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The world’s most expensive cars

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Plenty of people see cars as purely functional vehicles that get them from A to B.  Sometimes they even struggle to keep the car on the road due to the associated costs of having a vehicle like fuel costs, insurance and tax.  Even for genuine car fans, the car you drive is almost always not the car you’d choose if budget wasn’t an issue.  For most people, the cars on this infographic are a complete dream or a fantasy. 

In the ‘normal’ world of motoring, there are many luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, and plenty of us can afford to drive these types of car.  But even those luxury motors can’t begin to compare to the price tags of some of the most expensive cars in the world.  Beautiful and luxurious, these cars are a sight to behold.  Displaying high levels technological advancement and sophisticated design elements to match their outrageous levels of performance, they are made by a handful of very elite car companies.  Alongside the very famous names like Ferrari and McLaren, there are some specialist supercar companies like Hennessy which may be known to car enthusiasts, but are almost completely unknown to the average car owner.

This infographic from Woodstock Motors charts the list of what are believed to be the world’s ten most expensive cars, and categorises them with their given specification.  The prices of these vehicles are just jaw-dropping!  The infographic also indicates some of the lucky owners – as you can imagine, these cars are only for the rich and wealthy!

With a total power output of nearly 10,000 bhp, an average top speed of just under 240 mph, and an average price tag of $2.2 million, it’s clear that these are some very exclusive machines.  And it’s believed that there are some über-rich individuals who have more than one of the cars on this list…

World's most expensive cars - Infographic Part 1World's most expensive cars - Infographic Part 2World's most expensive cars - Infographic Part 3

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