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Skoda Enyaq gets fast charging upgrade

Skoda has released an update for its all-electric Enyaq iV SUV, giving rapid charging capabilities of up to 125kW to select models in the range.

It may still be a very new model, but Skoda has already updated the Enyaq iV SUV line-up with better fast charging capabilities to selected models in the range.

This upgrade, sent out as an over-the-air software update to existing cars, applies to the Enyaq iV 60, 80, 80X and RS models, but has not been applied to the entry-level Enyaq iV 50.

Previously, all models in the range had a maximum charging rate of up to 50kW as standard, but the Enyaq iV 60 can now handle up to 120kW, while the Enyaq iV 80 and 80 SportLine models have a maximum charging rate of 125kW.

Enyaq iV ModelPower outputOfficial battery rangeCharging rate
50146hp211 miles50kW (no update)
60177hp242 miles120kW (post-update)
80200hp311 miles125kW (post-update)
80X257hp286 miles125kW (post-update)
RS302hp286 miles125kW (post-update)

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Enyaq owners may not notice any difference in the short term. As of December 2021, there are only around 1,100 rapid charging stations that can provide over 100kW charging – out of a total of nearly 28,000 charging points across the UK. However, as more rapid chargers are added to the public network, owners will start to enjoy faster charging on a more regular basis when out and about.

This update is likely to improve the media’s already favourable opinion of the Skoda Enyaq, which is listed as joint-top of the medium SUV class (along with the considerably more expensive Jaguar I-Pace) in our Autumn Expert Rating Index report, with an Expert Rating of 85%.

Sean Rees
Sean Rees
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