Road safety is an ongoing issue around the world

To highlight UK Road Safety Week next week (9-15 June), the guys at Woodstock Motors have sent us this infographic looking at road safety statistics and regulations around the world.

Improving road safety – a never-ending mission

The infographic shows some of the differences in road safety standards and, correspondingly, road safety laws in different companies and regions. Europe can be pleased that it leads the rest of the world in terms of lowest number of road deaths, although there are still notable areas to improve. The UK, shamefully, still clings onto the outdated drink-driving limits of 0.08% blood alcohol, whereas most of the world’s educated countries have long since reduced this to 0.05% or less. As usual, the USA has limited national leadership on road rules, with states exercising their own discretion as they see fit. However, it is important to keep in mind that safety standards are continually improving, largely due to improved safety levels of modern cars. Manufacturers are pushing harder and harder to ensure that their cars protect their occupants as much possible in the event of an accident, and avoid accidents in the first place.

Much good has been done, but there is always more to do.

Road safety worldwide infographic (The Car Expert)


  1. That’s a very good infographic which shows there is much to do out there on the road. It’s a bit sad how child safety is linked to financial income. But then child seats can be a very expensive item.

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