Porsche updates Taycan with new features and technology

Electric saloon gains a series of key updates

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Porsche has given its Taycan electric saloon an update for 2021, bringing a series of changes and tweaks.

One of the key changes is the fitment of a new Functions on Demand (FoD) system which allows owners to buy and install new features completely over-the-air without the need to visit a dealership. Systems such as lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and a power steering plus package can all be added from home. Owners will either be able to buy these features through a one-off purchase or subscribe to them on a monthly basis.

Porsche has also implemented a new battery preservation function in the 2021 Taycan. This automatically restricts charging capacity at certain points in order to better preserve the battery and reduce the amount of power loss. Drivers will be able to slow charging speeds via a new selector on the main display.

A knock-on effect has been made onto the Taycan’s performance levels too, with the battery changes shaving 0.2 seconds off its 0-124mph time.

The car will also work with a new Plug and Charge system which is being introduced across the UK. This does away with the need for a charging membership card for public chargers, instead linking payment and identification details directly to the car. It’ll mean that drivers need only plug their car into a charge point and it’ll automatically take payment and commence charging.

Porsche has given its Taycan electric saloon an update for 2021, bringing a series of changes and tweaks.
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