Yesterday we looked at the bottom half of the Top Ten Concept Cars for 2014 (click here to catch up), so today it’s time to count down the Final Five.

It was a great year for concept cars, with each of the major motor shows featuring spectacular visions from various manufacturers. There were also two significant concepts revealed at other events away from the hubbub of other car launches (The Aston Martin DB10 at the 007 movie launch, and the MINI Superleggera Vision at the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance).

So without further ado, here are the Final Five of the Top Ten concept cars for 2014:

5. Toyota FT-1 (Detroit Auto Show)

How is it that the most boring car manufacturer in the world can produce something as incredible as the FT-1 concept car? Are you sure that it’s really a Toyota?  Well yes it is.

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Designed in the company’s California design studio, and deliberately styled with an exaggerated and aggressive stance, the FT-1 may preview an upcoming new Supra. However, it will need to be dialled back a fair way to be production-ready. The company is also not saying what sort of engine would go under that cartoonish bonnet, although they did stress that the concept was rear-wheel-drive.

In the meantime, you can play a virtual version of the FT-1 on your PlayStation in Gran Turismo 6, so that’s one positive.

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  1. Toyota FT-1 is the monster in road racing I love this car for its extra exhaust power, big compartment space and Low Max seating position. This monter car feels like a car from any comic book stories..

  2. Oh, and that closed-off Mini grille? Yup—the Mini Superleggera Vision is fully electric, although BMW is sparing us the technical details of the powertrain’s performance, range, and weight. To us, a buzzing electric motor and the range limitations of a battery-powered ride are particularly unsuited to the very concept of a roadster, let alone one this incredible-looking, but you can’t ding Mini for trying to be “relevant”.

    • I wouldn’t read too much into the concept’s powertrain. If it ever gets built, it is likely to take regular petrol engines from the BMW/MINI cupboard.

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