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The best luxury cars you can lease right now

As the new year approaches, we breakdown the best luxury cars on the market, all available to lease today.

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Leasing a brand new car rather than buying one outright can open your window to a whole new world of vehicles. 

By choosing to lease your next car, you can enjoy the height of luxury, choosing from some of the top manufacturers on the market.

Gone are the days of the three German heavyweights being your only options for something more premium.

A luxurious driving experience doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag either, so we’re picking out the best luxury cars to lease for every budget. With leasing deals making more expensive vehicles available at competitive monthy payments, you might find a car falling into your budet that you had thought was well beyond your means.

Tesla Model 3 

Tesla Model 3 (2019 onwards) Expert Rating

The most recent variants of the Model 3 personify luxury and depending on which spec you choose, they don’t have to come with the matching premium price tag either.

With a Tesla Model 3 lease deal, you can enjoy high-quality materials, a fantastic flowing design and an immersive driving experience in one of the best EVs on the road. In fact, it has one of the highest scores of any premium compact saloon, according to The Car Expert’s unique Expert Rating Index.

This is luxury driving done to a modern standard. Exceptional comfort levels, matched with a tremendous amount of space for both driver and passengers, resulting in a wonderful experience for all. 

BMW 8 Series

BMW 8 Series coupe (2018 onwards) – Expert Rating

If you want something a little more traditional, the 8 Series remains a reliable choice for your next BMW lease deal

One of the most sophisticated models in the entire BMW line-up, it personifies luxury. It’s a vehicle that can do the best of both worlds. Wafting around blissfully but within the blink of an eye, the 8 Series can provide you with all the performance you could ever need. 

Volvo XC40 

Volvo XC40 – Small SUV Class Champion of 2021

Family cars don’t just have to be practical workhorses that are resilient to the challenges of everyday life, they can still provide you with that element of luxury on the road. 

If you want to do your road trips in style, the XC40 is one of the best car lease deals you can choose. 

With a Volvo XC40 lease deal you can enjoy some of the best comfort levels you’ll find in any compact SUV, a design fitting of some of its more premium rivals and not to mention the immense reliability and safety features that come with the Swedish manufacturer. 

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class | Expert Rating

Mercedes knows a thing or two about luxury. Explore its well-refined line-up and you’re met with a wealth of tantalising options, from the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class to the brilliant, yet ludicrous G-Class. 

However, there are still a few exciting options if you want to experience some of that luxury without paying the top price. 

Mercedes C-Class lease deal gives you some of those same premium touches that you’ll find in the top models, for a fraction of the price.

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga (2020 onwards) – Expert Rating

For many, Bentley is the ultimate luxury brand. And no model represents that more so than the Bentley Bentayga.

This is more than a vehicle, it’s a piece of art. Featuring handcrafted materials and the most innovative technology that sees the Bentayga excel above and beyond its rivals.

With the choice of a raucous V8 engine or the more efficient hybrid option, you have the option to experience outstanding performance that matches the levels of luxury on offer.

Range Rover

Range Rover (2012 onwards) Expert Rating | The Car Expert

The most luxurious and sophisticated model in the Land Rover Range Rover line-up, few vehicles can compare to the latest Range Rover.

Crafted with sustainable, premium materials, the Range Rover is truly bespoke and has always been viewed as the ultimate status symbol.

Described as a ‘sanctuary of superior travel’, it’s hard to find anything more luxurious than a Range Rover lease

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