UK car accident statistics

UK car accident statistics

Car accidents. Most of us have had one (or more), everyone fears them.  We largely take car accidents for granted these days, so used to them have we become over decades of motoring.  But the numbers of people killed or injured on UK roads is staggering – 1,730 people died on British roads in 2013, and over 184,000 total casualties.  If that any people were killed or injured every year in any other fashion, there would be a public uproar.

This infographic from Auto LED Shop illustrates some of the astonishing statistics from UK car accidents.  Maybe it will keep you more aware of the dangers of the roads and vehicles around you.

If you would like to read more, we have several articles about car safety, as well as a couple of features on bad driving habits.

UK car accident facts and figures


  1. It is never mentioned but from speaking to many ‘first on the scene’ paramedics many deaths and injuries could be lessened if seat belts were ‘worn’ properly. Over 95% of occupants wear their car seat belts with an inch or more slack in them. Enough to ride up off the pelvis and on to the stomach. A crash in this position leads to internal bleeding and even submarining under the belt.

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