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The complete guide to choosing your next BMW

John Clark BMW brings you a guide to the enormous choice of saloon, estates, SUVs and sports cars that make up the BMW range

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Walking into a BMW dealership feels rather like walking into a sweet shop as a child. Temptation everywhere you look, so much so that you couldn’t possibly choose just one!

With a tantalising range to suit anyone from family buyers to performance enthusiasts, you are sure to find the perfect BMW to suit you. Let’s have a look at the BMW range in more detail to find out which one you should pick. 

1 Series

The 1 Series is the smallest model in the BMW range, and its current incarnation was launched in 2019. BMW has finally given in and made the new 1 Series front-wheel drive, freeing up interior space and improving practicality in the process.

There is a choice between two petrol versions, including the hot M135i which offers a blistering 306bhp from its 2.0-litre litre turbo unit to please the petrolheads among us, and the 1.5-litre 118i for those looking for something a little less dramatic.

Diesel buyers will enjoy a choice of three versions in the form of the 116d, 118d and 120d depending on your power and fuel economy needs.

2 Series

The BMW 2 Series is one of the more flexible models in the range, boasting a wide choice between a compact two- or four-door coupe, a convertible, a five- or seven-seat people carrier and even the breathtaking M2 coupe.

The 2 Series range is compact and adaptable to the needs of busy families who are looking for both practicality and good design – and even larger families who need seven seats can still travel in style. The interior is high quality, and with a wide choice of petrol and diesel engines, the 2 Series will be a versatile companion. 

3 Series

Picture a BMW in your mind, and the ubiquitous 3 Series is likely to pop into your head first. One of BMW’s most popular models for families, fleet drivers and car enthusiasts alike, the 3 Series is offered in either saloon or Touring estate versions.

A brace of petrol and diesel versions, the fuel-sipping 330e hybrid and the iconic M3 performance model, make this luxury saloon a great choice for almost any buyer.

If you’re looking for a more assertive looking 3 Series, the popular M Sport versions feature sporty touches, including larger wheels, a bodykit, M badging and sports seats to make it feel more like the M3 flagship.

4 Series

Once upon a time, the BMW 3 Series range included coupe and convertible versions, but in more recent years this has evolved into the 4 Series, which offers a 2-door coupe or convertible, or the increasingly popular 4 door Gran Coupe version.

The Gran Coupe offers a large opening rear hatch for surprising practicality, while having a lower and smoother profile, to set it apart from its more traditionally-shaped 3 Series sibling.

As with the 3 Series, look out for M Sport models to really give the 4 Series some style, or indeed the M4 if you’re looking for the ultimate performance car experience. 

5 Series

Much like its smaller 3 Series sibling, the BMW 5 Series is a perfectly balanced, practical, luxurious yet sporting car, and is loved by family buyers, keen drivers and fleet managers alike. It is available as a spacious saloon or a cavernous Touring estate, with a choice of petrol, diesel or hybrid versions to suit your driving needs.

M Sport versions add extra styling touches to give you a taste of the M5 super saloon. The 5 Series will swallow your family and luggage and eat motorway miles for breakfast. 

7 Series

BMW’s iconic luxury powerhouse lives on in the shape of the latest 7 Series, which offers short and long-wheelbase versions and a range of engines to offer effortless cruising in style and sophistication.

There are few cars that can match the special feeling of climbing aboard the BMW 7 Series, either as a driver or rear seat passenger.

8 Series

For 7 Series luxury in a svelte grand tourer package, look no further than the BMW 8 Series, which is the ultimate large cruiser and is available in either 2-door coupe or convertible versions, or the 4-door Gran Coupe.

Powerful petrol and diesel engine choices ensure effortless and satisfying progress out on the open road. 


The Z4 two-seater roadster is a beauty to behold with its hardtop roof either up or down. Offered with a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine delivering a brisk 197bhp to the rear wheels, you are guaranteed an enjoyable and thrilling drive on the open roads, made even more intoxicating when the roof is down on a nice day.


BMW hasn’t missed the trend of SUV travel and has answered the call with a raft of SUVs, perfectly sized for everyone.

The X1 is the smallest but is still a practical and attractive car, and has been designed to look like its bigger brothers. The X3 has moved upmarket in recent years and is now a luxurious but assertively sporty looking lifestyle SUV. It also provides the platform for the new all-electric iX3.

The X5 is an imposing luxury car and has retained a significant market share ever since its launch at the turn of the century. If that isn’t enough, the behemoth X7 is the SUV equivalent of the 7 Series, offering unmatched interior space and opulence. 


In the knowledge that governments want to phase out internal combustion engines, BMW has invested heavily in electric technology, which began with the quirky and futuristic i3. Its compact footprint and decent range make the i3 a great choice for city dwellers and commuters.

As well as offering hybrid tech on many of its models, BMW is now expanding the range of electric cars with the iX3, i4 and the iX. Expect to see a rapid expansion of BMW’s electric selection in the coming years.

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