Smoking can decrease the value of a car by up to £2000

Getting a good valuation of your car when you are looking to sell is the ideal situation for car owners. However, mileage and age may not be the only things significantly affecting your car value.

Motors reports: Smoking can drag a car’s trade-in value down by as much as £2,000, data experts at HPI are estimating.

The vehicle valuation service says there are two main impacts smoking has on a vehicle – physical damage to the interior and smell, the latter of which being something many smokers believe can be resolved by using an air freshener.

Fernando Garcia, consumer director at HPI, said: “There is often no obvious visual damage, but the smell of smoke is a major problem for motor dealers. Smoke becomes ingrained in the fabric of the car and climate control system, requiring a professional valet and specialist tools to clean the air conditioning.”

HPI are warning motorists of the detriment smoking can take on the value of their car to coincide with Stoptober – a 28-day national stop smoking challenge that runs until the end of October.

Garcia added: “Unless consumers want to see the residual value of their vehicles literally go up in smoke, I’d urge them to try to quit or at the very least refrain from smoking inside the car when driving.”

The effect of cigarettes on your car interior and ultimately your wallet are the lesser known motor-related negatives of cigarettes. Participating in Stoptober could be highly beneficial because of this on top of the well-known health-related issues.

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