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Tech upgrades for Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5

Volkswagen has announced that it has updated its electric ID.4 and ID.5 models with an infotainment upgrade and battery improvements

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Volkswagen has announced that it has made several alterations to its ID.4 SUV and ID.5 coupé-SUV models, including an infotainment upgrade, battery improvements and a new optional sound system.

The mid-sized electric SUV market is incredibly competitive at the moment, and with newer models like the Nissan Ariya, Toyota bZ4X and the updated Audi Q4 e-tron now challenging for EV sales, Volkswagen has given its competing ID.4 and ID.5 model lines a few bits of new tech in the hopes of giving them the edge over their rivals.

To start, Volkswagen says it has improved the battery power and range in both cars, using a new drive unit developed for the larger ID.7 saloon which is now available to order here in the UK. The upgrade means that the ID.4 and ID.5 now have an output of 286hp, and you should feel the difference when you put your foot down, as the brand says that this change adds 75% more torque, jumping from 310 to 545Nm.

Volkswagen adds that the new power unit ups the ID.4’s battery range by an additional 11 miles – now a 337-mile maximum on a single charge. The slightly more aerodynamic ID.5 can muster a reported 339 miles on a full battery – 12 miles more than the pre-facelift version. Charging speeds have also been improved, as new models will be able to charge at up to 175kW, instead of the previous 135kW limit.

The most noticeable change, however, can be found inside – a larger 13-inch infotainment screen in the middle of the dashboard, with illuminated slider controls for cabin temperature. To make room for the larger screen, Volkswagen’s engineers have moved the drive selector onto the steering column, like on the ID.7.

Volkswagen has taken some flack for its infotainment voice assistant feature in the past, and says that this model refresh makes the software respond more precisely to natural voice commands and offers new functions, now allowing you to ask about weather information, sports event scores or stock market prices.

Finally, the brand’s optional ‘Digital Sound Package’ has been replaced by a ten-speaker Harman Kardon sound system which is only available as an optional extra for rear-wheel-drive ‘Pro’ and high-power GTX versions here in the UK. There is a new exterior colour option too – a ‘Costa Azul’ metallic blue.

That sums up this fairly minor model line refresh – prices for the ID.4 now begin at just over £46k, while an entry-level ID.5 model now costs just under £51k new.


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