3. Lamborghini Asterion (Paris Motor Show)

If the Audi provoked mild disappointment from the automotive media, then the Lamborghini Asterion unveiled at the Paris Motor Show was a bit of a bolt from the blue. The Asterion is Lambo’s first hybrid vehicle, with a V10 petrol engine from the Huracan driving the rear wheels and an electric motor and battery pack driving the front ones as required.

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The design of the Asterion visibly softens the hard-edged look that all Sant’Agata’s cars have displayed for the last decade, while still clearly remaining a Lamborghini, and it seems to have met with almost universal approval. The target audience is a bit softer too; Lamborghini’s first hybrid is aimed at GT rivals like the Ferrari FF and the Aston Martin Vanquish, rather than out-and-out supercar hybrids like the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918.  But that is probably a very astute business decision, and could bring many new (still very wealthy, obviously) customers to Lamborghini dealerships.

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  1. Toyota FT-1 is the monster in road racing I love this car for its extra exhaust power, big compartment space and Low Max seating position. This monter car feels like a car from any comic book stories..

  2. Oh, and that closed-off Mini grille? Yup—the Mini Superleggera Vision is fully electric, although BMW is sparing us the technical details of the powertrain’s performance, range, and weight. To us, a buzzing electric motor and the range limitations of a battery-powered ride are particularly unsuited to the very concept of a roadster, let alone one this incredible-looking, but you can’t ding Mini for trying to be “relevant”.

    • I wouldn’t read too much into the concept’s powertrain. If it ever gets built, it is likely to take regular petrol engines from the BMW/MINI cupboard.

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