How high do you rank on the road rage scale?

The Carcraft road rage gauge

This article is brought to you by Jennings Motor Group.

Road rage, we’ve all encountered it.  In fact, just the other day I was yelled at for keeping to the speed limit whilst driving through a small village.  Outrageous behaviour, I know! 

Although it’s a major issue, the vast majority of us pin the blame for this epidemic squarely on our fellow road users, ignoring the fact that maybe, it is actually ourselves guilty of getting over-agitated behind the wheel.

This is the reason why Jennings Motor Group created the “Road Rage Ranker” designed to see if you’re are one of those running riot on our roads.

Dale Gillespie, Digital Marketing Manager for Jennings Motor Group, expanded on the idea behind the Road Rage Ranker: “We all know that road rage exists but we don’t usually admit that we suffer from it, it’s always someone else’s fault!  The Road Rage Ranker is designed to show you how worked up you can get whilst behind the wheel.

“We believe that once people see their results, they’ll realise that driving needn’t be such a stressful experience, and become safe, happier drivers for it.”

They’ve also provided their top five calming techniques to keep you fully in control if you ever feel the red mist start to descend.

  • Use breathing tactics to keep calm – Deep, controlled breathing can help put things into perspective.
  • Keep images on your dashboard to remind you what really matters
  • Make sure get a good night’s sleep – You’re far more like to get irritated when you’re tired.
  • Don’t take it personally – Bad drivers are equally annoying to everybody. Remember that you’re not the only one!
  • Keep smiling! – A friendly demeanour helps to diffuse situations and makes you feel better on the inside as well!

You can have a go at the Road Rage Ranker yourself below…

Brought to you by Jennings Motor Group

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  1. I hate to admit it but i thought (Like many others probably do) that I have a right to get annoyed- after all someone else is making the mistake, not me but it turns out I am 50% angrier than the average person who took this test!

  2. Road rage can be a huge problem some days. I suppose a few people will always get wound up by learner drivers. just take deep breath and think some pleasant thoughts.


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