe there was mould build up already in the sponge of the seats. As a person who will be transporting asthmatics (family members) the build up of mould means the car is not satisfactory for me. I also believe the build up of damp in the tail lights means its not fit for purpose as they could blow at any point while im on the road. I have rejected the vehicle (6 days after purchase) but the dealer says he is not willing to give a full refund and wants to go to court. Would you say I have rights to reject the vehicle.

    • Hi Joevan. The condensation in the brake lights is probably not sufficient cause to reject the vehicle (they can easily be replaced if necessary), but the mould inside the car is probably grounds to reject the vehicle. However, it may also depend on how old the car is and the mileage on it.

      If the dealer wants you to take him to court, you’ll need to get some legal assistance to help you make your case.

    • Thank you for the response and advice. I have put the claim in and will seek legal advice. The car is from 2003 with 56,000 on the clock.

  245. Hello Stuart

    I recently purchased a used car from a local dealer, a three-year-old BMW 4 Series.

    The service history showed an outstanding EGR valve recall so the car was booked into BMW by myself to have this checked. On collection of the vehicle, BMW informed me that the EGR valve was recalibrated ok but they had issues updating the car’s software.

    A CAN BUS Blocker had been discovered wired to the back of the odometer. The device is used to hold back mileage and block DTC errors. The odometer is now stuck on 999999. BMW does not know what this will cost to rectify, the dealer I purchased the car from does not want to know.

    The HP company are starting an investigation which takes eight weeks. Citizens advice said I can reject the car even if it is outside the 30-day purchase period which I am trying to exercise. Also, the warranty is now void because of this device.

    What can I do? my guess is that there are thousands of these devices out there waiting to be discovered, possible fitted by people who have leased the car but want to keep the mileage within their agreed term, or for faults to be hidden from the dash warning indicators.

    Advice Please


    • Hi Keith. To reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act, your claim is against the dealer who sold you the car and who now “doesn’t want to know”. For the best chance of getting any or all of your money back, you should get a lawyer on your side to act on your behalf.

  246. Hi Stuart,
    I purchased a 2010 peugeot 308, 59k, from a dealer on 18 oct 2018, within 24 hours i had to contact the dealer as there was a very clear smell of exhaust fumes in the car and there was also no heating in the car.He told me to go to the garage over the road from him and they will look,they diagnosed leaking rocker gasket and oil on exhaust ( did not smell of burning oil,definately exhaust fumes) as i wasn’t under the car i took their word and it was booked in and gasket replaced,the guy at the garage said leave it a week before moaning again as we cleaned the exhaust but it may smell a bit for a few days, fair enough off i went (heating wasn’t looked at)5 days later got sick of the smell so went to independent garage who checked exhaust and the manifold had a crack in it,armed with this i contacted dealer and said i have stopped driving the car as it is poisoning us and i intend on rejecting the car,the dealer rang me and said he will book it into another garage,i said i would rather just return it as i don’t want a car with this fault.The dealer said i can’t return for a refund and i have to give him one chance to repair (me not being strong willed agreed and it went to garage) Garage found 2 cracks in manifold and welded it,also replaced thermostat housing to sort heating and off i went.It now smells again and i have also been getting eml on and had it diagnosed that it needs a full oil flush,new oil and filter and both camshaft dephaser sensors renewing at a cost of £378 due to poor servicing (car has full s/h and only 1100 miles since the dealer serviced it).i messaged him about this but got no reply,i know if i go see him i will be fobbed off as i don’t fully understand my rights,any advice would be appreciated, thanks

    • Hi Craig. You may have the Consumer Rights Act on your side, but that doesn’t mean that the dealer will play nicely. Your best bet is to get a legal firm to help you out – they tend to have a lot more success forcing dealers to comply with the law.

  247. I purchased a vehicle from an independent dealer and laid cash for it, I returned the vehicle within a week having made them aware that there were a number of issues that I was unhappy about. They advised me that they would refund my money. Despite the fact that I have discovered that they have now sold the vehicle to another party I still haven’t received the monies that I paid, they have (in writing) told me that the funds will be paid back by a specific date, but have failed to do so, suggesting that they are waiting for ‘cash flow to improve’ or ‘a deal to complete’. It’s a significant amount of money, what should my next action be? Thank you.

    • Hi Andrew. It’s annoying, as none of their excuses are your problem. If they’ve sold the car on, they should have enough money to pay you back.

      They are presumably pushing you back as you’re just a customer, so they’re still making their rent and finance payments. Unfortunately, that’s likely to keep happening until they have more money in the bank or until you get a lawyer to start writing threatening letters on your behalf.

  248. Hi Stuart, a very clear article, thank you. But sadly the law is very vague on what constitutes grounds for rejection. I bought a Ford Mondeo from 2008 on Nov 15, and it turns out to have a lot of water ingress on the passenger side, both front and back. I scooped out two liters of water just from the footwell in front of the rear passenger side seat! The dealer who sold me the car is 2 hours from me, so when I took the car to a local garage, they said there was evidence that someone had already tried to fix the leak, and that everything including the wiring is soaked. They could not find the leak, though.

