2. MINI Superleggera Vision (Villa d’Este)

After years of serving up ever more bloated versions of its ubiquitous brick-shaped hatch, BMW finally seems to have had a brainwave on how to grow the MINI brand in 2014. As many other car companies have worked out over the years, the best way to get a gorgeous-looking car is to get the Italians to design it for you – in this case, Touring Superleggera of Milan. The Superleggera Vision roadster is exactly the sort of car that many people would love to see MINI making, rather than massive 4WDs which look like overinflated toads.

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Launched at the 2014 Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance (which BMW sponsors) on the shores of Lake Como, the Superleggera Vision is a beautiful concept of a small and lightweight sports car. And surely, that is a perfect embodiment of a brand like MINI. Although some of the concept car’s details would be dropped for production, it looks largely ready to go.

The only real hassle is that a unique rear-wheel-drive roadster platform would be very expensive for BMW to be able to justify, which is presumably why we have daft cars like the current MINI Coupé and Roadster instead. Mazda has shown that there is still a market for this sort of vehicle, so will MINI bite the bullet and put the beautiful little Superleggera Vision into production?

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  1. Toyota FT-1 is the monster in road racing I love this car for its extra exhaust power, big compartment space and Low Max seating position. This monter car feels like a car from any comic book stories..

  2. Oh, and that closed-off Mini grille? Yup—the Mini Superleggera Vision is fully electric, although BMW is sparing us the technical details of the powertrain’s performance, range, and weight. To us, a buzzing electric motor and the range limitations of a battery-powered ride are particularly unsuited to the very concept of a roadster, let alone one this incredible-looking, but you can’t ding Mini for trying to be “relevant”.

    • I wouldn’t read too much into the concept’s powertrain. If it ever gets built, it is likely to take regular petrol engines from the BMW/MINI cupboard.

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