4. Audi Prologue (LA Auto Show)

Audi unveiled its vision for a new large coupé at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, declaring that it would point the way to Audi’s new design language for all future models. To ram home this impression, the car was even called the Prologue. Being a strongly design-led company, such a statement caused considerable excitement. Many were then initially disappointed when the Audi Prologue concept car was not dramatically visually different to what Audi already sells today. But look closer and there are numerous detail highlights which will transfer well to production models.

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Audi has always been a master of design detail, and the Prologue concept has such jewels in abundance. The 3D detailing in the headlights, tail lights and grille is superb, and the proportions of the car are carefully shaped to emphasise all four wheels, in a clear reference to Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive heritage. The interior takes Audi’s class-leading standards to new heights, and make a welcome change from the button-heavy layouts of their production models. So while it wasn’t a shock, the Audi Prologue concept was an excellent piece of automotive design.

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  1. Toyota FT-1 is the monster in road racing I love this car for its extra exhaust power, big compartment space and Low Max seating position. This monter car feels like a car from any comic book stories..

  2. Oh, and that closed-off Mini grille? Yup—the Mini Superleggera Vision is fully electric, although BMW is sparing us the technical details of the powertrain’s performance, range, and weight. To us, a buzzing electric motor and the range limitations of a battery-powered ride are particularly unsuited to the very concept of a roadster, let alone one this incredible-looking, but you can’t ding Mini for trying to be “relevant”.

    • I wouldn’t read too much into the concept’s powertrain. If it ever gets built, it is likely to take regular petrol engines from the BMW/MINI cupboard.

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