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Got your eye on a shiny new Tesla? Check out our Expert Ratings, reviews and latest Tesla news before signing on the dotted line.

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Our unique Expert Rating Index compiles reviews from 30 UK motoring websites to give you the best advice on a new Tesla

Latest Tesla news

New and updated Tesla models, as well as industry news about Tesla

Latest Tesla reviews

We test the latest Tesla models, with a variety of short test drives and comprehensive road tests

Tesla Model 3 test drive

It might not appeal on an emotional level, but the Tesla Model 3 manages to be fast yet serene, packed full of appealing tech and practical to boot.

Tesla Model X test drive

The Tesla Model X is targeted at wealthy people with a big family who want to make a statement about the planet's future - or who just want to be seen that way.

Tesla Model S review-2016

The Tesla Model S is the car that seems to have the automotive industry scared stiff. We drive the latest 90D version to see if the reality matches the hype.

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