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Axing of government plug-in car grant scheme could benefit consumers, says The Car Expert

While many may be disappointed after the axing of the government plug-in car grant, those looking to purchase an EV could actually benefit.

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14 June 2022

  • Axing of Plug-in car grant scheme may leave consumers disappointed, however the change may come as a benefit to electric car-buyers, according to The Car Expert
  • Manufacturers likely to absorb cost of the financial advantages of the grant by reducing the price of electric vehicles
  • Overall impact of the cut to the Government scheme should see investments re-directed to benefit electric vehicle owners with improvements to the UKs EV infrastructure

While many consumers may be faced with disappointment following the axing of the Government plug-in car grant scheme, those looking to purchase an electric vehicle could actually benefit from the change in legislation, according to The Car Expert.

At a time when the sales of fully electric, plug-in and hybrid vehicles are at an all time high, the end to the Government plug-in car grant scheme – introduced with immediate effect – will inevitably leave electric car-buyers frustrated with the potential financial loss resulting from the withdrawal of the grant.

However, according to The Car Expert, the pattern of the automotive industry over time suggests that this cost is likely to be absorbed by car manufacturers who will in turn reduce the cost of electric vehicles accordingly to minimise the cost impact on customers.

As car manufacturers adjust pricing on electric vehicles, the re-direction of Government investment into its electrification strategy will likely have wider a positive impact on public infrastructure.

The result may lead to an evening of the distribution of electric charge points across the UK, an increase of  on-street charging for those without home charging facilities and a general increase of charge points to relive pressure from the already overcrowded public charging available, ultimately benefiting the consumer.

“Although the axing of the plug-in grant may initially be seen  as a blow, the end of the scheme is unlikely to see a dramatic effect on new EV sales. Sales have been steadily increasing every month for years, despite ongoing reductions to the plug-in car grant. The onus will fall on manufacturers to swallow the cost by reducing the soaring prices of electric vehicles if they wish to retain a firm position in the market,” commented Stuart Masson, Editorial Director at The Car Expert

He continued: “What we will see in turn is that the Government handouts, which for the most part were designed to support manufacturers, will be re-routed into areas of the industry that have fallen desperately behind that of passenger cars, such as vans, LCVs and commercial sector.”


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