    So does this kind of water ingress make a car faulty, and is it enough reason to reject a car? In my view it means the car is not of satisfactory quality, as one can’t drive a car around with passengers’ feet in 1 inch of water, plus it’ll rot the carpet, rust the body and affect the wiring. That an attempt has already been made to fix the leak suggests that the cause is not easy to find let alone fix. The dealer has, after shouting at me down the phone, and saying the car is 10 years old and water ingress is not covered, agreed to have it looked at, but this will be at a time after the 30-day period, and without guarantees.

    There’s another comment further down of someone struggling with water ingress, so it’d be great have your opinion on this. Thank you!

  249. Hi Stuart,
    i bought used vehicle from Evans Halshaw and in the very next hour of purchase it came up with Engine Management Light and i immediately rang them up and was advised to take it to nearest dealership next day. so i took it to dealership and by the end of the day i was told that our technician could not find any problem and they reset it. it came back on again in 2 days and since 1 week its been at dealer and it hasn’t even been 3 weeks and the Engine Management problem pops up. so am i entitled to get refund or shall i reject the car under the consumer Rights?

    • Hi Faruk. There is no specific guidance for what sort of fault is sufficient to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. However, if a fault is stopping the car from actually doing its job of transporting you from A to B, you would generally have a good case to reject it.

  250. Hi Stuart,

    I recently purchased a Alfa Guiletta QV Line automatic within the last 6 months. Prior to purchasing the vehicle, I noticed the parking lever stuck in gear and was very difficult to get out on occasions. I asked for this to be investigated by email, which I have kept. When I collected the vehicle I was informed by the sales staff its a characteristic of the vehicle. I took this on face value. Over the months it seem to have worsened. Then one morning a transmission error flashed on my dash. AA came and said its a fault with the sensor and gear lever locating pin, not recognising it’s in park. The fault was cleared and all as okay. The very next day the same fault happened again, car not recognising it’s in park and the AA took the vehicle down to the dealership. Almost 3 weeks later the car was given back. I immediate went on holiday, upon my return and first usage of the vehicle the fault reappeared. Same fault codes and same fault present. I’m getting it recovered into the dealership today.

    I spent a small fortune on this vehicle and would love some advise. Ideally I don’t want a vehicle that will keep breaking down with the same fault. I feel if they would have investigated this issue at the time of me questioning it properly we wouldn’t be in this situation now… I do want to refuse the vehicle and would like to know where I stand.

    • Hi Patrick. I’ve driven several Giuliettas and have never had this problem, so I doubt that it’s a “characteristic of the vehicle”.

      If you are still within your first six months, you can reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act and it’s up to the dealer to prove that the fault was not present at time of purchase. Given that you have email correspondence confirming the problem, this should be very helpful to your case.

    • Thank you for your assistance. I shall opt to return the vehicle as I’m totally dissatisfied.

      Many thanks.

  251. Purchased a Toyota Hilux from a reputable garage on 24th October but have still not received V5 document. On enquiry to DVLA they have no record of the vehicle being registered to me, how do I stand if there is an issue with the vehicle in the interim. The garage keep saying its the DVLA but they say I have to complete another form and pay £25.

    • Hi Morag. If you have to complete another form and pay £25, you are within your rights to bill that back to the garage. Whether or not they agree to pay it is another story, however.

  252. Dear Stuart,
    We got HP used car 2 years ago, in 2018, second half, 182, 4 mounts old, 5000 miles, we paid extra €1000 to cover 3 years guaranteed period. We are paying regular to our finance company, we will become owners of the car in 2 more years (HP plan for 4 years in total)
    During last 2 years we had a problem with clutch 3 times, 1st time after less than 10000 miles driving!
    3 times we had to bring the car to to the dealer garage, and 3 times we were assured that “the problem is fixed”! The last time they even asked us to pay €1200, we complained to the manager and just refused to pay, as car is in guarantee, and they just fixed it (or just told us that its fixed) with no any charges. The dealer offered us to exchange the car, but we have to pay extra, as they gave us a really low price for our car as they said ” as your car has a problem, you know that”! We think its unacceptable, there is a factory defect probably and instead of to apologise and help us to solve the problem, they want us to pay more money!
    Now we wold like just to reject the car, and get full refund. We are planning to meet with our finance company. Advice please, what we have to do? It is a huge stress for us! Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Jana

  253. I leased a Mercedes and rejected it within the 30 day period and still waiting for the finance company to respond. Meanwhile I cannot drive the car at night as it is not safe. Basically the dashboard lights are not bright and cannot be seen when driving at night so I cannot use the controls (eg to demist the window). The local Mercedes garage says that this is not a fault and that this is a factory setting. What are my rights please as I cannot drive this car – I have small children and it is not safe to drive. The finance company are not answering my messages and just keep fobbing me off. I have cancelled the monthly payments now and want to just drop the car back with them.

    • Hi Eva. I’ve never heard of a new car’s dashboard lights being so dim that they are unsafe. Assuming that the lights are turned all the way up (there’ll be a dimmer control somewhere), you’d need to check your car against a similar model to see if there’s any difference.

