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Trouble-free driving? Not according to breakdown survey

According to a new survey, only three in ten motorists have never had a car breakdown or failure

As research and development increases, quality continues to improve and manufacturing techniques advance, cars are becoming more and more reliable. So that should mean everyone can enjoy years of trouble-free motoring, right?

Not necessarily, according to new survey just out. The findings from automotive service and repair company Kwik Fit, shows that only three out of ten UK motorists have never had a car breakdown or failure.

The new research reveals that over a third of drivers (36%) have broken down in their current car, while a further 34% have had a breakdown in a previous car. All of which means that only 30% of drivers have never suffered a vehicle failure.

And for a quarter of those questioned during the survey the despair of grinding to a halt on a busy road must still have been fresh in their minds – 26% who broke down in their current car did so in the last six months – which would work out to 3.8 million drivers across the UK.

It’s a timely warning for motorists returning to work, with the easing of lockdown restrictions. The Kwik Fit research showed that almost a third of drivers (31%) experienced their most recent breakdown on a journey relating to work – either driving to or from workplace (22%) or travelling as part of their job (9%).

What are drivers’ greatest concerns?

The greatest concern to drivers, however, is not about being stranded but being out of pocket. This was top worry for 43% of women and 35% of men. However, the research shows that it is male drivers who should be most concerned about a potential repair bill as on average they paid £304.90 for their most recent repair, nearly £20 more than the £285.40 paid by the average female driver.

The biggest cause of drivers’ most recent breakdowns was battery failure (17%), yet only 4% of those questioned were most worried about their own battery failing. Conversely, the component most car owners are concerned about is their brakes (15%), yet brake failure was the cause of only 3% of drivers’ most recent breakdowns.

“Although some breakdowns cannot be foreseen, regular maintenance, servicing and health checks can identify potential problems in advance and keep a car running smoothly and safely, as well as avoiding costly bills,” says Roger Griggs, Kwik Fit communications director.

“As people start to head out further afield as restrictions ease, we encourage all drivers to ensure their cars are in peak condition after months of little use.”

Tom Johnston
Tom Johnstonhttp://johnstonmedia.com/
Tom Johnston was the first-ever reporter on national motoring magazine Auto Express. He went on to become that magazine’s News Editor and Assistant Editor, and has also been Motoring Correspondent for the Daily Star and contributor to the Daily and Sunday Express. Today, as a freelance writer, content creator and copy editor, Tom works with exciting and interesting websites and magazines on varied projects.
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