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Volkswagen extends scrappage scheme offer into 2018

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Volkswagen has announced that it will extend its scrappage part-exchange offer for any new orders taken until 2 April 2018.

There have been some minor revisions to the amount offered on certain models, but the majority of the scheme will continue in the same format that it has been running since September.

As before, the scrappage scheme makes an allowance of anywhere between £1,800 and £6,000 on selected part-exchange vehicles if you are buying a new Volkswagen. Unlike offers from many other brands, Volkswagen insists that the part-exchange vehicle must be a diesel (which is presumably related to its ongoing Dieselgate dramas).

This is an overall allowance, not an additional payment over and above your car’s market value.

Mostly more of the same, but a few changes

The following changes have been made to the offers on a few models:

  • The old Polo, which was available with a £2,800 scrappage allowance, is no longer available
  • The new Polo replaces the old model, and has a £2,000 scrappage allowance
  • The plug-in hybrid Golf GTE (previously a £5,000 allowance) has been withdrawn from the programme
  • The fully-electric e-Golf scrappage allowance has been reduced from £5,500 to £4,000

The complete list of models available with a scrappage allowace is shown here:

Model Scrappage allowance
up! £1,800
e-up!* £3,300
Polo £2,000
Golf (hatch, SV, estate)  £4,000
 e-Golf*  £4,000
Touran £4,000
Tiguan £4,000
Beetle £4,000
Jetta £4,000
Passat (saloon, estate) £5,000
Passat GTE* £6,000
Arteon £5,000
Sharan £6,000

* plug-in and fully-electric models also eligible for government OLEV grant

The Car Expert checks the fine print

  • This offer is a part-exchange allowance, for selected used cars part-exchanged against selected new cars.
  • Your current car can be from any brand, but must be a diesel-engined car built to Euro 4 emissions standard or earlier. This will definitely be cars registered before 31 December 2009, although some cars had Euro 5 specification engines earlier than this.
  • You must be the owner of the part-exchange vehicle and the buyer of the new car (same name and registered address).
  • You must have owned the old car for at least six months, to stop people buying an old banger for £200 and then getting a £4,000 part-exchange allowance for it.
  • The scrappage price is fixed for any car part-exchanged as part of the scheme, not an allowance on top of the car’s value. You are effectively getting nothing for your car, but a discount on the new car (although it won’t be written that way on the contract).
  • You must order your new car by 2 April 2018 and take delivery by 30 June 2018.
  • This offer cannot be used on top of any other offers from the dealer/manufacturer/finance company, but can be used on top of the government plug-in car grant for relevant models (Passat GTE, e-up!, e-Golf).
  • The offer is not dependent on you taking any finance package or other products.


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