    • Thanks Stuart. I’ve taken it into s Mercedes garage and they say it’s the factory setting but agree it’s too dim to see at night! I don’t know what else to do. Am I within my tights just to return the car as I cannot drive it at night? And let the finance company take it up with Mercedes? Thank you

    • You are within your rights to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act if you feel it is faulty, but it will probably be a difficult case to win if the car is performing as it is designed to do. I’d suggest getting some legal assistance to help you work through the process.

  254. Hi, i brought a car 20 days ago but since then i have noticed various issues with the car. Firstly i noticed there was excessive water on the back and passenger side carpets which the dealer said is due to a £50 valet and should dry out in a day or two. I decided to take it to a local garage and they said the smell indicates that there is a leak somewhere. Then i noticed that the bonnet does not open, and that the lever is broke, the air vents do not work and just last week the car would not start. Upon inspection fron the RAC, they advised that the starter motor was gone and needed replacing with a cost of £200.

    I have tried to contact the dealer but there is no answer and the one time he did answer, he stated that he could not do anything about it as it was fine upon point of sale.

    Can i still reject the car, and what are my options if the dealer is non responsive?

    I would appreciate if you could reply quickly as its 30 days on 10.12.2018.

    Thank tou

  255. Dear Stuart wonder if you could help me, I brought a 66 plate hyundai 130 tourer diesel in May 2018. Since having the vehicle the car has gone back 2 times , twice for fuel , so 2 fuel sensors have been replaced and the other fixture was electrical. Each time i have had a courtesy car and cost wiped, all i have paid for is fuel. Recently the car came back advising i need 3 new tyres and back breaks disks as they are binding and low. They mentioned i had oil level higher than normal, this is nothing down to us my husband and i havent touched it. When the vehicle previously went in nothing of the above was mentioned. I have requested that report and it states the same , oil level high and mention of tyres, but no one physically informed me.
    I have been in contact with the company that i brought vehicle from and they advised i am lucky to buy this car at the price, the car left the show room at their expected standards and they wont do anything. I have explained the issues i am getting is likely from a 8 year old car not 2 year old. Even still garage will do nothing.
    Am i expecting to much? should i be replacing 3 tyres, brake disks and pads and accepting high oil levels, baring in mind i have only had the car 6 months. I have been advised that the grinding could lead to replacement of calliper ….

  256. Hi stuart,
    I bought a used 2015 ford focus on 17/09/2018 from a Evans Halshaw and traded in my Honda jazz I got 3000 pound for it and bought the focus at the first week the car had the front sensor beeping even there is nothing that caused the sensor to beep, also the tyre pressure lamp came up on the dashboard it has been coming up for a few times I made an appointment at the branch and told them the situation and they took the car to fix the issue a on the same day the sensor started to do the same issue again and the tyre pressure lamp comes on and off. I went to the dealer to tell him that I want to sell the car back and they told me that it will break even and I won’t get any money back. When purchased the vehicle it comes with a gps card which I had to wait for it around a month to pick it up.
    My second issue is that they lied to me when I bought the car they told if I get the gap asset protection I would get all my money I spent to purchase the car back plus and saying that the interest of the car will kick in after a year of purchasing the car on finance and finding out after requesting my balance that all the money I pay monthly is drained up by the interest.
    I am still in the 3 month of cooling period is there anything that I could do?

  257. I bought a Volvo V40 in may this year noticed airbag light was coming on and off ignored thinking it was a minor issue but over the next 4 months other lights on my dash came on and finally it kept going into limp mode the dealer I nought it off gas trued two times to repair but the fault keeps returning. I’m at my wits end the car is on finance what can I do I need it for my work what rights do I have
    The dealer has had enough chances to put right

  258. Hi Stuart,

    I took delivery of a brand new Renault Zoe on the 15/11/18. Upon trying to charge it from my Renault installed home charger on the 17th having covered 97 miles, it wouldn’t accept a charge.
    On the 18th, I returned the Zoe to the supplying dealer who gave me a lift home in the demo Zoe and to test the home charger which worked therefore the fault clearly lay with the new car. I await the fault diagnosis but my question is due to short time of ownership and severity of fault am I able to reject the car? and claim a refund of all monies paid

    • the dealer has now carried out a repair to the car the fault was the locking mechanism that holds the charge cable and locks it in place. the repair was a same day repair though I had to point them in the right direction as they were very reluctant to listen to a mere customer as all they wanted to do was plug it in and observe the fault that followed on from non connection also the manageress had a very dismissive attitude and reluctantly did the bare minimum to assist on the day the fault was brought to them. Basically my relationship and trust in them as dealers has been severely dented I no longer consider them as being relied upon to do everything they should to give a great customer experience and any future problems will be met with the same poor levels of care and response. Did the fault that my vehicle experienced which don’t forget renders it undriveable due to non power supply give me the right to legally reject it within the sale of goods act 30 day no quibble period ? please help and reply asap appreciated,
      Paul keys

    • Hi Paul. If it is a simple fault and easily fixed (which it sounds like it was), you are unlikely to succeed in rejecting the car via the Consumer Rights Act. The quality of the Renault dealer’s customer service may have been poor, but that’s not sufficient grounds to reject a car.